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  1. 10 hours ago, punishersal said:

    I jumped Painite mine train and in several runs with Cobra(including 1 without shields for extra 16 tons), I made enough for nearly 4 Pytons.

    Somewhere deep in conciousness it seemed that it was wrong. It just felt that it shouldnt be that really easy to get this rich and buy whatever ship I want(except faction ones)

    Got Python and so far except for large cargo it doesnt seem that fun. Havent outfitted it really because low jump range surprised me. 

    I have watched Elite long enough to know money grind should not be a thing at all. Not because of players should or shouldn't progress at a certain pace, is that smaller ships generally don't have an advantage over large ship (understably so.), you cannot balance a ship's cost and operational cost by yet another cost (rebuy). Think of jump range, nobody will say Conda's jump range is overkill in this 20,000+ Ly diameter Milky Way. The only noticeable different is when ships are in combat, other than that, no such thing small ships can do larger ships cannot manage.

    CR was always a big issue for Elite because Elite itself was never intented to be focusing on that, but variety of activities not locked behind CR wall. That doesn't stop people liking their small ships and personally I prefer this as a state of game than, having large ships locked behind a 1000hr CR grind as it has taken away again, player's ability to choose what they want to fly with in this vast emptiness. Might not sound very good to the game's longevity, yet it doesn't stop AspX being the most flew ship among CMDRs, instead of anything bigger.

    Python needs that Guardian FSD booster. Price tag wise, most expensive ship to run a Class 5 FSD, not the heaviest, rather light actually,, jump range sits right in the middle among all Class 5 FSD ships, but because it can hold the 2nd most cargo plus a few Class 7 modules, you start to lose quite a bit of jump range.

  2. On 11/21/2020 at 10:36 AM, FlorbFnarb said:

    Yeah, problem is that it sounds like (I'm hearing things second-hand) that they're aiming to make all activities generate money equally, which seems like an odd reward structure in a game; it really leaves little reward for skill if top-tier laser mining in a Cutter or Type 9 generates the same $/hour as Thargoid-hunting and other high risk activities.

    But I agree that boredom is a factor.  I'm still only at like 1.4 billion in cash, I think, despite having a fully kitted Cutter devoted to laser mining, because it takes me a couple hours to fill all 512 tons of cargo space, and frankly, it gets old.  The first time was kinda fun, I just listened to Waylon Jennings on Pandora (country music is the most appropriate music for mining and such, I think) and zapped asteroids, but I was ready to be done with it by the time I was full.  The second time kinda dragged earlier on, and I haven't taken it out for a third mining trip, because HOLY SHIT it takes a long time to fill 512 tons.\

    If they get it so I can start making 80 million an hour doing CZs or clearing HAZRESes or something, I'll be happy.  Hell, that would make me get a handle on Thargoid hunting; as it stands I've only ever killed Scouts.

    Most of my current assets, were from Sothis, got my two Condas from there, and my first Cutter within a month. The remaining ones were from skimmers, and mining. Can't tell how bored I was when I did those, weren't as profitable as nowadays 100mil+ methods either. Those were only rougly 60mil/hr with a Cutter.

  3. On 11/19/2020 at 9:46 AM, FlorbFnarb said:

    To be honest, if you're flying something as small as a Cobra, it's gonna be more time-efficient to just sell to a carrier in the system you're mining in; they usually buy for around 715,000 per ton of painite.  Then you can restock on limpets and get right back into the ring.

    This is true.  I mean, it's kinda absurd that just now in 2020 Frontier is coming around to the idea that payouts should be properly scaled to the risk involved in the activity and the skill required.

    The idea on their head is $/hr, which is fine, because boring stuff will send ppl away, and certainly some activities are bound to be boring, do I put risk factor ahead of boring factor probably not, payout was never the issue for me even for combat related activities, just bored.

  4. 13 hours ago, FlorbFnarb said:

    Apparently Frontier is planning to nerf mining in a week or so.  Plans are to buff payouts from combat after that.

    But we are still in 2020 so chances are there will be quirks, actually, it is Frontier afterall, it bound to have quirks.

    So after... how many years? Combat will become the dominant credit earner (or not)? They just keep cycling the dominant methods since release, first it was REZ hunt,then it was jewllery smuggle, trade routes, then combat bond CG (farm with help of capital class), then trade mission, smuggling mission, then deep core mining, then surface mining... oh well.

    At least it kept making all the ships useful from time to time.

  5. On 11/5/2020 at 9:16 AM, FlorbFnarb said:

    I'm not even entirely sure I want to bother with a fleet carrier.  The only purpose I can think of for them is (1) buying and selling painite, and (2) making my trips out to HIP 36601 easier.

    I haven't done calucations but in my head, it makes journeys slower as you have to maintain it not like a ship.

    It is safer tho, if you are into life-risking explorations

  6. 4 hours ago, FlorbFnarb said:

    Yeah, I heard something almost a month ago that high temperatures might tend to kill it.  I don't know if that's the case, but hopefully so; haven't heard much about it recently.  Apparently we're not even quite sure why flu season ends as temperatures rise; one hypothesis is apparently that the air tends to be dryer in the winter, allowing influenza viruses to float in the air longer, making transmission by breathing easier.

    On another note, I learned today that some colds are caused by strains of coronavirus.  I had thought that all of them were caused by rhinoviruses, but apparently only like 85% of colds are caused by rhinoviruses; the rest are caused by coronaviruses and other viruses.

    If normal high air temp could kill it, it would not affect deserted climate countries, from what I know the "high temp" was talking about something like 50℃ or even higher. Dry air have less larger particles in the air afloats compare to damp air, plus less moisture makes thing less likely to stick to each other, eveything feels sticky during damp weather because those are the particles (and viruses) supposed to be in air.

  7. @Haswell Tfw when you see the latest 51 confirmed case that not be sent to hospital, one of them was just few structural walls away from my flat. We don't share the same entrances but same roof, we have 5 entrances but from outside it looks like one continuous building. The one caught it was just the next entrance of mine. :feelsbad:

    p.s. I blame 000000s for overshadowing this poast

  8. 1 hour ago, Ham_ said:

    Regions in Italy are estimating 4x higher COVID deaths than officially listed, when accounting for last year's daily death toll as well. A region reported 31 COVID deaths, but 158 deaths in the same period, and last years deaths in that period was half a dozen or something. Don't speak Italian so that's the best I can do. I assume there must be another 10-20,000 deaths in Italy right now that weren't officially confirmed to be COVID/due strain on service. We will see in due course some more accurate figures but that is just deeply saddening.


    “The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus.”

    *Mild confusion*

    14 hours ago, MagicalFlyingFox said:

    What difference does dying in 12 months and dying now make anyway. 

    Hell, even 50 years and now. Makes no difference. You die anyway. 

    :duneven: approves.

    12 hours ago, sr360 said:

    The best data so far comes from Iceland, which has screened 3% of their population so far and plan to screen up to 1/3. They showed that 50% of those who tested positive were asymptomatic, and that the prevalence in their general population was about 1%, and about 20% in higher risk populations. 

    I found report (in Chinese) of Iceland’s deCODE Genetics have found 40 strains on their patients. This sounds worrying.

  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8160759/Cell-phone-data-reveals-Spring-Break-covidiots-traveled-flooding-beaches.html

    Mass data gathering and tracking are there and companies like Tectonix has been around for some time. To this date some people are still thinking they can act as they were not tracked. Scary when the data are being put together but everybody should have known. I could only wonder why nobody has done something good with these data beforehand, instead they were staring at their data heatmaps for...?

  10. 2 hours ago, FlorbFnarb said:

    I heard you guys called the alarm pretty quick and restricted entry to the island.  Is that the case?

    Absolutely not. We never have lockdown and all border closed. If you think our gov should be given credits, that is because they took credits from us the public. We knew the virus since January, land border to China were only started closing on Feb, if not one by one or two by two, there is always a border left open. I cannot count how many border they have made through that small joint of the peninsula, basically if mainland Chinese want to go in, they do it as they wish.

    Eventually they did restricted entry (a week or two ago, lol) only allowing HK residence to entry. Oh if you happen to have a Chinese passport you can get in too!

    It is funny because the gov used to tell us not to stock up mask, then they follow WHO (lol) instruction telling us only wear it if you are sick, now they make sure everybody knows you should wear it if you are going to public spaces. Believing in our gov can give you interesting consequences if not potentially fatal.:microdoge: 

    1 hour ago, sr360 said:

    Uhm, that’s not unusual. Many if not most diseases have different names for the pathogen and the disease. Chickenpox is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. Lyme disease isn’t caused by Borrelia burgdorferi. Syphilis is caused by Tremonema pallidum. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever by Rickettsia rickettsii, valley fever by coccidioidomyces... you get my point. I could go on. 

    I get it. But is it common to put a year number behind a virus branch and call it a disease?

    1 hour ago, FlorbFnarb said:

    ...They're saying it would be racist for Chinese to close the borders to the rest of the Chinese mainland?  What the actual fuck.

    Then again, sometimes I forget that you guys' city government is rather beholden to the national government.  I'm really hoping for the best for you guys; you're on the front lines in some important ways.

    They say “We are a family” when they want our masks. Then they also don’t mind having us and TW on our own when we have worse statistics. Simple.

  11. 38 minutes ago, FlorbFnarb said:

    Agreed.  Although I thought COVID-19 was the name of the virus in this case, this specific coronavirus.

    SARS, MERS, Bat-CoV... Anything with a CoV is basically coronavirus. COVID-19 was referring as the disease brought by SARS-CoV-2 (2019 nCoV). CoronaVirus Disease 19 is still an oversimplification in my opinion. Only the 19 is unique. Corona virus disease is not something worthy to have an acronym, if they named it right, it should not even have the word "Corona" in it.

    But it is what it is. I still call it WARS (Wuhan Acute Respiratory Syndrome) anyway. I am from HK and thats what we do. :minidoge:

  12. 31 minutes ago, Private_Miros said:

    Wuhan virus likewise I don't find any common use. The virus from Wuhan, in the early days, sure. But that's not a name. That's a pure geographical indication.

    Anyway, currently losing my grandmother (old age - corona isn't even checked). Cannot say goodbye because of the lockdown. My mom (her daughter) can and did, but I'm honestly a bit scared for may parents now - as they have been to areas where infection can possibly spread now.

    You cannot find Wuhan virus because it doesn't come in as English :minidoge:. In Chinese, 武漢肺炎 is not a direct translation of Wuhan virus (or disease) but rather Wuhan Pneumonia. 新型冠狀病毒病 (official short form 新冠肺炎), which is COVID, is a direct translation yet short form is still referring it as Pneumonia. 

    武漢 (Wuhan) 肺炎 (Pneumonia)
    新型 (New) 冠狀病毒 (Coronavirus) 病 (Disease)

    The former being more direct instead and thus no need to short form, both are grammatically correct but the latter is compressed. Former is more commonly used because it is closer to verbal grammar. A even shorter form used by media will be 武肺, 武(Wu) 肺 (Lung).


    May your grandmother be in peace.

    1 hour ago, FlorbFnarb said:

    There will inevitably be common names that spring up for any new iteration of the disease, really.

    The confusion is, COVID-19, SARS, MERS are referring to the disease, while SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV are referring to the coronavirus that caused the disease, with a year number behind it to specify its evolution state, i.e. version. They now simply call the virus responsible for COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2. There is no linkage between naming the virus and the disease. I think they realise calling it COVID-19-CoV is dumb.

  13. Many people forget SARS and Wuhan Virus close friend, MERS. ME, middle east. Other example of virus origin naming being JEV, Japanese encephalitis. Scientific naming and local adoption of the virus should nothing more than a cultural thing, bring it up to a global level? Bottom line being, CCP is easily triggered. Even then the name of COVID-19 is no where aligned as its siblings SARS and MERS, there are numerous coronaviruses the current virus was shown closer to Bat-CoV branch (Bat-CoV 2017, Bat-CoV 2018 so on...) Practically they all have their own branch, naming it Corona Virus Disease 19 can be misleading as all diseases caused by any CoV can logically refer as corona virus disease, but how will they name subsequent viruses of the same branch and diseases caused by it? Should they all be referred as COVID-19 if the virus itself evolved? Their siblings dont come across it even they have clearly changed over the years since first discovered. Personally I don’t see putting a year number behind the best choice, regardless of whatever disease name they come up with.

  14. 6 hours ago, FlorbFnarb said:

    Unfortunately, this is the case for almost all major news agencies right now.  China - and I apologize ahead of time if this gets too political, my intent is not to step on anybody's toes - China is not to be touched or criticized.  You can see this in the current demand, which happened practically overnight, that we must never refer to this virus as "the Wuhan virus."  Clearly, as with all past such diseases (Spanish flu, German measles, Ebola, Lyme disease, etc.) people don't call it the "Wuhan virus" to sneer at people from Wuhan, who clearly didn't cook the virus up for fun, it's done simply because the disease started there or (in the case of Spanish flu) because historical accident associated it with that place.  Ebola is a river in Africa, Lyme is a town in Connecticut, and so forth.

    If you could read both TChinese and SChinese you will see countless number of threads debunking their fake reports, for example, China had a few days of “no cases”, reported by media, global. In truth it was them ran out of effective testing equipment, and once again. There is no cases if you don’t test it.:minidoge:

    Another example would be BBC and other mainstream media talked about our gov’s measurements. Which they will tell you there is a 14 day home quarantine period for all boarder entries, wristband for “tracking”, and now upgraded to an alarm sounding wristband with mobile tracking app associated with it. What they -forgot- to tell you is, the old wristband only has a QRcode on it, scissor it and off you go buying McDonalds or sth. The “upgraded” wristband used on returning residences from Hubei, however, they say app cannot be installed as they do not have google playstore (banned in mainland obviously), to which any Android person would tell you an apk will do. So now they upgraded the wristband via adding an alarm which sounds by an app installed through a Playstore that they don’t need.:serb:

    I will not go into US politics because we have our ways to establish who sides to China and who doesn’t, should not be brought into this thread. The biggest problem we had is a lot of countries residences are not treating global news and unofficial channels seriously, if not denying it straight. It is particular hard for us to bring what we know to the others, we work through social media, forums and all those outsiders view as rumours (even when we have strong enough evidences and data backing up). More often ignoring, as we see in this corona thing, we wouldn’t mind upsetting people, we warned, ignored, it went. It is not a Western racism thing, Japanese are like that, South Koreans are like that, Singaporean are like that, just in general. Reading local news and happenings from oversea media, going back and forth a few times gives a good indication of how skewed things are.

  15. 3 hours ago, 8_Hussars said:

    If pets were a reliable and dangerous vector; it would have been communicated back in January/February.

    Wrong side of the question.

    The point of asking being, is close contact with types of animals far riskier than before, both for the pets (or may not be pets) and the owner. Pets can be infected and had died to the virus, cases local, earlier March. There won’t be relevant data until both owner and pet(s) are hit and both were forcibly tested for viruses containment. i.e. owners can’t even tell what symptoms are on different animals, let alone sending them for tests if they aren’t too big.

    How would animals be infected will be different from how humans would, we don’t have a thick layer of fur trapping viruses and we don’t necessarily lick ourselves. Viruses on animals is a different sector and certainly worth knowing.

  16. Might not the answer you are looking for due to our -special- socio political atmosphere.

    Aside from the dashboard, every piece of news and events are spread through, fact checked by social media.

    Background check whether the data source or media sources have relation to China, that will hint the likeliness of being fake / manipulated. Hence we reach far for information, looking at foreign news, independent reports, articles and so on. It has been a media war for a long time.

    Basically to compensate our incompetent government’s decisions. They always leave a backdoor for China when it comes to making new measurements

  17. 1 hour ago, FlorbFnarb said:

    Right, I understand that no country wants to risk sending its doctors and nurses off to another EU country to help, only to find out three weeks later that they're needed at home but now 30% of them are themselves out sick, or to accept sick people into their own ICU beds only to have that spike their domestic infection rate.

    But are *all* EU countries seeing significant spread of the disease?  Nobody could spare say a military medical unit to provide extra medical personnel?  Of course language barriers could be an issue.

    If I be the officials I’d more concern the 2nd wave even 3rd wave before even considering reaching out my hands, for a simple reason of, we don’t have exact figures to convince people we can take a hit, or it had already past its prime.

    I try not to say bad things about any EU or other Western countries, but this whole corona thing is giving us clear indication of who likes RMB and who doesn’t. (very important to us) more than humanity. The point being, some have their own priorities over the virus.

    Just like us, people will go mad if they can’t go back to work. :minidoge:

  18. 40 minutes ago, Ezz said:

    The length of lock down I suspect will depend on more detailed knowledge of mortality rates, immunity and success of treatments. If things start improving in those respects then I suspect flattening the curve may be seen as enough. Ie enough to ensure icus aren't overrun. If things don't improve, or if countries like India or Indonesia start copping it on an even larger scale then, yeah, I suspect this is just the beginning.

    At this point everything we are doing are just so to give as much time possible for medical advancements to happen. I don’t believe in natural antibiotics just yet, I may need to re-educate myself but whats currently in my head is, every flu you catch is slightly different than what you had, old natural antibiotics don’t react to them, I am not sure about this, was told many years ago.

  19. 3 hours ago, kariverson said:

    What is the number of people dying daily in Italy in for example 2019? It is a 60 million country.

    Mortality rate of COVID19 in Italy is about 9% out of confirmed cases. Confirmed cases are only about 15% of the actual cases. Actual mortality rate is about 1% and that to people with already prexisting problems. Infect a healthy portion of the population and you'll see a mortality rate close to 0%
    The only controlled enviroment where we saw the actual mortality rate of the virus was that cruise ship. Mortality rate on that was between 0.05% to 1% and it was mostly occupied by older people as well. 


    God people! I thought these forums were a place for smart people! 

    Controlled environment? Which particular cruise ship were you talking about, almost all cruise ship has pepple left before they were forced to be quarantined. Plus I would like to see multiple sources backing the "15%", at what particular time and location.

    Also, in what method of estimation the "close to 0%" can be came up with? Does that mean there are flavour variables which makes the virus less lethal the longer it is around instead of its potential mutation?

    I am not convinced.

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