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  1. lol so intentionally but for entirely other reasons >.<
  2. with the cancer 105, Vstab or rammer? didnt see a thread on it and vbaddict is still a shitshow

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      The EBR? It already has retardedly good gun handling on the move, like all wheelchairs do, so you can probably get away with rammer over vstab.


      I'm assuming your other two are optics and vents to boost the abysmal viewrange?

    2. Wanderjar


      yeah. just wasnt sure if pinpoint accuracy would be better for it than a faster ROF. the Pen sucks on all fronts so being able to thread the needle seems like a good idea but the ROF boost from the rammer is always a good thing. 


  3. 1: I like how he's the only one that voted no. 2: @Assassin7 I give up. what's the joke in your sig with the E5 having too many 1's in it? is that a really obscure joke about it being the US version of the wz1111-4? been trying to low-key figure that out for a while now and i can't crack it. typo?
  4. he's single handedly keeping the forum on life support because everyone hates him
  5. I wonder if its an affectation or a disease that has migrated to his head, like ringworm or rabies. It seems to be non-stop though. Keep up the fight dude! They will find a cure soon!
  6. i certainly enjoy the tank and with vents and optics it makes for a decent vision platform. The gun feels like the T50s but downgraded so if you are used to the 50/51 you shouldn't have any issues with getting used to the gun. Comparing this to the VTU is almost a non-starter. That tank is terrible, this one is at least not shit and not hilariously OP. I'm playing pretty well in it right now (for me) so It's a good pick.The Female crew from the missions is also a nice bonus
  7. Well, you aren't wrong certainly. Yes 3-800m engagement ranges were the norm in ye olde days and optics sucked IRL and Bigworld/enCore/whatever is still the same spaghetti shitshow it always has been, Core/thread count or no. Yeah it's just a suggestion which would also soft nerf arty as a bonus
  8. It worth pointing out, that 25% RNG is actually BETTER than IRL standards even these days. back in ww2, 3 rounds on target out of 50 was considered very accurate. I would also say to the point on camo, make the tanks visible, but remove the highlighting and OTMs. maybe have the mini map with a type marker and force the team to type in chat what they think it is or what it is from their hit logs. Encourage team work and communication, much like a actual armored division (or BCT) does. let players drop markers on the ground (similar to arty does with the T) and let it be semi permenent on the mini map. Dont let arty have any vision at all, and just have them shoot at the ground markers the team lays down. also much like IRL
  9. From that SC it looks like you proxied each other so you were both lit at the same time and since he was pointing at you and you didnt move at all, he probably just clicked you. Not much of a mystery I think
  10. 1x40 conversion on NA for the 4th

  11. very... suggestive videos of kids doing normal everyday things. like licking a lollypop for instance
  12. at this point I'm fairly certain that its 2 or 3 different body parts Frankenstein-ed onto other people and those people sent to different continents
  13. JacksDad just ground them out and gave the account to Jack who doesnt know how to actually play
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