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  1. While some of the things you say may in fact be true. Some of it is over exaggerated. Now I don't know what happened and I am not in MAHOU for reasons I would prefer not to disclose here, but I do know that alot of members in MAHOU are respectful and quite good players, that are great friends as well. I hope that you can remember that side of MAHOU, and not the one that did whatever to you.
  2. If update come soon MAHOU recent WN8 3200+, Recent WR 65%
  3. I dont have autism and I dont do anime...Just like most of MAHOU...
  4. Well I mean, CELTS, If they fought more than 10 battles on the map in their time I would be surprised, never felt like they did much of anything but back fill and goldfarm.
  5. Am I not an ally? And is MAHOU and Vilin not top clans?
  6. If you want someone that is gonna make your clan look bad and piss off a lot of the top clans players than he is your guy, a major troll that pushes allies out into the open and tracks them there, isnt a very strong player or direction follower and overall very difficult to work with and be around.
  7. Basically in my view everyone currently in a clan is on a conveyer belt to burn out and we just need to keep putting things on it.
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