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  1. Theres no telling. this list was leaked by some WG volunteers working on a video for them. Could be BS or truth or half and half. the BP t6 would be a good contender too. Though i think from whats been said the AM 39 is a new years gift
  2. well the only tank that's technically new is the 703-II the E75 TS is frequently seen on streams by WGA employees and similar. much like the SU 130 used to be the AM 39 isnt new, it was put in the game files when the wheelies came to the game but why would any WGA emp play tier 3?
  3. How I learned about it: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/12/05/world-of-tanks-presumed-loot-box-contents-for-2020/ original sauce: https://vk.com/wotclue https://wotexpress.info/news/world-of-tanks/chto-budet-v-platnykh-novogodnikh-korobkakh-2020-v/ and a video with a EU CC talking: I'm mostly ok with this list and some of the 3D camo looks cool. wish WG would make more skins and less new tanks
  4. Dragon Ridge. Never played this in randoms before they pulled it, but played it a LOT in internal clan races with the BT7 and BC. That was super fun Hidden Village with 3/4 of the map literally untraverse-able this was corridor at its worst. fuck this tiny ass map and the SerB it rode in on. Komarin with the water drained was a fun to play on. cant say i miss it much because the mid controlled so much, like Mines. that said. it was bigger than mines so you had options to flank without getting hammered from mid. there was still a lot of bush wanking but it was workable if you knew how to use hulldowns. these days the cheese wedges would make this entirely unplayable but the wheelies would have fun in the trenches. (Much like the upcoming water drained minsk) Northwest I liked the height play and while it was 'corridorized' the hill drops were doable and other than the A1 corner, it was a lot of fun. Pearl River Loved this map, especially the rework where it opened the mid up a lot more. Most people didn’t know how to play it, the heavy brawl in the north always reminded me very much of the old El Halluf A1 corner where if you got to the best positions first the enemy was fucked and lost whatever tanks went there automatically Port way too damned tiny, even back then. Widepark was a bigger map than this. the bridge was exposed to all sides and the rail cars were more aids than Ensk is now Sacred Valley this is the map that basically defined OP Climbs (The north ridge, the castle in center, the B2 heavy brawl area with the hidden overlook etc) didnt mind it much but holy shit the sides were literally separated by a mountain and if you won one side and lost the other you were still fucked because you couldn't counter push and only try to bush wank or ambush. I never had more lopsided games than this map. Severogorsk this map was really open but felt super confined. the new Karkov rework reminds me a lot of this map in everything but the city. That said, this map was also like 40% undriveable and the playable area was even smaller than that. plus there was always some moron that took a heavy in the center trench for the lulz. the 8-9-0 line was fun to play on though. cant say much for the rest of it. South Coast had some interesting games here. the beach was actually viable and the mid was workable if you knew the sight lines for the TD spots. another tiny map. would like to see this back just to see the wheelies run into the buildings and stop dead lol Stalingrad would have been better if the mini map actually had the barricades on it clearly. the Beach always dictated the fight and the heavies rarely got a say in it. plus arty was always a thing from the rooftop splashes into your cupola. nope Swamp This map was the definition of WGs "Every map runs counter clockwise" rule of thumb. the north was usualy viable and the mid was a TD clusterfuck. woe to any tank that strayed there. Windstorm I'd like this back without the bullshit climbs on it. I dont think it would need much to bring it up to speed. maybe more room for the city and mid fight. the lack of cover was nice from camping WTF-100s
  5. seems ok to me from here? https://wotlabs.net/na/player/kungpowcharlie
  6. I'm sure you guys can piss in each other's cheerios some other time. the rest of us want to talk about BS OP reward tanks. This 4-1 is a fucking ridgeline or chai sniper if i ever saw one. wow that turret armor too.
  7. WG hax to keep WN8/WR down confirmed! Dum dum DUMMMMMMMB!
  8. careful, your confirmation bias is showing
  9. is it updated all the way? or did you accidentally get the Phishing upgrade that nailed like 100mil people last week?
  10. So you get a commander that is purpose built to half-YOLO. the tomatoes in WOT would be well pleased with a commander with those skills haha
  11. @Deus__Ex__Machina have they said the exp cost for the upgrades yet? i know that pic is from the VK guys but i was wondering if you had seen anything about it yet elsewhere
  12. To Activate X2 XP Fever Missions for Nov. 15 – Nov. 18 and win X 200% XP, 15,000 XP, 30,000 XP and 50,000 XP, use code X15FEVERNOW


    1. Diriz0n


      Sucks for me. Stuck working away from home to the 27th 

      That is some tasty experience.


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      amen to that brother

  13. the literal definition of a double barreled shotgun. really nice alpha then it takes forever to reload. I'm not complaining at all because the last thing we need is more OP rasha BS
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