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  1. Oh joy Brits lights. 20% more shells to be fired does it mean even high calibre sub-30 rounds tanks are going to have a real bad days?
  2. The idea of simplifying the tech tree is nice considering how many low tier you have to skip. Also, is it just me or they just removed those branch swapping tanks.
  3. I regret not sleeping longer 4200 available for SEA
  4. Speaking of that I should grab T-62A before it is gone.
  5. I went blind because I only scanned my screen instead of looking at it seriously, thought it is an auction I shall punch myself in the face to wake myself up. I restarted the game and bought it, just for the *incase* purposes
  6. I think if you want it, it is more of how many gold should you bid before it is overpriced / unworthy.
  7. WTF indeed. I dont think you can skip anything with just 3 of those
  8. I might even slash credit card if I must for that thing, the armour profiles is just... way too sweet.
  9. Prob more likely to be auction, if it ever happens
  10. There are skin that makes the Type 59 becomes Gold, but not vice versa I think last time the Foch 155 was in credit? This time the FV215 was in credit as well.
  11. It took over 30 seconds for that sub-500 stock to be sold
  12. Consider how ultra rich people from SEAs are, there is a chance it goes up to the 50k mark
  13. 300 on SEA, I simply put all my gold into it (Which I presume not enough), and let it slide
  14. Well, more than 5 thousand people login just to wait for the black market, at least for the HK server.
  15. If they are going to sell the Foch 155 at that price I am definitely going to miss it (again)
  16. 55,000 is also the number of it equivalent in gold
  17. Then again a lot of people bought it other ways than auction because it doesnt suck.
  18. More sim than RPG, as Elite (older games) were. That's why they always tell you to go VR, I guess you already found out why.
  19. Roughly 120-150 USD I think, this year (actually is last year, 2019) christmas was not as much as 2018 for the same price as they introduced new premiums. But if you already have the lootboxes tank in the garage it is the cheapest way of buying gold. Judging by the online count my server, 6000 people out of 20,000 (SEA, Hong Kong) logout within first minute of every black market offer, thats a lot of tank collectors.
  20. Last year Christmas I had 65k gold sitting around, this year I had 60k, so, yeah. Plus at this point a lot of players like me only login to collect tanks.
  21. Just login, 15,000 gold was deducted and the thing is there. Not sure if EU has the same treatment.
  22. So the credit I have given to them only lasted for an hour
  23. Nice act. Now they have to think how to compensate, especially for those who cannot even click the purchase button. SEA and EU reports already went lit I would say yes. Because the trouble doesn't only go to people who managed to click it, but probably more people were not being able to click it due to they having the 76G FT.
  24. So they actually did fucked it up, people that has the 76G FT cannot even click the button. And people that doesn't, like me, got a garage slot (not for free),and not even the 76G FT as I haven't researched it.
  25. Is it just me or the SU-76I appears to be bugged :officersexii:

    1. Wanderjar


      because Spell Check doesnt work for tank names? lol

    2. NightmareMk9


      15k Gold for a tier 4 tech tree is pretty LOLz

      Then they kept 300 gold for the garage slot?

    3. Unavailebow


      It would be nice if I actually recieved the tier 4, but didnt. May as well be I haven't researched it.

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