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  1. From that SC it looks like you proxied each other so you were both lit at the same time and since he was pointing at you and you didnt move at all, he probably just clicked you. Not much of a mystery I think
  2. 1x40 conversion on NA for the 4th

  3. very... suggestive videos of kids doing normal everyday things. like licking a lollypop for instance
  4. at this point I'm fairly certain that its 2 or 3 different body parts Frankenstein-ed onto other people and those people sent to different continents
  5. JacksDad just ground them out and gave the account to Jack who doesnt know how to actually play
  6. necro from hell dude. Since this thread was STARTED in 2013 and its last post was 2016, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that yeah, a LOTS changed since this thread was started
  7. for teh Lulz. Thanks Skara and Kymrel for the idea





  8. your denier request has been denied. please insert quarter
  9. not really trying but with such a limited playtime ( <1 hr a day after 14 hrs at work) its hard to accomplish anything of use long term. the only part of playing i really suck at is the initial read. fallbacks and redirection isnt an issue. Playing exhausted is a common state
  10. damn it >.< im stuck at the same stats he is feelsbadman
  11. Yeah i think its a 65-70 deg angle now? practically a vertical strike to engine decks. I tried mine out and felt bad afterwards... Worse than usual I mean. Ensk, Erlinberg, most of ruinberg, the half of siegfried that's towards you, the ENTIRE banana road of Himmels, including both 'arty safe' corners of it, like 90% of Ghost town. its ridiculous the spots it can hit now. filthy. please TK this class.
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