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  1. NM im dumb. reading is hard

    1. sr360


      That's for the additional missions. It's basically a reward for those who buy the tank on day 1. It doesn't apply to the 10 stages of the marathon.

    2. Wanderjar


      yeah im dumb. im tired


  2. 44-100 worth the $50? or mod 1 for 30?

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      44-100 is a better tank IMO but the mod 1 is still a solid tank

      you need to gold spam in both tho. 

      also the CS-52 will be out soon which is basically a 44-100 with higher alpha so it might be worth waiting for that

    2. Wanderjar


      Good point. I can always get the mod 1 for gold anyway. Figured I would ask because the 44 100 was on sale and it's fairly hard to come by. Believe it or not, the only Russian medium crew trainer I own is the 85M

    3. EvilMonkee


      They are basically the same. T44-100 faster slightly with better gun handling.  Mod. 1 slightly more armour.  Strangely I have 4% difference in WR between the T44-100 and the Mod. 1 despite them being so similar.  Very odd.

  3. you guys ready for the april scav hunt? I'm not... 

  4. Whats the best site these days for MoE? 

    1. Tarski


      I grabbed this URL from skill4ltu's FAQ: http://wotgarage.net/

      Edit. He also uses this mod: https://wgmods.net/4111/

  5. Next NA offer at 10 AM CST! NA is now even with RU/EU

    1. NightmareMk9


      Or not

      We should count how many times WG can fuck up in a single event...

  6. NA Black Market time change notice.

    we'll have 1 sale thats 4 hours long then we're back in sync with the RU/EU guys

    1. ZXrage


      gdi NA is gonna lose its info advantage xd

    2. Wanderjar


      nice while it lasted though 

  7. a nifty tool for tracking the black market, accessible from your phones:

    it reads the RU BM not the NA/EU one so heads up there. the Sale price and totals will be the same, inventory varies by server

  8. NA only times:
    Starting Feb. 6, the offered lots are changed twice a day at 03:55 PT | 05:55 CT | 06:55 ET and 15:55 PT | 17:55 CT | 18:55 ET
    first up: lansen

  9. I know you are restricted to 5 tank sales a day, but can you ticket back tier 10s? or only prem/rewards?

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    2. Snoregasm2


      I just got 8m credits from selling unused modules and shitty equipment i don't use anymore (4 tool boxes, wtf??), plus shells.

      Might be worth checking that if you need more credits without selling any more tier 10s?

    3. Wanderjar


      yeah i dumped all that before hand and got about 4 mil that way. mostly from 20(!!!!!) GLDs and some other random stuff. I can sell prob another 5-7 mil in food etc too if it comes to it. I sold off some of the most non-competitive tanks i had but still have about 20 to go. if it comes to it I can dump another 5 and get 15 mil more creds but I really dont want to.

    4. NightmareMk9


      Dont forget the emblems and inscriptions.  If we could sell all the non-historic ones I'd have another 5Mil

  10. Dear jesus this dynasty fight shit has made TX literally unplayable

    1. j_galt


      Absolutely.  Year of the RatFuck.

    2. echo9835


      Its a change of tempo. more about farming the potatos in WZ111111111111111115A BBBBBBBBs and less about trying to win.

    3. j_galt


      I was having trouble with that due to tomato collapse disease.  Obj 705A was fun though, shoulda played it more I guess.   T100LT was working due to SEVERE lack of vision on both teams

  11. 50% off consumables NA starts today for 2 more days. heads up.
    edited because they finally advert'd it

    1. echo9835


      this only to 6 months, or was it 8?

    2. Wanderjar


      i think since the black market last May?

    3. echo9835


      Oof. Even longer since we've seen a equipment sale.

  12. csm2RQD.png because theres not enough autism around here any more. 

  13. so... the WTF-100 might make a return? and gold plated for 50k gold? theres a sponge for you.

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    2. kolni


      Sadly there’s just no way of that gun ever making a return without being busted, it’s just too hard to play against reloaded

      but im gonna spam the shit out of it, i missed it

    3. Deus__Ex__Machina


      a WG NA member in the official WoT NA discord claimed the WT-G was fake

      so :bigdoge:

    4. Wanderjar


      riiiiiiiiiight :kappa:

  14. To Activate X2 XP Fever Missions for Nov. 15 – Nov. 18 and win X 200% XP, 15,000 XP, 30,000 XP and 50,000 XP, use code X15FEVERNOW


    1. Diriz0n


      Sucks for me. Stuck working away from home to the 27th 

      That is some tasty experience.


    2. Wanderjar


      amen to that brother

  15. Looking at the TL-1 LPC makes me think of a 59-Patton minus the CDR tumor. even the stats are very similar
    At least this voice over isn't bad.     links: 59 Patton / TL-1  / VS


  16. Purchased: 'Centurion Action X' successfully purchased. Spent credits: 6,100,000. 

    apparently I'm really good in this tank. i don't understand how that is

    1. Wanderjar


      also a possibility. that turret armor is friggin hilarious. all that being said, I'm still holding a significant wn8 in it because apparently 2k dpg in the cent 7/1 and CAX is hard?

  17. with the cancer 105, Vstab or rammer? didnt see a thread on it and vbaddict is still a shitshow

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      The EBR? It already has retardedly good gun handling on the move, like all wheelchairs do, so you can probably get away with rammer over vstab.


      I'm assuming your other two are optics and vents to boost the abysmal viewrange?

    2. Wanderjar


      yeah. just wasnt sure if pinpoint accuracy would be better for it than a faster ROF. the Pen sucks on all fronts so being able to thread the needle seems like a good idea but the ROF boost from the rammer is always a good thing. 


  18. 1x40 conversion on NA for the 4th

  19. for teh Lulz. Thanks Skara and Kymrel for the idea





  20. I went from 18mil to 11 mil mysteriously. Shenanigans I say! 

    1. monjardin


      Did you buy a tier 10 and forget?

    2. Wanderjar


      nope or i would know why and theres no financial transactions in my log either. curiouser and curiouser. when it went to 1.5 it nerfed my bank account instead of the 430U

    3. monjardin


      Let me know if you submit a ticket and get paid. I’ll try the scam too. ;)

  21. May 1 code: VMRTKR2KZ

    Domo said shits fixed this time. we'll see.....

    1. Assassin7


      Wat it give

    2. DirtyACE7


      Are you sure it's not YMRTKR2Z? Because that's the code from May 1st and it worked for me.

  22. twitch Prime has WoT care packages every month for a year. not bad :D

  23. scavenger hunt missions are working now

  24. To no one's surprise, the Feb Scavenger hunt missions didn't take today.

    Domo is working on the reason and a fix now, but that's all the info we have atm.

  25. Feb 28
    HZHKFE9Z From Claus Kellerman
    Feb 27: 
    TK5MW37S from TRU Voodoo
    Change to the Feb scav hunt payout in spoiler:



    30k instead of 50k exp and the missions get longer

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    2. Tarski


      They changed the missions and the rewards? That's...unpleasant. 

    3. Wanderjar


      well technically, WG never officially released a rewards statement. the info we had and were working from came from cody menz of Wotguru who went with an unconfirmed and un finalized rewards list from the CC discord server, and 4tankers made a video of that list and everyone has basically been assuming that list was legit when it wasnt. just bad communication on WGs part to both us and the CCs

    4. Tarski


      Ah, that makes sense. Too bad, though. 

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