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  1. They're just super test changes, those are ACTUALLY subject to change. So we never know.
  2. This is horrendous, but i think the meta will make meds great again. Because the average retard will switch Heavys for TDs and Arty making meds more relevant even in these cancer-worthy maps (maybe with a nerf to cheese wedges too). I mean unless they change the maps AGAIN and nerf SH they will never shine like they once did, but they will bea tad better than now.
  3. I though episode VII "A new SJW hope" was bad, it was a shitty remake, with highly unlikable characters. But at least they managed to conceal the propaganda beneath a somewhat coherent coherent story. This one was not able to even do that, they needed to purge the series of heroes, of "grand narratives", the push for pure unabashed propaganda was so big that the phantom menace looks decent, and that one was made just to sell toys.
  4. T-10 gun handling, holy fuck. It's on par with the Conqueror's. I don't want to ever buy the the IS-7.
  5. T-92 AP round, "the finger of god". (I mean with the 261 you could actually hit shit, but the damage wasn't there).
  6. I don't even now why WG just doesn't go ahead and removes regular ammo.
  7. I would just love pre nerf acc, and wouldn't even mind old arty, just bring back my acc., i wouldn't even mind being shooted from the other side of the map by a KV-2 as long as i could shoot straight most of the time out of my meds (also, and the most important thing, bring back fucking weakspots).
  8. If they had that policily consistently everything would be gucci, but they're inconsistent as fuck, and that throws any semblance of balance out the window.
  9. Basically superheavys, retards play SH but they can't pen enemy SH so they switch to TDs (and then to arty to kill TDs but now WG made the switch to arty not very satysfying to the average potato). An e-50 JT combo was great for me (but well i have no jap tanks, and hate playing tier X, so that's that.
  10. I WoT wasn't half dead i would be a nice "side game" to be added, interesting at the very least.
  11. Recent parple (it's worth nothing really) but i haven't seen that color in almost 2 years, fellsblyatman.

  12. I want gun marks back, fuck you NA WG!!

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    2. Nkrlz


      EU and probably Russia still have them.

    3. kolni


      EU has them, but was a server restart for it. EU1 still without chat completely, while EU2 is working fine

    4. RC_Tank
  13. As a shitier that really "pleys fer fun" the american fighter line up to tier V, is quite fun.
  14. I mean the rest of the tank is paper but in the world of corridors, that think can out-tank an E3 any day of the week (up until you press "2", is the type 5 russian edition).
  15. Might be, i haven't played a decent amount of games in the T-54 in a loong time.
  16. I have a BIA crew and really each time i move my tank or the turret the reticle seems to take 5 dark ages to close again (much worse than the e50, on par with the skoda50).
  17. The tank is great, i hate playing tier X (except MAYBE in my E-100) and this thing makes want to play it. Hulldown is typical cancer WG game desing, when not hull down i think is quite balanced, fun to play and easily pennable. WG should just give it -7° of gun depression and that would solve everything balance wise, so of course they will give it more armor and fuck the gun handling in, around, 6 months.
  18. Half your shots miss at 300m and taking 3 and a half dark ages to aim doesn't help either, for me 2nd line support (100ish meters) and knwoing when to run away is the best strat (also OF COURSE conserving hit points, something i usually really suck at, this tank taught me how to do it the hard way).
  19. Wait, you actually NEED to do the arty missions now?
  20. I went from 38% to 54% and climbing (it took me 200 battles >.<), patience, a nirvana state of mind and knowing that you're a bona fide support tank is what you need to make this pos work.
  21. The BP is/was much more enjoyable than the Caernarvon. The turret can bounce up to Jagdtiger shels, and the DPM is decent enough, the mobility is cancerous though.
  22. So, gun marks fucked AGAIN on NA?

    1. CraBeatOff
    2. kreigermann


      yay! now I can blame WG and not me for my T49 mark stuck at 86%

  23. Until Micro$oft get's it's shit together, the wonders of turning basically everything into a service, pay to get fucked, don't complain when you get fucked.
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