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  1. it's almost a mystery bigger than Diriz0n and his zeros....
  2. you did specify ,2/,2 as being good numbers and not tanks that can't pivot turn: but when most people poke (I don't know how you do, I've never seen a replay) its ONLY W/S and not turning as well. And yes, .2 disp is average for heavies but who pokes in an AMX30B (.0/.12/.0) unless its himmels? or tries to do a max deflection snap shot in an Emil(.25/.25/.15)? and at slow/er speeds movement bloom is really minimalized.
  3. actually movement dispersion you speak of is forward and rear movement. left and right hull movement is calculated separately. and it's figured in (meters per sec)/sec as a % of the total dispersion countered by equipment/crewskills and bounded by the max dispersion of the vehicle. If you want the formula or a spreadsheet for it let me know. so if you poke using a single R its a lot more accurate than a full W movement (which the game figures as max accel even if its for 2 meters). the RU meds just typically benefit a lot more from movement disp than nato meds do, but Nato meds have better turret disp and typically better turning disp (there are some glaring exceptions though) and the playstyles reflect this as well.
  4. i think its still running for local use but its just not displayed on the site anymore
  5. welcome to the Labbiest place on earth. please help SerB build his moonbase
  6. looks like a submarine with IS cupolas. the Turret profile is very weird. pubbies will have trouble penning it but rocking back and forth would make it very hard to hit outside of Stalin guided RNG
  7. I dont know if that counts as validation or not for the point.....
  8. SR, is there any chance you can spoiler these? having to load the whole damn page of YT vids just to see the new one sucks bro
  9. I dont think anything new yet. same stuff we already know. Crew skills 2.0 similar to the WoWS captain system, Global HE rework (no more derps), Global HP work to match HE rebalance. low tier branch trimming/streamlining. SSDD really see above.
  10. for the WG stuff? in the account management screen on the webpage or the code redemption page at the shop/redeem. either one. if you mean here on wotlabs, just link your account but thats just a forum thing
  11. honestly its more entertaining to watch you edit all those zeros in and get triggered. nice Haswell
  12. generic review of Tier 10 tanks? kinda?
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