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  1. Feels .............. (most beautiful video of WoT) Source : http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/550160-feels/
  2. playing 10 days from 15 days is bit hard for me, due to work and family life EDIT: but I will try, after all its free t8 tank
  3. anyone noticed that 750 base xp mission is doable only once a day, that means you have to play atleast 10 days to complete it for 10 times
  4. Tetrarch is like a old Hellcat at tier 2 Receipt Date: 06/01/2016 11:51:11 AM Vehicles added: T7 Combat Car Slots added: 1 Time to pad my 29% recent
  5. OK, just want to clarify, I joined ARKT last night as arthur asked me if I can help them to fill up their clan war team for the campaign and I said yes to him. so I will try to help them until it ends. (Actually I thought I can help them like SH battles, but after accepting his invite I found myself in the clan, what a retard I am, still learning this game. lel)
  6. Is that an angry face ??!! Its doesn't look angry face to me, i am really a serious noob
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