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  1. Usual team damaging troll - harunbabara of TRC-A clan. http://wotreplays.com/site/2307686#stats Fun starts at 10:45. By watching with the free camera, he fires 4 shots at various of our team and then finally at me (no enemy lit so no excuse). He laughs in chat and then proceeds to chase me some 100 / 150m to ram me. He clearly wants to troll. I tried to track the idiot, my team mate saw me shooting and joined in without understanding the difference between tracking him and doing team damage. Guess who naturally got the 1 hour ban I have explained to my platoon mate about in game trolls / going blue etc etc so please - he's already learnt his lesson. Incidentally, his clan stats look like a bot factory. I'm no great player but seriously? WTF? http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500042525/players/wot/#players&offset=0&limit=25&order=-wins_percentage&timeframe=all&battle_type=random Cheers Cardio
  2. Thanks guys, that makes sense. I had a read of the Wiki as you suggested and I see quote "The exact value of this threshold was computed and then subtracted (the rSTATSc step, below) to compare all players to the theoretical (and sadly real) player(s) who do not perform enough measurable output to influence their win-rates beyond simply loading in and having MM weigh". So basically he's had far too many low/negative games for the odd good one to have any influence (yet!). We will keep working with him (I can see a difference in his play already) as hopefully those better players do when working with me . He's now got replay recording enabled and yes, we encourage him to watch good and bad replays. Also, after any battle we always ask the questions "what could I/we/you have done differently to better influence the outcome of that battle". Thanks again, Cardioboy
  3. Hi All, Cardioboy here, a recent recruit over at W-UNI and a long time lurker here. At W-UNI I both get mentored by higher stat players and will also mentor our lower stat players. We often refer the newer/low stat players to wotlabs, noobmeter or wotstats so they can hopefully see some improvements after their training sessions etc. One of our very newest players (hasn't even got a clan tag yet) is by his own admission a very low stat player, and has come to W-UNI to try and learn. Yesterday after what was a storming battle (by his measures) we popped out of game to take a look at how it had affected his stats. Shock, one site says negative movement, others say overall WN8 of zero. The maths bit: They all show 34 battles played over 24 hours. I know that atleast one of those battles (replay link provided) was a 1500+ Wn8 for him. In my thinking, if he managed a Zero Wn8 for all other 33 battles, then his average would be atleast 46 Wn8. But all sites are showing either zero or <zero. It's a bit disheartening for the chap, as he isn't seeing the fruits of his efforts (well, not in that immediate in your face way) so I thought I'd post here. I've provided the links, also screenshots in case the stats become out of date and also a link to the replay showing the 1570 Wn8. I would appreciate any input, ie is there a glitch in the matrix or am I understanding Wn8 wrong? Either way it would helpful for me to let Michael know. Links Wotlabs Stats: http://wotlabs.net/eu/player/michael332 Wotstats Stats http://www.wotstats.org/stats/eu/michael332/ Noobmeter Stats http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/michael332/500644517/;jsessionid=4702E22448AD013C32F9D778DCC8AB03 Replay showing 1570 Wn8 in one of the past 24 hour battles https://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=140256#personal Screenshots (in case stats go out of date) https://www.dropbox.com/s/erprt3tx385pijb/noobmeter_micheal332_stats.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/wpq4d5wgq68e78q/wotlabs_micheal332_stats.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/wtofrxykalzw9rx/wotstats_michael332_stats.jpg?dl=0 Thanks in advance, Cardioboy
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