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  1. twitch Prime has WoT care packages every month for a year. not bad :D

  2. slightly better mobility for less alpha. seems like a legit nerf lol
  3. statpad, maybe. hope you love reverse sidescraping. pubstomper? the only thing getting stomped is your patience and maybe your keyboard when t32s lolpen your pike
  4. everything ive seen said HE pen mechanics are unchanged, splash is reduced linearly from POI, stun stacking isnt a thing anymore, SH spalls are now useful, and direct hits are RNG based these days anyway. Penetrating the dirt doesn't do anything useful
  5. Steelseries Malware, fam. yeah i know dontclickdumbshit.exe is the best antivirus out there but disconnect it from the internet and retest.
  6. >Implying they could actually find a hooker to take their money. Even hookers have standards, even if they are low ones
  7. interesting. I'm seeing slightly different numbers elsewhere. I'm assuming they are both using the top gun as well. Got this from Rykoset posted 17:14, 21 MARCH 2019 EU time
  8. well it was a rental for a while for everyone and that's guaranteed to crater MoE positions and its not a popular one to begin with. Gratz on the triple Nine-mark, even if unintentional
  9. well it was actually designed and there were some mockups made so its not a total papertank, but still relying on ricochets seems dodgy as a combat vehicle. An anti material rifle has a decent chance of punching through the armor at a 90 deg angle lol. At least it doesn't have the Railgun the Cheese wedges or the Leo1 do
  10. holy shit taugrim lives yeah the HE and the gun made the tank bearable. I would hesitate to call the 178 good by any stretch though. The HE rolls are funny but that's about all you can say. zero armor (but amusing broken tires) Low hp, meh maneuverability, virtually no VR, good Gun, good HE. Anyone that knows how to counter scout will shut you out easy and reduce you to a long range HE sniper. The Lynx and the Hotchkiss dont suffer that issue nearly as bad and they have the speed to push back with jinks and HE.
  11. yeah its a placeholder but still what sense does that make? not even something closer?
  12. those penetration values tho.. fucking 254/310 on a tier 10? the tier 9 has way higher Pen stats (308/350) for less alpha but what good is alpha if you cant pen? Since the meds are based on the UDES platform the high camo and short tank size doesnt surprise me at all but that bloom and low pen means the only thing you will pen is the scouts and maybe some meds and the tier 9 also fires 2.5 more times a min just for S&G Def running vstab and vents with optics. a rammer would just be silly at that point...
  13. Anaconda: The last ship you'll ever need Type 10: This one goes to 11...
  14. Wanderjar

    HWK 30

    its just about a copy of the tier 8 Ru 251 and the 10 extra VR makes it OP? riiiiiight
  15. it was a status update before but its a good thread anyway. hope they bring this to NA this is my favorite part: we will not share the exact date or timeframe
  16. So now that wheeled tanks are a thing: The 7.5 gun is absolutely required. As much as i like and enjoy the 10.5 kanon on this thing, if you run the 10.5 you are almost required to be a 2nd/3rd line sniper with it because the long reload times will get you dead if a wheeled vehicle gets close. The total lack of armor means they can lolpen you just about anywhere and still get away. You can definitely make the 10.5 work for you, and the alpha/pen of that gun is very nice to have, and if you play as a surprise heavy support you can do well with the 10.5, but if you plan on being anywhere near the front lines as a medium the 7.5 is just required. A point blank miss with the 10.5 means you are helpless for a very long time while you get bombed with HE. If you have a decent sized group with you (and you should anyway) that mostly shouldn't happen (it still can) but on anything but a >2 vs a wheelie you are basically SOL. I was sad to have to mount the 7.5 again and 50/50 APCR for high tiers but the game after I did, I massacred 3 wheelies on Pilsen and laughed.
  17. right now they have the TD guns. dont know if they have placeholders or not though. 10.5 mm UDES cannon and 103-0 gun
  18. Wanderjar

    HWK 30

    I'm in the same boat. Ive got the Blackdog so theres really no reason other than tank collecting to buy this one.
  19. scavenger hunt missions are working now

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