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  1. Might be waiting for it bad enough to justify saying it didn't work.
  2. It was started from the anti-racism gathering, whoever lead it caught corona. Exact date I forget, but it was around the time where we (HK) heard Wuhan has 5million people fled before lockdown, obviously not made it into the English media yet. But Italy was not the first European country to have Corona cases, it was either le France or the Brits, import cases, earlier than the said gathering. They had it around the same time we first had it. Cannot rely on only one or two channels, has to be multiple. FB we almost ditched it thanks to the protest, it is flood with fake news and th
  3. One good thing is people are used to seeing respirator on the street, I have some filters ready should the there be needs.
  4. They would have done the same if they didn't sold us all the masks they now wanted. Totally not stocking over 500 masks for my family
  5. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-health-coronavirus-madagascar/madagascar-confirms-first-cases-of-coronavirus-president-idUKKBN2172TV Madagascar, oh no.
  6. HK had over 20 cases per day for the last two day, since flight carrying oversea residences landed. We dont have places for that amount of people to quarantine, thus rely on their self-discipline during self-isolation, which never worked as just 1 naughty chap is enough for the virus. It only really works if they are sent somewhere well guarded to have their quarantine, like Japan and Aussie used to do.
  7. Because we the Asians bought a lot of in late Janurary and Feburary...
  8. More read about importance of mask https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/17/opinion/coronavirus-face-masks.html
  9. I still hear from local news and sources reporting people (from the West) treat those wearing a mask as Spreading fear. Is that the case, looking for first hand info, many thanks. So far I heard reports from a few European countries.
  10. At this point the only thing you can do to try stabilising the economy is to get sort out how to get people back to work, or start thinking about how to make people feeling safe enough to do so. Government services back up after a month of home office, school and universities were shut or switched online since Feb. The result is pretty logical, larger consumption than ever. Masks everywhere, for any reason you don’t have one, respirator, spectacles. Now the only risky locations are restaurants. Even so there will be a grace period where people need to see the number not spiking to feel safe.
  11. Practically you can walk around freely with enough protection and self-restrain. Mask, don't touch your face, same thing over again. The first week that we had cases guess where which part of the city became most crowded during weekend, the hiking trails. It was full of people every (standard being there are congestions) Saturdays and Sundays. Until somebody and his hiking friends caught corona. The Irony. P.S. Bike lanes usage spikes up as well (as a leisure activity)
  12. No confirmed cases of reinfection outside of Hubei as far as I know. But should definitely worry about post-infection effect. Permanently weakened lungs is possible. Also aforementioned CNS damage, it goes anywhere it wanted and do damage on its way, and tends to use other illnesses to its advantage. A 25 year old back in Feb first caught Influenza A, and then caught nCoV, severe. Incubation period can potentially exceed 14 days, both mainland China and we (HK) have reports only showing symptoms after certain quarantine period. In our case, the person entered our territory and wa
  13. I am real glad that somebody finally realise the shit, lovely charts, stats doesn't lie. Will share the link to the others.
  14. We find this ridiculous. One of the reason we are now able to work like normally is because everybody and their dogs wearing a mask outside, few stores will block you from entry if you are not wearing one, with good reasons. Mask is a preventive measure for all people, the virus spreads through droplets (mostly) and has a max 14 days incubation (we had a case where an infected person only showed symptoms 7 days after a 14 day quarantine, so 21 days). More importantly the virus can be spread during incubation period, no symptoms shown. One could have spread to the whole family or work
  15. Make sure you wear a mask yourself, no matter what people are up to. Stock up some cleaning stuff too. They are as important as food.
  16. I guess if you wear a procedure mask (with proper ASTM, BFE and VFE) you are really good to go as long as you wash your hands (more sepcifically remove the thin layer of oil on your skin), wipe bags and shoes and so on everything is going to be good because thats how we do and people were already back at work. A lot can be done personally, it will be fine.
  17. It is a real weird feeling looking at local forums and social media posts sneering at western countries right now, while at the same time seeing people only talks about right now.

    I kinda understands it, nobody gave a damn to us a month ago and now they kind of messed up themselves. If the information available to us was well translated to other languages and reported by media instead of them solely relying on official information, could have been better.

    Then again if it wasn't the fact that we were hit by SARS 17 years ago so hard, we would prob be the same as anywhere else.

    Just a... random train of thought. Be well all.

    1. Unavailebow


      credits. US are prob doing better than Europe. I would say now, I’d rather you people panic, or you don’t do anything at all.

    2. 8_Hussars


      I find that social media is a big problem.  In a time when you need calm, strong, competent and correct information sharing it is a strong hill to climb to drown out the social media hucksters and those using the crisis to further their own ends.

      When your leader may be the biggest detriment to getting quality and correct messaging out...

    3. Unavailebow


      I agree on social media is more problematic, the whole bogroll thing was started from our social media. We share information through mostly social media but we have a strong sense of fact checking and googling thanks to the protest before, twats was using fancy words to gain advantage. It is a lot of work gathering information, fact checking and all that. To me that is more of a basic requirement for living with the Internet harmlessly.

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  18. Do you guys have enough supplies running? Is logistics (basic necessities) still running normal?
  19. We definitely started that shit, I am sorry. They had this interesting (profitable) logic behind saying "What worse than finding no bogroll after you have a dump". It was during the time where we stocking up daily supplies in case of a complete lockdown, i.e. the virus was not global yet and information was insufficient, we reacted to the virus without even looking what the government has said because hey we had SARS before. Now the bogroll thing is followed by the rest of the world, wtf. One month and a half later we are more or less used to it. Everybody just wear a mask outside and do
  20. I think Asia only has two servers left both under SEA (if you exclude the KZ)
  21. Literally too constructive for WG, instead they might spent it all looking for lower labour to draw fake tanks
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