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  1. Just checking in to see if this project is still something you're concerned with. Concerns about the site's reliability have become common for the past few months, if not longer. The ship leaderboards haven't worked in awhile. One-day stats get hung up and become 3-4 day stats. Site access comes and goes, along with signature errors. Today it was even alerting Chrome and Firefox that the security certificate wasn't verifying.
  2. Warships.Today doesn't care if anyone looks up someone. It doesn't work that way; it pulls straight from Wargaming, only lacking very new accounts. Thank you. My only question would be whether this is reflective of all accounts that play for some length of time, or if it's just indicative of how busy the revolving door is at low tiers with new players coming, reaching tiers 3-4 mostly in Co-Op, and then quitting. Either way, I'll move on from the subject. It's clear that WG hasn't made this game for competitive modes like those that I enjoyed in Tanks, so I'll just play it for what it is.
  3. IFHE. Concealment is useful, but you'll spend a lot of time using islands or friendly smoke to stay alive, so IMO it's a lower priority than IFHE.
  4. I've only done each Operation for the 5-star rewards since they were released a month or so ago. They spawn and then charge directly at the team to get focused down. I know that it's fashionable to trash bad players by saying the AI is better, but wake me up when any non-terrible player has something less than a 90% win rate in PvE. Back in the realm of numbers, only one ship above tier 6 has more than 500k games played. Tiers 9 and 10 are entirely barren with only a few-hundred thousand games combined. The most popular ship in tier 6, the Cleveland, has 10% of the PvE games that is has in PvP. The most commonly-played ship in PVE, the St. Louis, has fewer PvE games than the Colorado does PvP games according to Warships.Today. Now account for the battle duration being at best 1/3 that of a PvP match, and I think we can put this claim of there being more than 10-15% PvE-only players to rest.
  5. A clanmate tested the reset last night. If you've gotten a 5-star reward previously for a scenario, you don't get it again when it revolves back around a few weeks later, so you can't even repeat these weekly for free premium time and commanders. If there are a ton of people doing them, it's because they enjoy playing only tier 6 and shooting bots that are programmed to do nothing more complex than charge straight forward. I suppose it's possible, but suspect that they'll prove as popular long-term as Team Battles did. Remember how packed those were for the first two weeks? Jump into a conversation that's been going on for a page or two and then cry off-topic when asked for facts. I like your style.
  6. Any links with numbers to back this up? Because if forum representation is anything like the actual numbers, PvE-only players are a very small fraction of the population. I have a very hard time believing that even 20% of players mostly do PvE, let alone 40%. In what way? Speaking for my clan only, we do 2-3 runs a week (usually all on the day of reset) so that people can get the easy prizes, then we forget that Operations exist until the following Wednesday. We haven't even done them since Ranked started.
  7. The inclusion of this new PvE mode is part of what's triggered my latest rash of pessimism for this game's long-term outlook. The game needs clan content and tournaments to keep PvPers interested. Instead, what 2017 has brought us is a PvE mode that 97% of the server does once per week to get their easy 24 hour premium and 10-point commander. But the twelve Co-Op-4-Lyfers on the forums are thrilled with it, so it's a success, right? We also got two (soon three) new premium carriers and a few gimmicks instead of an actual carrier rework. WoWS is lacking either a plan or the resources to execute that plan. My gut says that a plan is there, but that Wargaming has gone full-throated Save Tanks mode, and Ships has just enough resources to keep the lights on and keep the population steady. There certainly doesn't seem to be anything coming soon that would retain more players and grow the playerbase instead of merely replacing churn.
  8. On the NA server, when we ask about this, we get told "In due time". Due time, of course, was at least a year ago. The game has lost so many players that would have been interested in sticking around if there were an actual end-game. At some point, WG decided that Ranked Battles was enough. They keep murmuring about doing something for the competitive crowd, but I suspect it's going to be more tier 8 stuff, and probably too late to have a real impact on the game.
  9. I've played three games this season. It's just more of the same and I'm pretty done with it at this point. It would be cool if they'd ever allow tier 9 or 10 to be worthwhile for anything more than randoms.
  10. You want to be where the enemy ships are, not where you hope they're going to be. For example, look at the map North/Northern Lights. Most players with a clue will agree that going to D is a bad idea. There's a long island chain that completely isolates you from the rest of the map, so even if you win a local fight there and sink 1-2 ships, you're cut off from the rest of the game for the next 3-5 minutes. It's a complete waste of a top tier battleship, and players routinely get mocked for doing that. So why do good players continue to go to A? It feels more open, and is slightly more connected to the rest of the map, but it's the same basic concept. If you commit to an early A push and the enemy sends nothing there, you're not firing your guns for several crucial minutes while your team dies elsewhere. Sometimes the enemy sends an equal amount of ships there and you're able to beat them, get the cap, and win an early advantage, but by pushing a flank position early in the game, you're gambling that the enemy is going to reward your poor decision with a poor decision of their own. The only time I like doing a flank push like this is if I'm in a destroyer + radar murder division that is almost guaranteed to net 1-2 destroyer kills. It varies from map to map, but you typically want to start in a central location so that you can take shots at people streaming to the flanks, engage whatever remains in the middle, and then be able to react to whatever happens on the minimap. It's a constant balance between "having enough targets" and "being the target of too many ships".
  11. This game doesn't actually have that many applicable skills, so it's pretty easy to narrow down which you need to improve upon. Since others have already provided replay review I'm not going to do that, but analyze yourself and determine which of these you're lacking, then focus on it. Shooting skills. Beyond just hitting straight-lining targets, you need to be able to predict player movements. Most players won't pull a 90 and sail away at any sort of angle, instead they'll pop a 180 behind their team and hope that enemies will just shoot something closer. I get a lot of my devastating strikes by waiting until I see the rudder commit, and then shoot into the turn, landing shells on them at their most vulnerable. Target prioritization. Make sure you're shooting the right things instead of focusing on raw damage. I run into quite a few good players on the server that seem like they're playing for WTR and just padding damage all game instead of making harder shots to damage or kill destroyers. They'll happily ignore that dancing Udaloi at 12km in order to fish for another fire on that full-health Yamato at 15km. Map awareness and positioning. It's almost never worthwhile to go to a flank at the start of a match; you're hoping that the enemy chooses to go there and gives you something worth shooting at. Start off in a central location so that your guns can always be firing. Pay attention to the map and what both teams are doing, and react to it early enough that you're in the right position to deal with it 3 minutes down the road. If you're kiting 2-3 enemy ships and they start turning around, you're going to be out of the fight for 5 minutes unless you've paid attention and turn to chase them in time. Always keep your guns engaged. Kind of minor, but make sure you're maximizing consumables. Don't use Damage Control on a single fire, make sure you're getting a full Repair Party, make sure a destroyer isn't already exiting your radar circle when you pop it. To be a better player, you have to consistently contribute more damage and kills than the red guys. It's an oversimplification, but you really do just need to shoot more often than them (positioning), sink them faster (target prioritization), and hit more often (aiming). This game doesn't have a gaggle of weak spots or counters to memorize.
  12. I still love mine and play it the same way that I always have (essentially Fletcher Lite), but what do I know, I basically never solo anymore.
  13. It hasn't. Warships.Today is still the best WoWS stats site, but the reliability has been very poor lately.
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