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  1. Hey all, looking for a clan to go to where I can fight in clan wars and just be "one of the boys". Don't want or desire anything in a leadership role, but can call in a pinch if need be. Currently in garage I have the T110e5, Obj 140, Obj 907, TVP 50/51, Cent AX, T95e6 and the ability to buy back numerous other 10's with credit grinding. I also have numerous tier 8's for tier 8 clan wars as well. I'm available 3-5 nights a week. Looking for a great new place to call home!
  2. So since posting this topic, I put my nose to the grindstone so to speak, and focused on everything that I was taught. I have to say the results paid off! I hit purple recent this past weekend for the very first time! I wanted to give a thank you shout out to Joyrider and Lemmingrush from BULBA who platooned with me to help me see how I could improve and gave such wonderful advice along the way. Also to my clanmates from CRGE who platooned with me as well, and always pushed me to play better. This isn't the stopping point, there's still always room for more improvement!
  3. Wonderful dissection Joyrider! Thank you for making me see how I could have made a great game even better. On the bright side, I think I found out something to help my game play. Just focus on the task at hand and stop caring about the WN8. Played 15 games last night and went 13-2 with a 3200 WN8, while not really focusing on stats, just focusing on the battle itself. I know its a small sample, but shows that I can do it when I don't play dumb
  4. http://wotreplays.com/site/2299369#live_oaks-vexon1-t20 Another for you Unicums to help dissect and help me improve!
  5. If I'm online I'm usually always up for platooning
  6. Found a few..... http://wotreplays.com/site/2273396#mines-vexon1-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t http://wotreplays.com/site/2273401#himmelsdorf-vexon1-cromwell I can dig for more if you need me to
  7. Okay, I'll just ones from the past few days then
  8. Here's one from not too terribly long ago that I had on WOT replays. I'll get others uploaded tonight. http://wotreplays.com/site/1993104#fiery_salient-vexon1-wz-120
  9. Found a few, how would you like them posted to you?
  10. I'll dig some up when I get home from work. I can give you both good games and bad games if you want, or if there's a certain type of game you're looking for?
  11. I've come to realize that playing at my current level (about 2k recent, 58% w/r) that I just simply cannot reach unicum recent stats or "blue" overall stats. I would love to learn directly from somebody to take that next step to further improve my gameplay. I'm always open to advice from people I platoon with and always take criticism well. Thanks for any and all replies!
  12. http://wotreplays.com/site/2108771#fjords-vexon1-isu-152 Replay shows why you don't yolo after high alpha TD's one at a time
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