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  1. They updated Exploration requirement once, made it harder. Trade is the easiest providing you have taken part in any so-called gold rushes. Elite trade we are talking the 1billion mark, which is not hard, and everybody eventually will need more than a billion to operate ships. Exploration will take less than 400mil and best to be done in one go. Combat is timely because it doesn't make a consistent payout and highest (uncessay) running cost Founder's world not the cheapest place you outfit, LYR systems are, hence all my ships are in HARM, used to be an HYR industrial system with ARJUNG close by being high-tech.
  2. If only they are first discoveries, there are just too much terraformables. Probing only water worlds and earth-like are more than enough when travelling. Also I only need just enough credit to push me Elite exploration, so I get more discount
  3. So a 15k light year trip where I FSS all systems and surface scan all Earth-liked world and Terraformable Water world, back to back given me a profit of 280mil, just enough to rocket from Pathfinder to Elite.
  4. Exactly 3 months after I last login, 15,007 light years away now I am half way back to my garage, possibly adding new modules and make credits to prepare fleet carrier, 8*C3 4*C2 4*C1 can almost haul my entire collection away.
  5. I don't really like it much nowadays because first is that gun, massive acceleration coupled with 0.17 dispersion, AP so darn unreliable at sniping with that accuracy and pen, then there is the transmission, it is only quick to accelerate before hitting 45. Second is nobody actually dare to poke even when they have 3k health on the block. Last you got accused as defeat factor by local 277 for staying alive in game. It is in a bad state because it shines only when the team is doing it correctly, but suffers way more when the team is under performing. Unlike the other two which has at least level of protection on their turret. Wait for people to poke is not feasible with armour inflation, unless we are talking about playing with the 2 key, yes that will work.
  6. Autopilot? Does it has MCAS? I fear of sudden nose dive during a decent on a 9G Hutton much less stressful tho.
  7. Born in a form colonial city with her own dying accent I absolutely admire how the Brits speak and their choice of words, especially seeing how locals no longer speak proper English and the situation worsen by generation. To me there is nothing wrong with different pronunciation and spelling, language reveals individuals' culture and background. It sounds ironic when some say UK English is weird without realising they can't speak anything than a form (or accent) of English. Regardless of how people loves their country or origin or any space they feel belonging to, language is only weird to those who lack a sense of cultural value. Nowadays I see government documents written in US English (probably because it is default in their Microsoft Word) which made the city looks even closer to a mongrel. Anyway, incorrect dishes. I have to watch the video until the Konami code went up to realise that is a fools video, Ant's typical documentary voice hidden that up completely. As for Raxxla, it is a very old myth but at some point people took it serious like any other mysteries, I wonder how FD will the myth out this time as it had taken years to debunk Formidine and reveal The Club.
  8. Military Grade only if you must. Start off Vette is a worse hull tanker than a conda, but considerably larger shield, so large than SCB feels like nothing if you put a prismatic on it. Large ships should always bail out when they run out of shield having MLF advantage. Even if you reboot your shield to 50 it still be larger than most other ships. Boosting hull not only cost you a fortune, but also not practical because the weakness is in the module.
  9. They arent bullshit when your trade them downgrade
  10. NPC mostly uses thermal and missile is very correct. I know frags potential DPS, but for larger ships I tend to stick with MC because laziness. Cannons are meme when you fire one shot and a Conda's powerplant goes 0 and wait for explosion, doesn't do small ships right unless again, stupid enough to fly next to the barrel. Erm... I don't really mind ships ramming me? It hurts shield so badly, but I have the tonnage anyway unless I fly a Conda which is as armoured as Dorchester but made out of feathers. Though they get trapped and grind with my ship, my turrets wouldn't mind that. Swapping out Bi-weave in a fast ship? I see where this is going but base on maths from coriolis, you will need at least 4 shield boosters (2 heavy duty 2 resistance aug) to make significant differences in MJ between the 3 shields, probably around a 700MJ range. 2 boosters however, flavours resistance augment than heavy duty, there will be only be 200MJ differences between Bi-weave and Prismatic, so you gain 200MJ in exchange for 30 sec slow shield recovery and a whopping 3.4 times longer shield recharge at 8 and a half minutes.
  11. There is sweet spot between amount of heavy duty and resistance augmented shield booster, maybe around half-half where you can pump the max shield out at cost of slower recharging time than go full resistance, but it makes sense so it is down to where of want to sit. The thing can probably pump close to 2k thermal resistance with guardian shield package, gosh that's some very good shielding there, seems those package really did a lot to small ships. Frag is something I haven't yet equip on any of my ship, traditionalism with cannon or MC. NPC joust in all ships especially when you they take quite some damage, the funny bit is you don't even have to shoot them, they will ram into you providing you are large enough. I don't demand a lot of SCB's if the ship is highly manoeuvrable, they can literally circle strafe in side blindspots, and that leads to FAS. FAS is tough in the hull but needs a lot of module protection, it is the fastest ship with the biggest armour, 5 less hardness than a Chieftain is not huge, and its so manoeuvrable better fly it with vertical thrust. Heat is okay, used to fly fixed beam with it with caution, definitely a million times less toasty than Zorgan's brothers and smaller internals for whatever utilities. Unengineered bi-weave recharges less than a minute because you have less than 200MJ to begin with. Crusader is bad because it is the slowest, has the worst internal and least firepower among 3 in exchange for a hangar which will occupy the only class 5 slot it has, fighters are not very dependable and training a crew will take ages and millions away from your wallet.
  12. I too have a Chieftain but not sure what to do with it aside from 0 cargo military ship, mind sharing setup? Adding Crusader and Challenger to my buy list.
  13. Corvette: Every astronaut has one. Cutter: You'll never need another shield. Type 10: Spaced spoiler armour.
  14. I understand your frustration, for the bubble, galaxy and system map has it all... System factions, system state, government, station services, station controlling faction... Market prices will be quite network stressing as it update every 5 minutes. That is very station specific and heavily governed by BGS and might be system wide. The logic is if a system is a state, some services will be taken away temporarily, that is why searching the system online should be validated by an in-game system map check.
  15. Powerplay ships, scan if you are carrying powerplay cargo
  16. Lakon, Core Dynamics and Gutamaya are supported by superpowers so design reflect political ideals. Gutamaya also builds Ocellus. Faulcon has history, Zorgon is now subsidiary of Faulcon. Saud Kruger is well... Saud Kruger, relatively new.
  17. Sideways info, you won't see Corvette and Cutters in anywhere other than military related. So practically you never get locked.
  18. Gravity well bait. Get close a star, hopefull not something bigger than a Class G or planet, get as close as your heat possible, cut throttle turn the ship around face away from the gravity well, wait for NPC to hit gravity well, if he slows down you tap the 75% throttle and cut it again. You probably don't find it on reddit or maybe few people talks about it, it was a technique I learnt during haulage days. P.S. Heat sink.
  19. Relog a thousand times you can unlock everything requires pattern data
  20. Youtube guardian D2ea, he has better idea. Also check out Canonn’s documents, there will be necessary info about sites. Shape, active obelisk, required items so on.
  21. Arsenic cannot be found on metal-rich, above 2.7 is very rare sight, volcanic active even. I am out there so there won't be eddb for me to toy with, everything relies on blind luck.
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