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  1. nope he's still wrong. thats the accuracy formula straight from the game files. the actual sigma RNG process is a bit different but thats due to the code limitations rather than the math. the Cone in game used to be at the 200M mark (pre 9.18) but it's been changed to more accurately display the cone vs terrain but it's mostly based on what the pip is pointed at
  2. Grand Battles would make it easy mode for sure. I would probably not say heavies because the gold spam can get real in a GB but TDs well positioned or meds would be a solid pick. Definitely spend the time learning the big maps beforehand if possible. A 183 with AP in the cities would probably work as long as you hide and reposition a lot. Otherwise glass cannon TD would be the go to. some of the best were mentioned beforehand. s hellcat challenger etc. might get lucky in a Comet or Cent if you get good maps to make your dpm work.
  3. makes me wonder if there's some kind of national govt royalty/licencing thing still in effect because the tanks are more recent so WG has to file the serial numbers off to avoid that
  4. ive had great success with the Churchill line. the speed is really nice to have and its also the only tank with workable armor. I typically get 3-4k bounced per match and like 12-18k dmg depending on the map
  5. No worries. There's a few more I'll add for stats tracking. Not too many more for data though unfortunately
  6. Mine says it's fine? Maybe a hacker passing by issue or something odd like that. I removed the .php suffix because it seems like that's tripping it
  7. That's odd. It doesn't on mine. I'll double check it when I get home from work. Thanks for the heads up
  8. this says it all
  9. well, good luck to you sir and happy hunting
  10. @martyn2555 it normally only updates once you check the stats and you can update them once a day. In your case it looks like it hasn't been checked in a while so all your battles between the last time i was checked and now were put into your recents here. check back occasionally and they will normalize in time. If you want it to update automatically without you looking, wotlabs does have a patreon to support the extra data cap.
  11. need more patience there padawan, crew skills help but they can't make your decisions better
  12. inb4 Defender-2! 2x the barrels 2x the armor! and ultra speed rammers for cash
  13. oh god yeah i read it yesterday. what the actual fuck is he on
  14. shit. Remember when SerB was head of balance? fucking hell i never thought I would miss those times. damn Murazor
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