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  1. Recent parple (it's worth nothing really) but i haven't seen that color in almost 2 years, fellsblyatman.

  2. I want gun marks back, fuck you NA WG!!

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    2. Nkrlz


      EU and probably Russia still have them.

    3. kolni


      EU has them, but was a server restart for it. EU1 still without chat completely, while EU2 is working fine

    4. RC_Tank
  3. So, gun marks fucked AGAIN on NA?

    1. CraBeatOff
    2. kreigermann


      yay! now I can blame WG and not me for my T49 mark stuck at 86%

  4. It's just paranoia or has anyone gather data about the 15-3 defeats/victories that seem to be the norm nowadays?

    1. sohojacques
    2. Tman450


      Blowouts happen usually because of the snowball effect. In the beginning you lose a couple of dudes, the enemy actually uses the advantage until everyone is outgunned everywhere.

    3. Nkrlz


      I know that, it was just something that started noticing in streams (where the frustration asocieted with multiple loses it's not ther to alter your senses). I'll check vbaddict stats though.

  5. That moment when you and your 9 years GF break up. I'm glad i don't live in the US and have a gun at hand. FML!

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    2. Siimcy


      How can you welcome him to the forever alone club if you're not alone. :notlikethis:

    3. MacusFlash


      @MAJEST1C Hand doesn't count :doge:

    4. MAJEST1C


      @Siimcy speaking on your you guys behalf :doge:

      My hands do my bidding. 

  6. I stopped playing for 2 months and xvm doesn't shown wn8 values in game anymore? WG bloked non WG player stats or i mismanaged my mods? ('cause by simply compying my old mod file over now i see WG values in game)

    1. Fulcrous


      Gotta activate stats on xvm website

  7. Happy new year! Let's hope 2017 ends up being less shit than 2016 (and i don't mean Trump + celeb deaths).

  8. Gotta love the sotck leo pta. with a 1 and a half skill crew, 6 matches 6 horrible defeats :D

  9. Is there any android program that reduces the cancerous way the forum behaves on mobile? (Specially replying)

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    2. Nkrlz


      Responding still is cancerous, and quoting impossible.

    3. Joebob73


      Thanks to the new "responsive layout", there's no way around it.  That seems to be how every website works now though.

    4. Nkrlz


      Another great innovation, that and removing the "advanced" response tab, if i didn't knew better i would've bet that the forum template was developed by WG.

  10. I dropped 200 WN8, i never went down or up more than 30 since wn8 was launched. This is quite astonishing, any mayor changes? Or just now WN8 realizes i'm a bigger shitter than it thought.

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    2. Fulvin


      I have played none of those tanks and I haven't played in the last 6 months anyway, but my overall seems to have dropped by 50 points. Seems a bunch of other tanks got updated as well

    3. kolni


      My overall dropped by 10, and all tanks added are still higher than my overall in performance :serb: 

    4. Sidus_Preclarum


      Dropped by 2. I still somehow have that totally undserved purple overall I got when I jumped up like 200 at the previous revision.

  11. Just bough t a Model M for a good price i hope it fucking works XD.

    1. Siimcy
    2. Nkrlz


      Apparently it's working great and it's manufactured by IBM themselves, hte best i only payed 96 US dollars. Here that's a fucking steal! The guy will ship it from the other side of the country on monday.

  12. So now that balcat-games is down (where i was member for like ten years) i will humble ask anyone here is a member of ultimategamer, or knows someone with an invite, or an alternative, it was BCG was the only place to ge decent old games. I own thousands of PC games but i hate the whole close system consoles provide so BCG was like the mecca for me. Fuck this world's retarded copyright sytem :(

    1. Zinn


      How old is "old"?

      emuparadise has almost all games up to PS2 or so and for very old stuff, you can go to a place like this: http://www.8bbit.com/ and just play in your browser.

    2. Nkrlz


      i'll check, but rip decent releases of a couple indie game than deserve a demo trial. Rip, 3ds games without surfing through countless shitty sites that profit from piracy. And the sysOP was a really cool dude and was arrested, all the assholes than run the copyright indutry deserve to be shot, not just because of bg . I mean i spend hundreds of dollars on entertainmed a year, but i refuse to give money to the film industry that produces crap, offers services everywhere instead of ownership holds onto copuright for WAAAY to long and divides the world in bizarre ways to get extra profits, the same shit AAA games do.

  13. Got killed 5 games in a row by arty, kill 3 arty in 2 games. 100% worth the 1 hour ban.

  14. For the love of god, is there no fix to new icon size on the minimap after the micropatch, WG as always was retarded and can't even properly scale some icons, my eyes bleed and XVM's minimap doesn't seem to work T.T.

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    2. Nkrlz


      I hope i can use the xvm map again then, 'cause i can not play with this tiny markers. For me the bigger markers were actually a feature :(.

    3. Lowlife555


      they are not tiny, they are normal size. 

    4. Nkrlz


      For my fucked up eyes they're icons for ants.

  15. Tank carousel does't work :(

  16. To all the yuros that actually can play AW, the devs have said aything about the fact there's a delay between pressing the mouse button and the shot being fired? Also has this been reduced since the game went "open".

    1. Epic


      You mean shot delay? It is a result of design choices to combat ghost shells (client <-> server interaction)... sadly it doesn't help, ghost shells are still present and on top of that the noticeable delay. As far as I know they try to minimize it, but it will always be there unless they spend months on rewriting how it works.

      What I understood from the devs is that they can't reproduce it, so fixing it is harder. Which sounds like a weak excuse to me, even with my 10-20 ping I noticed it.

      edit: best thread about it https://aw.my.com/en/forum/showthread.php?31510-Shot-Delay-Explained

    2. Crossfader


      same, with 30-90 ping, you shoot, hear the sound.... and then the shell leaves the gun

    3. Politx_Killer


      Try it with a 200ms+ ping, once something comes within 50m of me I usually die rather quickly.

  17. I'm too dumb to understand how patron works. Who do i have to PM, where? I'm really retarded.

    1. Trobs


      Send a message to Solono once you've setup the patreon payment.

  18. Teams like this are the stuff of nightmares.


    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      60-70% of AW battles will look like this TBH.


    2. Joyrider216


      But just imagine it from a damage farmer perspective, you need the 1v29 battle to be full of idiots to both let you farm their HP and for your "team" to not steal your farm.

      This is my favorite time of year :3 

  19. Somehow i've managed to loss ~200 WN8 and ~4% W/R in the past 3 weeks, great job me!

  20. How are you supposed to earn 250 victory points? I mean battles end waaaay before that happens, am i missing something?

    1. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      in domination, for the bigger ones maps with 600 and 900 points to win, it should be a single flag to capture, and they should be 140 and 250 respectively, so there's that... and for steel hunt, For solo-dropping you get insane amount of points for everything versus the platoons, atm I myself am not really sure, because I've just been platooning for steelhunt, but several games the solo droppers actually won.

    2. Nkrlz


      I already did the mission but didn't know why, now everything makes sense thank you.

  21. Can't play WoT >.< suddenly i went from 170ish ms to 240ms, FML.

    1. Assassin7


      lat few days I've been having random lag spikes as well, jumping up from 150 to 300 or even 400 for around 2 minutes then going back down. its weird

    2. Nkrlz


      That's really lucky, i have had that terrible ping for the last 12 hours >.<

  22. I just payed attention to the new tier VII german light, WG is amazing they replaced the awful panther with an evern worse tank. GJ WG!

    1. SchnitzelTruck



    2. Joyrider216


      On test it seemed pretty good, getting under 2k dpg was hard

    3. CarryMode


      Worse tank? I haven't played it but it doesn't look too bad

  23. Place your bets, how long until they start selling the personal reseves? I bet 1 or 2 patches.

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