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  1. oh gods i forgot about that thing. I was just joking about the dual IS3A....
  2. its in the Dev diaries part 2 i think. part 1 may have a reference to it but its certainly not a big one. The tier 8 is the IS - II (basically the tier 7 IS with 2 barrels. same turret/armor/gun control/mobility) tier 9 is the IS3 - II (The IS3 with the same armor profile, slightly worse guns same mobility) Tier 10 is the ST - II (you get the point)| the whole thing is a mess because for some ungodly reason they decided to make the line branch from the KV3 instead of the IS (also in the videos) lol you mean the IS3A - II ? god i hope not
  3. pretty much there's a difference between not knowing and being a whiney asshat about "Muh stats". this was pretty much the former
  4. I would assume monthly now that the predicted ones are out but not the real ones and that just takes data and time so ive no clue how long that will take them. good hunting!
  5. The folks at XVM took over those duties IIRC. I'd ask on their forums. Kitten etc usually did it once a month here but that was a while ago.
  6. you mean 3 diff prems all with 2 zero skills for $80 lol
  7. It's literally a clone of the tier 8 armor profile but moved up a tier. same thing with the IS - II at tier 8 and the ST-II at 10. The burst dmg is a new thing so at least they arent giving it OP armor as well. All I can tell is the turrets are a bit deformed but not by much. Similar to the IS3A turret vs the IS3 one. I'm more surprised they aren't buffing the snot out of the hulls as well can cutting the aim in half cuz rasha! moar vodka!
  8. if i could do that i would but sadly im a scrub that cant afford the conversion
  9. Necro because of the double barrel branch off from here Coming back to the KV3 after a while, I'm surprised you cant run a Vstab. The 122 still hits nice and hard but wow that aim time Also this tank is blind as hell. Even with a 3 skill crew and optics I barely cross 400m. It still sidescrapes and baits shots well, but the speed and traverse are worse than the Jap heavies.
  10. The leo is fun! the 105 takes some getting used to with the wheelies etc but its still a lot of fun to play. and the shock when you smash them is always funny.
  11. so the IS-2 the is3-2 and the ST-2 all branch from the KV3. time to go grind that reject too. I'm surprised this doesnt branch off the IS instead. Wonder what made them change the branch
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