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  1. Is this just a single day of premium, or can this mission be repeated over that duration of time?
  2. It hits 20kph quite often as long as you aren't on soft terrain
  3. I'm looking forwards to the new 20 kph speed buff...
  4. swimisaac


    I quite like it, I'm getting a 60% solo win rate in it. Maybe it's just slow enough to keep me from making stupid mistakes I really like how the brute force of a 15cm HE shell can just nullify some tactics like side scraping.
  5. I got both tanks, I like the E8 more
  6. swimisaac


    In general, I just try to stay near the team and shoot the bad guys I like to watch Youtube players who know what they are doing, and try and figure out why they're doing what they're doing to be so good. There's one guy I like, "Unit Lost...something" <- I forget the whole name, but he has some helpful tutorials.
  7. Thanks for the tip! I've never thought of doing that but now that you mention it, it seems extremely obvious
  8. swimisaac


    Overwatch is really tempting me to quit TF2 for a while...
  9. swimisaac


    I just might be stupid enough to try that... Sure what the heck I never realized it shot faster than the T-150
  10. I could never figure that tank out :/ I'll have to rebuy it sometime
  11. Hello! Sorry to bother you, but I am having trouble installing this (I have run vanilla client my whole WoT career). I installed the zip file and copy and pasted it into the res mods file, but nothing has changed. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  12. I have googled it before making this thread, its just the idea of identifying yourself as a fictional animal/human mix seemed a little to strange to be an actual "thing." That being said what actually makes someone a Furry though? If I decided to dress up as a wolf whenever I went out to go shopping, would that make me a Furry? (No I don't do that :P) I mean is it a mindset or is it an actual way of life? How serious does one have to be to be considered a Furry? Just curious...
  13. Hello, As someone who has not kept up with current internet trends, what is a "Furry"? As far as I can tell it is someone who likes and or dresses up as animals? Also, I'm still trying to figure out if it is just an inside joke or some strange internet cult. I really have no clue and am very confused xD I've been told that "All Furries are friends" by someone, I forget who and bottom line I just want to know what it means to be a Furry. Please help enlighten me -swimisaac
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