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  1. I use the built in game one quite a bit plus I can kinda tell where they are from how I got shot.
  2. Guess it's something I have to deal with as a high tier player, just juke them when I'm exposed, recognise when I'm exposed and try to not be exposed. Guess that's the penalty for enjoying high tiers, bigger artillery. I would quickly like to say thankyou to everyone who replied (and those still to come) your tips are welcomed and I have already been making use of them. For example I was playing on Malinokva on the hill (because let's face it, where else is a heavy tank going to go to do consistent damage without being outcompeted by tank destroyers -_-). I noticed that everyone was hiding be
  3. Yes but there are so many open maps you often don't have a choice (Fiery Salient is a brilliant example). And moving into the solid cover can expose you to direct fire from real tanks Sometimes I wish APCR was standard, same pen but I love the extra velocity. 323 mm of pen is great for E 100's though (even though the turret ring is easily penned anyway at close range).
  4. So really the best thing to do is learn how to snipe on as many maps as I can alongside learning what hard cover can and can't conceal me from artillery? With the accuracy nerfs sniping is a pain in the ass (especially against tier 10 russian mediums) but I can always try.
  5. So, I recently bought myself a Conqueror. Awesome tank, although the driver and ammo rack are constantly being knocked out. However, that is not the point of this. How does one evade artillery? More specifically, how does one evade artillery in a big, slow, weakly armoured tank that does 34 km/h forwards and 12 mm/h backwards? Do I camp at the back of the map sniping the whole time? I try to use evasive maneuvers but let's face when you're as slow as the Conqueror you aren't moving very quickly. I would also like to point out that it's not like I'm making myself and obvious target, I'm usually
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