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  1. twitch Prime has WoT care packages every month for a year. not bad :D

  2. slightly better mobility for less alpha. seems like a legit nerf lol
  3. statpad, maybe. hope you love reverse sidescraping. pubstomper? the only thing getting stomped is your patience and maybe your keyboard when t32s lolpen your pike
  4. everything ive seen said HE pen mechanics are unchanged, splash is reduced linearly from POI, stun stacking isnt a thing anymore, SH spalls are now useful, and direct hits are RNG based these days anyway. Penetrating the dirt doesn't do anything useful
  5. Steelseries Malware, fam. yeah i know dontclickdumbshit.exe is the best antivirus out there but disconnect it from the internet and retest.
  6. >Implying they could actually find a hooker to take their money. Even hookers have standards, even if they are low ones
  7. interesting. I'm seeing slightly different numbers elsewhere. I'm assuming they are both using the top gun as well. Got this from Rykoset posted 17:14, 21 MARCH 2019 EU time
  8. well it was a rental for a while for everyone and that's guaranteed to crater MoE positions and its not a popular one to begin with. Gratz on the triple Nine-mark, even if unintentional
  9. well it was actually designed and there were some mockups made so its not a total papertank, but still relying on ricochets seems dodgy as a combat vehicle. An anti material rifle has a decent chance of punching through the armor at a 90 deg angle lol. At least it doesn't have the Railgun the Cheese wedges or the Leo1 do
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