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  1. What is the point of S-tank aside from per-ma bush
  2. Unavailebow

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    You have to thank the French for popularising that one...
  3. At least all tier 10 has pref matchmaking. I see T-10 is strong for something that 277 had it wrong, nice turret armour with unreliable hull armour, which 277 probably having too much. If its base on a method of copy, having a T-10 at tier 10 with just a better gun and mobility, not touching anything else wouldn't hurt. The shape of the turret already making 277 less vulnerable than the 5A, pretty similar to both of their tier 9s. If they are having crap hull then probably be good just keeping it.
  4. With that they can shake off the hot water off 276 and straight into live server
  5. Unavailebow

    The hidden gem, Obj. 430 II

    And people still saying those are good changes, only if they actually OWN the thing
  6. Unavailebow

    The End: Object 279

    Maybe it’s just me, 50-120 was so slow to put onto its role, IS-8 has so few armour to the front made it so different from IS-3 and IS-7. Old 4202 turret was arguably worse than the 7/1. In terms of expected role they are similar, assassin, heavy brawl, hull down abuser. If they are serious about the idea of making the top tiers similar to its line , 279 needs it own line for that kind of armour model. Speaking of “OP” tanks to be introduced in 2 years, Chieftain?
  7. Unavailebow

    The End: Object 279

    16.82 with 0.575 / 0.671. Regardless of it being Supertest. It hovers.
  8. Obj 279? Oh I must be so surprised

  9. If its really going to be reward tank I'd okay with it. I have a weird feeling of there is a hole in the gun mantlet because that's how Centurion's turret being destroyed back then.
  10. Nominal Yes, Not defending the 726, but from the look of things it has less angle and no pike noses, pike noses add compound angle to the front. egg-shaped means the facing front always at flatter angle. Really interested to see its armour model before going into conclusion.
  11. Not terrible by Russian X HT standard, probably same traverse and resistances as 260, only beaten by 277 76% traverse (1.247/1.73) on medium vs 72% traverse (1.247/1.63) on medium 122 can overmatch 40, and minor things that camo nearly doubled the highest camo X HT. Take 260 as standard its still too good for now, unless its armour model is actually crap
  12. This thing, I don’t know even if it’s turret rotates or not, doesn’t seem even counter balance
  13. "More obvious weakspots on tanks" Get rid of LFP 100/10 would get rid of collision model next time It should has nice terrain resistances tho cuz ground pressure spread.
  14. The closer I could find with that dispersion is Comet, which has 2.21 aim time
  15. Excalibur TD excuse me?

    Is the tank a hybrid?

    1. Action


      this thing is so unbelieveble ugly....