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  1. Also anyone have an opinion of the M41D chinese-dog Chow Mein?  because thats for pre-sale right now too on NA in 3 big bundles! (but sadly no bare tank) 
    Y would you buy this if you can buy the blackdog? or worse, the type64?

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    2. Fulvin


      the camo is the same as blackdog's when you put camo paint. blackdog can't be painted, right?

      also it has 30hp/t instead of blackdog's 20, so it's really nimble even if not quite as fast

      but 170 alpha is :eww: even though the standard apcr and prem apcr are nice

    3. Wanderjar


      blackdog 90mm can be. the WG version cant IRCC

    4. monjardin


      I say "meh."

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