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  1. I'm wondering if there's any truth to the December flu thing being corona's first lap around the world
  2. keep in mind like 140k cases of that is in NY/NJ alone new Orleans has like 13k right now and is skyrocketing Michigan and Cali are both up there with 14k everywhere is is pretty low (For the US) counts still Guess the US is going for Herd Immunity? USA! USA!
  3. saw the 3rd one is out now: https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-out-of-many-one-36b886af37e9 same author as the previous 2
  4. I'm more sarcastic than not but sadly I'm kinda serious, which is really more of a commentary on the amazing and wonderful world of Philippine politics than my personal taste(s) or ideas
  5. this surprises me not at all: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/rodrigo-duterte-philippines-president-coronavirus-lockdown-shoot-people-dead/ GJ duterte best Philippine president ever since the Marcos'
  6. Amen brother I got my essential letter today as did my wife. The joys of being non-medical critical infrastructure West Texas just went to shelter-in-place and are limiting all biz to 10% of max occupancy to enforce distancing etc. I'm seeing a lot more paper masks now, but locally we only have about 24 cases and 8 of those are all 1 family that went to San Antiono
  7. slow on the uptick, this one is
  8. https://www.gisaid.org/epiflu-applications/next-hcov-19-app/
  9. there's like 8 strains now? so reinfection is a real possibility
  10. @FlorbFnarb heres the math: http://gabgoh.github.io/COVID/index.html
  11. interesting followup to the previous article on the virus: https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-the-hammer-and-the-dance-be9337092b56 also a solid read by the same author. a fun(?) epidemic calc as well http://gabgoh.github.io/COVID/index.html
  12. looking elsewhere @Spammy they seem kinda flat anyway: https://wot-life.com/na/player/Spammy/
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