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  1. The “wing” section was pushed back, made the body look even longer. Pirate NPC for materials and Thargoid commodities. Pirating void opal = pain trying to straight your cutter in asteroid, almost impossible because the way to fly a cutter is boost drift and boost turn, a thing non of the other ship at comparable size can do due to it sheer amount of main thrust and max speed. The lack of supercruise manoeuvrability to interdict will make your day worse trying to catch players. Cutter is more of a defensive and engagement control type of ship by shamelessly abusing that speed, shield and armour, gets away whenever it wants to with MLF. It gets toy around when it is the chaser, either it chases or it shoots, can’t do both at once.
  2. There was a spark in Cutter traffic in Arjung made people not able to dock because those large pads are full in most instances. Cutter were often refers as 747 for its white, airliner liked fuselage around its launch, also a slight mock of it not ressembling the concept art, having egg-shaped fuselage (thick neck). Although Beluga came out worse
  3. I ranked up Imperial before they nerfed courier, those are merely occasional chances created by BGS, or some interestingly refers as "exploits". Shu Babasi if that calls out any memories. Back in those days everybody didn't worry much about Federal ranks because Robigo and Sothis had a lot of headings to Federal space, not so much for Imperial rank, until they changed mission reward system and everybody went courier. Then a significant nerf, sparked a lot of discussion around FD not letting BGS to do its job freely. I recall going up Rear Admiral with courier missions took twice as long to hit Duke from respective previous ranks, it is that worse of a nerf. A lot of new players didn't know Elite was always cycles of, people discover something, regardless of it refers as "exploit" or not (a matter of morality), players benefit from it before FD nerfs it, repeat. i.e. Do it before it was cool. Every single cycle has led to conundrums of "The game should be played like this, or that..." and "FD should stop this and that..." while all the cool-headed Founders and Beta, early Gammas sit on their billions of credits laughing or just having their own game progression and care nothing. Early starters/adopters are unpunished (rightfully so), new players are infuriated for their much slower progression compare to the former, as much as we the early starters yelled to FD about lack of content, FD did better thing for the game which was spent time on new players' experience.
  4. Then you might see a 747 exclusive airport
  5. The formula didn't change, just minus the stacking 2.5% part. So 17.125% still applies Thats why you don't jump into Open in that area, Harm, Arjung, Azha... etc. Btw, Arjung is high tech, Harm is industrial, you will get whatever you want there but they keep running out of stock. If you want a Corvette, Azha has it as well, just different station.
  6. You might be correct. 17.125% I'd still take it As for the Cutter, there was, only one, Arjung, next to Harm, got eaten
  7. It was there since the start of the game I think... Discount also not always applied to both ship and module and not always system-wise. The 10% discount in Shinrarta Dezhra only applies to Jameson Memorial. 30% discount on weapons only applies to Attilius Orbital, Alioth's Irkutsk 10% discount only applies to AspX and Orca but not any module changes. LYR's discount are system-wise and both applies to ship and module. Elite rank discount applies regardless of other condition. I should point out for myself CQC is the fourth Elite rank that I dont think it matters
  8. 10% ship & module, single Elite. 12.25% 15% ship & module, single Elite. 17.13%. 10% ship & module, double Elite. 14.44% 15% ship & module, double Elite. 19.11% 10% ship & module, triple Elite. 16.58% 15% ship & module, triple Elite. 21.22% It calculates more decimals than my calculator. 2.5% for each Elite, stacks with other discounts. So the formula goes 1-discount * (0.975 ^ EliteCount) If I recall correctly. At some point the difference made can cover rebuy cost.
  9. Multiplicative. 10% to a triple Elite means 16.6%, 15% means 21.2%. A 600mil ship you save 27.6mil for that 4.6% differences, enough to rebuy itself. Bubble has a rough diameter of 300ly, so it is only problematic for sub 20ly range ships
  10. They updated Exploration requirement once, made it harder. Trade is the easiest providing you have taken part in any so-called gold rushes. Elite trade we are talking the 1billion mark, which is not hard, and everybody eventually will need more than a billion to operate ships. Exploration will take less than 400mil and best to be done in one go. Combat is timely because it doesn't make a consistent payout and highest (uncessay) running cost Founder's world not the cheapest place you outfit, LYR systems are, hence all my ships are in HARM, used to be an HYR industrial system with ARJUNG close by being high-tech.
  11. If only they are first discoveries, there are just too much terraformables. Probing only water worlds and earth-like are more than enough when travelling. Also I only need just enough credit to push me Elite exploration, so I get more discount
  12. So a 15k light year trip where I FSS all systems and surface scan all Earth-liked world and Terraformable Water world, back to back given me a profit of 280mil, just enough to rocket from Pathfinder to Elite.
  13. Exactly 3 months after I last login, 15,007 light years away now I am half way back to my garage, possibly adding new modules and make credits to prepare fleet carrier, 8*C3 4*C2 4*C1 can almost haul my entire collection away.
  14. I don't really like it much nowadays because first is that gun, massive acceleration coupled with 0.17 dispersion, AP so darn unreliable at sniping with that accuracy and pen, then there is the transmission, it is only quick to accelerate before hitting 45. Second is nobody actually dare to poke even when they have 3k health on the block. Last you got accused as defeat factor by local 277 for staying alive in game. It is in a bad state because it shines only when the team is doing it correctly, but suffers way more when the team is under performing. Unlike the other two which has at least level of protection on their turret. Wait for people to poke is not feasible with armour inflation, unless we are talking about playing with the 2 key, yes that will work.
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