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  1. It is a real weird feeling looking at local forums and social media posts sneering at western countries right now, while at the same time seeing people only talks about right now.

    I kinda understands it, nobody gave a damn to us a month ago and now they kind of messed up themselves. If the information available to us was well translated to other languages and reported by media instead of them solely relying on official information, could have been better.

    Then again if it wasn't the fact that we were hit by SARS 17 years ago so hard, we would prob be the same as anywhere else.

    Just a... random train of thought. Be well all.

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    2. Unavailebow


      credits. US are prob doing better than Europe. I would say now, I’d rather you people panic, or you don’t do anything at all.

    3. 8_Hussars


      I find that social media is a big problem.  In a time when you need calm, strong, competent and correct information sharing it is a strong hill to climb to drown out the social media hucksters and those using the crisis to further their own ends.

      When your leader may be the biggest detriment to getting quality and correct messaging out...

    4. Unavailebow


      I agree on social media is more problematic, the whole bogroll thing was started from our social media. We share information through mostly social media but we have a strong sense of fact checking and googling thanks to the protest before, twats was using fancy words to gain advantage. It is a lot of work gathering information, fact checking and all that. To me that is more of a basic requirement for living with the Internet harmlessly.

  2. Is it just me or the SU-76I appears to be bugged :officersexii:

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    2. Wanderjar


      because Spell Check doesnt work for tank names? lol

    3. NightmareMk9


      15k Gold for a tier 4 tech tree is pretty LOLz

      Then they kept 300 gold for the garage slot?

    4. Unavailebow


      It would be nice if I actually recieved the tier 4, but didnt. May as well be I haven't researched it.

  3. Can't read maps when it is drawn by SEA crayons.




    I drawn them. :feelsbad:

  4. holiday shitters are real.

    myself included

  5. Obj 279? Oh I must be so surprised

  6. Excalibur TD excuse me?

    Is the tank a hybrid?

    1. Action


      this thing is so unbelieveble ugly....

  7. I am just counting the pref-8s... Just in case WG insist of taking fun from international-wide legal issues. So we might see M6 hull appears in front of a JPE, if Jagtiger(H) still a thing, two prem JTs at Tier 8, then 34-3 is just a D25 34-2, Type 59 not too far, SPershing still has spaced armour novelty okay, 111 112 could make 110 looks stupid, IS-6 Rusha so must buff OP, FCM? Fuck.

    May as well starts counting Tier 7s, E-25 go look how shit K.Jpz is, AT-15A... can rot like AT-15, FV201 + 20 = FV221 = Caernarvon.

    Huge business potential, Zero professional.

  8. Your daily Korean in his Defender

    Roof has better armour than its side:serb:

  9. Most disgusting first match of a tank, ever.

    Battle: Himmelsdorf Vehicles: Object 268 Version 4 Experience received: 4,554 (x3 for the first victory each day) Bonds received: 2 Credits earned: 75,947 Battle achievements: High Caliber, Master Gunner, Sharpshooter, Spartan, Mastery Badge: "III Class" Repairs:    -22 046   Ammunition:    -28 450   Consumables:    -3 000   Total:    22 451      WN8: 4 745 (100)

    1. FavreFan4ever


      Brought to you by the most disgusting tank ever.

  10. M35 mod 46 Semi-automatic Penne shooter

  11. Ah... I see the derpy 34-3 is getting a buff! Meaning less reason to not skip the 34-2. Da.

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    2. SchnitzelTruck



      T34-3 Aim time from 3.4 to 2.9.

      hull and turret armor get copy pasted from type59

      also type59 gets 30% better gun handling and 0.6 better aim time (2.9 to 2.3)

    3. WhatTheSkara
    4. Unavailebow


      No because It is a D25 Da.

      Buff this one buff all da guns comrades:kappaross:

  12. For the fun part, night and headlight mods are... calming:fish:

  13. Wait... who is that victim of the first clip... *autism alert*


    1. ZXrage



  14. First win x5 + Mission x5 = 21,094 XP on one match, duh.

    Erlenberg Strv S1  66.0% WN8:     15,002 EFF:     10,099 DMG:     5,896   6 21,326(x5) 812 111,573 • Fire for Effect • Top Gun • High Caliber • Spotter • 1 Mark of Excellence • Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"

    1. Whole_Nutmeg


      For a moment there I thought you were saying you had a 10k damage game :PogChamp: 

    2. Unavailebow


      10k Dmg for 21k XP? Refund pls:minidoge:

  15. So apparently SEA's Mutant is 10% more expensive than on the EU:superserb:

  16. Its the 22nd and its my 22nd...

    Happy Birthday to myself :party:

  17. Profile pic for suiting my perma-teal colour scheme :tomato:

  18. Spend all of the 24 hours of 12/31 at home is really... uncomfortable:feelsbad:

    1. Siimcy


      You get used to it. :serb: 

    2. Unavailebow


      I have to get used to it :feelsbad:

  19. I may have to expect even more Mainlanders invading our city...
    GGWP HKD peg with USD:fish:

    1. Serene_Potato


      Prepare for the milk powder shortages

  20. Date: 19/8/2016 14:02:39 Vehicles added: Rheinmetall Skorpion G Slots added: 1 

    Dis gunna be gud :doge:

  21. Land HE more dangerous than sky HE confirmed.
    Gun, rack, fuel tank, gunner rekt from start of the match

    11/10 would drive T49 to "sry":QBSeal:


    1. MacusFlash


      At least you know when this kind of monkey is aiming at you and you can do something. Clicker from your team can rape you anytime.

    2. Unavailebow


      It was around 30 second after the start, I think he was cruising at my back as we were all rushing, then a sudden 1037, firing on the move :wut:


  22. Even though my IQ is lacking, M103 is highly suspected to cause high frequency suicide due to its radioactive nature. Cancer.

    1. kolni


      Why are you playing it now when it's getting buffed so soon? :kjugh: 

    2. Unavailebow


      For Science. True story.

      Actually is because of On Track

  23. Le me cheking Frontier store becus sales.

    Le paint job pack,
    £3.35 / €4.02 / $4.69.
    HK$35.5 / HK$34.7 / HK$36.4

    Sorted :ohnyes:

  24. Balance : 260,187,783
    Current Asset : 585,758,707
    Average CR/min : 503,259

    And they say a Cutter cost 1 billion... :cri:

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