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  1. Also anyone have an opinion of the M41D chinese-dog Chow Mein?  because thats for pre-sale right now too on NA in 3 big bundles! (but sadly no bare tank) 
    Y would you buy this if you can buy the blackdog? or worse, the type64?

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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      Why indeed.  Just buy a 41 90.

    3. TheChang


      It's big, but good. Gun has best in class accuracy, dpm, and aim time. Excellent shell velocity, standard apcr is 1.2k m/s and the prem apcr is 1.4k m/s. Camo is bad, view range is acceptable. hp/t is much better than the blackdog's, which I value more than the top speed advantage. Low alpha isn't such an issue when you still have an excellent reload, and most importantly, you can hit shots much easier with the combination of good accuracy and fast shell velocity. It's the old (very good) single-shot M41 Bulldog. 

    4. monjardin
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