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  1. i have a great personality. Overlook the overall I'm solid.
  2. I don't want to miss out save me a spot on cool down now.
  3. i'll ride wit ya, yolo 4 lyfe.
  4. Kirby is a good dude to platoon with, you can all add me as well.
  5. Good afternoon, I am searching for some people who want to platoon east or west. I'm looking for players 1900+ as my recent is between 1900-2100. Maybe someone even higher that can give some pointers?
  6. Thank you gentleman, the overall consensus is to just stick to the higher tiers and let the history be just that history. Appreciate the help and not the usual scrub comments. Orweedgon trail made me die, thank you.
  7. Good morning community, I have a question i can't seem to find the answer to anywhere. I know some of you mathematics guru's might be able to help me or point me in the right direction. It has to do with increasing my wn8 to my current play level. I had approximately 7k battles 1000k wn8, after playing and actually learning the game and some of the mechanics i am now averaging 1900-2000 recent wn8 over the past 4k battles. My question is, is it worth going back to some of the lower tier tanks and increasing my overall wn8 in them? For instance I played 284 games in the T18 without a clue how to play, my overall wn8 is 644. If i go back and improve this overall wn8 will it directly correlate to my current stats and improve my overall wn8 or should i focus on the higher tier 10's to increase? At what threshold is it worthless and is it possible to dig myself out of a 7k battle deficit or am i just stuck moving up 2-4 points a night on my overall? Current wn8 1387 recent 2126.
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