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  1. I have watched Elite long enough to know money grind should not be a thing at all. Not because of players should or shouldn't progress at a certain pace, is that smaller ships generally don't have an advantage over large ship (understably so.), you cannot balance a ship's cost and operational cost by yet another cost (rebuy). Think of jump range, nobody will say Conda's jump range is overkill in this 20,000+ Ly diameter Milky Way. The only noticeable different is when ships are in combat, other than that, no such thing small ships can do larger ships cannot manage. CR was always a big iss
  2. Most of my current assets, were from Sothis, got my two Condas from there, and my first Cutter within a month. The remaining ones were from skimmers, and mining. Can't tell how bored I was when I did those, weren't as profitable as nowadays 100mil+ methods either. Those were only rougly 60mil/hr with a Cutter.
  3. The idea on their head is $/hr, which is fine, because boring stuff will send ppl away, and certainly some activities are bound to be boring, do I put risk factor ahead of boring factor probably not, payout was never the issue for me even for combat related activities, just bored.
  4. But we are still in 2020 so chances are there will be quirks, actually, it is Frontier afterall, it bound to have quirks. So after... how many years? Combat will become the dominant credit earner (or not)? They just keep cycling the dominant methods since release, first it was REZ hunt,then it was jewllery smuggle, trade routes, then combat bond CG (farm with help of capital class), then trade mission, smuggling mission, then deep core mining, then surface mining... oh well. At least it kept making all the ships useful from time to time.
  5. I haven't done calucations but in my head, it makes journeys slower as you have to maintain it not like a ship. It is safer tho, if you are into life-risking explorations
  6. Even tho I have zero demand on credits because haha fleet carrier is a pet and I don't need it but I'd save the chart for the future. -sitting in a corner waiting for new content-
  7. Occupied by real life, looked at Odyssey, might go for it. Still alive? @FlorbFnarb
  8. If normal high air temp could kill it, it would not affect deserted climate countries, from what I know the "high temp" was talking about something like 50℃ or even higher. Dry air have less larger particles in the air afloats compare to damp air, plus less moisture makes thing less likely to stick to each other, eveything feels sticky during damp weather because those are the particles (and viruses) supposed to be in air.
  9. @Haswell Tfw when you see the latest 51 confirmed case that not be sent to hospital, one of them was just few structural walls away from my flat. We don't share the same entrances but same roof, we have 5 entrances but from outside it looks like one continuous building. The one caught it was just the next entrance of mine. p.s. I blame 000000s for overshadowing this poast
  10. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/have-many-coronavirus-patients-died-italy/ “The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus.” *Mild confusion* approves. I found report (in Chinese) of Iceland’s deCODE Genetics have found 40 strains on their patients. This sounds worrying.
  11. 5 Billion for a fleet carrier... Does that mean If I sell all my ship I can afford an empty carrier
  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8160759/Cell-phone-data-reveals-Spring-Break-covidiots-traveled-flooding-beaches.html Mass data gathering and tracking are there and companies like Tectonix has been around for some time. To this date some people are still thinking they can act as they were not tracked. Scary when the data are being put together but everybody should have known. I could only wonder why nobody has done something good with these data beforehand, instead they were staring at their data heatmaps for...?
  13. Absolutely not. We never have lockdown and all border closed. If you think our gov should be given credits, that is because they took credits from us the public. We knew the virus since January, land border to China were only started closing on Feb, if not one by one or two by two, there is always a border left open. I cannot count how many border they have made through that small joint of the peninsula, basically if mainland Chinese want to go in, they do it as they wish. Eventually they did restricted entry (a week or two ago, lol) only allowing HK residence to entry. Oh if you happen t
  14. SARS, MERS, Bat-CoV... Anything with a CoV is basically coronavirus. COVID-19 was referring as the disease brought by SARS-CoV-2 (2019 nCoV). CoronaVirus Disease 19 is still an oversimplification in my opinion. Only the 19 is unique. Corona virus disease is not something worthy to have an acronym, if they named it right, it should not even have the word "Corona" in it. But it is what it is. I still call it WARS (Wuhan Acute Respiratory Syndrome) anyway. I am from HK and thats what we do.
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