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  1. None taken. that's how we learn. That's pretty much what I was saying though, just that I screwed up the IRM placement by applying it to the whole instead of specifically to the hull disp. i agree with the rest of that completely though as it tracks with what i've been seeing on the spreadsheets. and yeah low speed poking basically mitigates all bloom tldr dont post or think too hard when you're tired. well said
  2. its new plus theres missions for it so everyone is playing it now and the recents are sky high like they normally get. after a bit they'll settle out
  3. Thanks OP i guess? that tends to be the normal reaction to my posts in one form or another
  4. its a Cent 1 with more armor. its about the same really. I do like mine however. 125 battles, 55% wr 1514 avg dmg. play as hull down as possible but dont be afraid to bully and push off other meds/lights too. its surprisingly good at sidescraping or baiting shots into the tracks. using odd angles will help as will max gun depression Vents/rammer/vstab
  5. i went with Rammer/vstab optics cuz this thing is blind AF. and I do have a decent crew in it (3+ skill) might be worth vents just for the better reload. the gun is pretty zippy
  6. going to be interesting if this hits CW rotation though
  7. one of the few tanks to get APCR-DS rounds actually whats your setup on there Deus?
  8. yeah thats the bourassque. that was last years marathon. this one is CS52
  9. yeah its base 2000, 5000, 9000, 17000, 28000, 28000, 32000, 35000, 40000, 50000
  10. NM im dumb. reading is hard

    1. sr360


      That's for the additional missions. It's basically a reward for those who buy the tank on day 1. It doesn't apply to the 10 stages of the marathon.

    2. Wanderjar


      yeah im dumb. im tired


  11. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/game-events/lis-challenge-0820/ looks like the same progression as the bourassque? the rewards are different though with the new equip in the mix Edit: reading is hard yo
  12. the maximum allowed values/deflections. usually impossible to hit those unless you are doing reverse doughnuts in lakeville valley at max speed while trying to autolock an EBR circling you.
  13. diamonds/opals etc. they nerfed the 'hot spot' mechanic pretty hard, though i dont know the last time you played normal/engineering stuff is still as common as ever
  14. Go resource mining and you'll see what I mean. 14% is a gold mine now
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