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  1. any jap heavy that isn't the O-HO or OI
  2. The MOE for the is5 is pretty high https://www.wotgarage.net/ussr/8/58881/is-5
  3. as a NA server denizen, i dont really have a dog in this fight, but as far as it goes, I'll leave this here for EU. feel free to click "Next" as fast as you like and read the previous years discounts and prem tank offers (I cant log in there so thats about as far as I get). https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/special-offers/#show_more=3 good hunting? list for NA on the right side: @NightmareMk9 if you want to read more https://worldoftanks.com/en/content/guide/on-track-missions/on-track-t110e3-0220/ or read less: https://worldoftanks.com/en/content/guide/on-track-missions/
  4. optics. 470 VR on a heavy is hilarious. Vents if you hate the aim time but otherwise optics. just too good. no one expects a heavy scout
  5. welcome back then sir! I would but I work nights US time so i doubt im around in your play time. hope you find a home again here. try the wotlabs discord or the WOTNA discord?
  6. well, the past event's are avail through google but to answer the question I think you are asking, In the past its been kinda random with the on track being decided via poll and it used to be one a month now its about 1 a quarter
  7. that lorraine reload always seems excessive to me. nicely done there SR
  8. hes doing it harder just to trigger @Haswell .I find it funny as hell honestly. hey @Diriz0n that post is all o>0 and none of 0>o for the numbers. might want to change that friend
  9. and thats just EU and NA and SEA. not asia or RU either.
  10. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2020/02/12/world-of-tanks-2020-black-market-is-over-how-much-money-did-wargaming-make/#more-80802 http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/734652-black-market-is-back/ Final tally and results etc. List of offered tanks and basic pricing from the EU server # Tank Price 1. Lansen C 8.5m Credits 2. AMX 13 57F 7000 Gold 3. Chrysler GF Auction - Credits (~4.5mil min winning bid ) 4. 105 leFH18B2 300 Gold (wth?!?) 5. SU-76I 15000 Gold 6. Caernarvon AX Auction - Gold (~5k min winning bid) 7. FV 215B 183 22mil Credits 8. Type 59 G Auction Gold (~ 42k min winning bid) 9. PZ. 38H 9500 Gold 10. SCHWARZPANZER 58 Auction Credit (~ 4.55mil min winning bid) 11. 1st Campaign Orders x3 1500 Gold 12. Object 261 3D Style Auction Gold (~ 262 min winning bid) 13. EBR 75 FL 10 Auction Gold (~ 12k min winning bid) 14. BT-SV Auction Credit (~ 10 mil min winning bid) How much did Wargaming earn from Black Market? From direct auction (If we are taking minimum bid as the price every single person paid for the tank) and tank sales Wargaming earned AT LEAST 1.3 billion gold. If we are to include SEA and NA server sales + 1st Campaign orders, this value is ranging roughly from 1.5 – 2 Billion gold +. This would put Black Market’s spent gold value at anywhere from 5.4 Million to 7.2 Million or more. When it comes to credits, AT LEAST 2.8 Trillion (2,845,050,000,000‬) Credits were spent. If we are to include the NA and SEA servers, this value would reach 3.5 Trillion or more. If we took the in-game conversion method (1 gold = 400 credits), this amount of credits is worth $25.4 Million. It’s pretty easy to estimate that Wargaming has siphoned off at least $30 million worth of in-game currency in this event
  11. Generally shit tier tanks this time around. hope next time is better. Nothing I really wanted this time but I did get the black mutz and arty camo. (I'm still laughing about the guy that bid 20k on the skin thinking it was a tank)
  12. yeah 10 mil base was enough. I dont think it sold out or if it did it wasnt by much. 14th and final offer: BT-SV Auction for 10 mil credits starting bid, RU - 20,000 EU - 5,900 NA - 1,200 RU lowball 10 mil credits (didn't sell out) EU lowball 10 mil credits (didn't sell out) NA lowball 10 mil credits (didn't sell out)
  13. So do you think the BT - SV is quote-unquote the tank?
  14. Stupid work is keeping me from updating properly. I'm on mobile Can someone get me an inventory for America and sea?
  15. 13501 was the lowest confirmed winning bet on NA EU was 12k
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