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  1. 40 jumps until the marked destination above NGC3199, farmed loads of discoveries, found myself a 2.7% Arsenic Rocky planet, should really spend some time restocking ores and minerals.
  2. I did look up about Saitek, X45, 52, 55, 56, Logi as well, I want a sturdy unit because I am not soft when it comes to buttons and controllers, miracle my G27 still lives reasonably okay, also I sweat, salt is not the first thing you want on a control surface.
  3. I will probably come up with my own layout by trial and error. I suppose I will get the X56 but not soon, anything shall happen after May that is.
  4. DA off = you only accelerate when you press on the throttle, same as you playing other driving game with WASD, cuz with FA on it does what exactly same as on your ship, cruise. I don't mind hitting the keyboard because it is cherry black inside it, and I am so used to the process of docking request, panels and so on, I forgot what the default keybinds are but I definitely did some tweak to minimise finger's movement. That be 4 axles, hence you need buttons to control vertical and lateral, thats two extra axles. X56 has five because twin throttle, and then we come to the part about Saitek's random quality. I use lat/vert thrust a lot because hey, ship is large, doesn't always turn and fly with the face.
  5. I thought it was defaultly off... maybe it was long time ago, head look was sth I changes recently. But for a space game that demand a grand total of 6 axis, control layout is still very very good, unlike some other games where developer decides the mouse left right strafe should be roll instead of yaw. That made me question whether should I by a X-56 or not, because it doesn’t have 6 axis, and it doesn’t have handy buttons found on my Naga. Finding yourself jumping around on the keyboard is really bad experience to have that why my keybind layout is hardly default. Battle Cattle should never be classified as a fighter, they just do so for sake of making disadvantages so it is not a straight upgrade of a Cow. That being said it is a better transport ship due to its significantly balanced stats compare to a Cow.
  6. Two AMFUs, not one, repair each other. If skilled FSD overcharge can take less than 1% dmg.
  7. Commodities materials are... purchasable tho... In fact this reminds me why only 1 of my ships, only 2 out of 12 classified ships were MNF, military and fighting, FAS and Chieftain, if I kept my Vulture it would fall into that. More importantly, none of my larger ships are. Clipper, Python, Conda, Corvette, Cutter all under SCV scavengers. Because they all have the internal capacity to both hunt and transport safely, never need AMFU unless you ask for scratches. Before I refitted my Asp it was my quick respond craft to any insufficient material, ore in particular. It didn’t fight well but outrun any threats (Shock mines, too). These days unless you are transporting cargo for obelisks (which includes UA and Probe), hauling those you will probably have to run for your life. I don’t see reason for cargo rack on exploration ship unless you are heading to an engineer for upgrades, tag the blueprint saves the legs.
  8. Although it is an unhonourable, disgraceful and possible insulting to say, gitgud. Just get a docking computer and everything is sorted out. Maybe should I question why carry cargo on an exploration ship? If so that should be corrosive resistance cargo rack instead. An exploration ship is the worst thing to carry cargo.
  9. Covered 1kLy last 90 minutes, going up the disk really helps, none of the systems was visited by anybody over the last 25 jumps.
  10. Thursday mate, weekly server maintenance and BGS update.
  11. You know... 20mil is just enough to buy a FAS so...
  12. Try FA-off boost flip and don't nose down, Krait has equally bad backward thrust as an Asp Arm a clean drive if you land on high G planet. Overcharging a powerplant will give you trouble when fuel scooping or landing on relatively higher G planet. https://s.orbis.zone/2eg1 Consider guardian power distributor than engineering a thing to low grade charge. Bi-weave because anything >430 m/s non-engineered ship should never catch you low wake, let alone MLF 17. You can still use a regular shield or smaller prismatic if you consider your shield will only be used once and a while. Good old shock mines, run in a straight line, dump two, enough to shift an Anaconda. Non of the ships with equal or higher MLF has such speed, so use speed instead of bumping the armour up, the thing should never tank. Instead, run off with low wake.
  13. Golden Anaconda. Gold part not so important, the chrome finish does. Ouranos Noice.
  14. Heading towards NGC 3199, deliberately routed myself higher up on The Milky Way disk to farm more discoveries.
  15. Making shallow approach is only sensible when there are atmospheric drag and lift. Otherwise the most efficient way should be retrorocket as it doesn't alter your orbit, think FA-off with zero throttle when you finished your glide, you are actually an object orbiting the planet with a periapsis located inside it. (If you ever play KSP you will understand this). It is flight assist, always because of flight assist you can stop and still, that only means your thrusters are always countering gravity regardless of approach method. It takes more time, and presumably cost more energy for the lengthen flight time as you continuously altering your orbit and speed. Then it might be a question of why people point the ship 10 landing a high G planet, it is for the main thruster to assist in countering gravitational pull in a controllable manner while maintain a stable trajectory. There is drag and lift, thrust is all you have got. On a 9G planet your main thrusters can still push the ship directly up, albeit slower. The problem is other thrusters cannot. On a low G planet your orbit can be easily altered, or completely ignored due to FA, therefore approach angle can be changed whenever deemed necessary and harmless. On a high G planet however, correcting approach angle with thrust is to maintain a lower vertical speed trajectory, the high gravity will constantly pull you towards it and ultimately at an angle close to vertical slam with a speed you can hardly decelerate. Point the nose down during glide generally has no risk or disadvantage for a stable ships because once the glide is completed it will brake until you hit your normal flight speed, nothing so deadly.
  16. The approach angle is heavily dependent on size of the gravity well and how strong it is, if it is a low G planet there is no such need to stay in low orbit for long, FSD can decelerate quick enough you can just spear in with throttle control, listen to the noise it makes. High G planet is different, if you do spend enough time in orbit you will be going too quickly when you hit DRP. In other words, you will often find yourself above 2500 entering DRP on low G planets but still get away with it, but on high G planets you probably see 2500 before you hit DRP. The glide part is where it is most different. Low G planets have a lower glide height limit, which means you can glide in straight to your destination. The same performed on a high G planet you ended up 20km away off your target because the glide just stops on very high altitude, good thing because that way you don't crash your ship instantly. So in order to glide efficiently onto a set destination on a high G planet, you first need to cover the horizontal distance at higher altitude, at around 10-15km distance you perform a dive until the glide is completed. Then it is just a matter of knowing how much thrust your thrusters can put out, I mean all orientation, the worst will be doing a retrorocket. Shield will be more worthy than anything in that case. In Anaconda case, worst will be you pointing your nose down because the backward thrusters are the worst. Backward -> Lateral -> Vertical -> Main, this also applied to lot of sleek ships with pointy head, and it is deliberate. I once landed on a I forgot, maybe 4G or something a bit less, I was the exact same pair of 6D thrusters I am now using, this Conda was a trading ship. The vertical thrusters were not reliable, in normal space it would drift the second it turns, so I did retrorockets and landed not quite smoothly due to terrain. Also, flying horizontally demand more thruster power than pointing the escape vector. Result, heat. Never charge high wake while flying your ship relatively horizonal.
  17. A normal approach does not apply to ships with a turning radius of Jupiter's orbit. My assumption is simple, if a stock cow can handle it, so does other ships, but if a stock cow can't handle it? Need a rethink.
  18. He will send you a message, don't stop until he does it.
  19. ETA Carina isn't the brightest nebula in the milky, and its mostly red hue. I was looking for a landable planet but couldn't find one that has a decent angle.
  20. Taking nebulae shots can be so difficult, one could spend hours within the area searching for a great landing spot, like I did.
  21. Standard Docking Computer always works. Also you will notice higher G planets takes longer time to drop into drp because FSD needs more time to accelerate and decelerate inside a stronger gravity well, and you will enter DRP higher than lower G planets, makes longer glide. That is a better hint than looking at the gravity-o-meter goes up. There is still a trick is on high G planet allows you enter 7.5km instantly you drop out of glide. you take a higher approach angle, or arc where take out the horizontal distance first before you dive down, but you don't do that on planets greater than 4G especially on sluggish ships or you need to flip the ship and slow down with main thrusters or even boost, which will return all the heat you need to refit your ship into a nice warm pizzeria. You will get your name on the a lot of things on the way but definitely not the destination EDSM will overestimate your discoveries which is... not helpful.
  22. Those are two multipurpose ships, their shields which will be useless for half of the time. Both ships can outrun anything that has a larger MLF than they do except a kitted Cutter, shield is even less relevant in this case.
  23. The proper rule for Krait II is simple. Take what Python does, minus some protection, a class 6, then add some speed to the matrix. Not much else is different.
  24. It is the T10, because T9 used to be called (and still is) the Space Cow. Rather than introducing yourself a spoiler in vacuum, rank Imperial and get a Cutter instead, get used to its profile and nothing can possible go wrong.
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