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  1. so far i found VN players ok compare to TH I ve seen good and bad players, but at least not as bad as TH clan
  2. 10,000 battles are not enough stats for wg, it need at least 30,000 battles like ParisMale to get investigated
  3. I had him so many times in my teams yesterday!! always same thing: play arty, charge in middle of map,
  4. for my own health i decided to do something and avoid those fail teams series, I will feel in peace for one day
  5. after another losing/idiots teams serie that MM like to give me, i wont have the chance to see those 2 tomorrow
  6. too complex for my bot system! i dont want it
  7. Leclerc

    The Best Stat Excuses

  8. Leclerc

    If you could only have 5 tanks...

    1- 13 90 I love this tank, its so easy to get top xp in tier10 battles (spotting dmg FTW), its one of the most dangerous tank of its tier in good hands 2- E75 my most played tank, so well balanced, such a good armor and great gun, for me the best tier9 3- T29 OP as hell, its the tank to go to stop losing streak 4- T1105 recently got it, aced in 3 games (it should have been first game tho), this is the perfect tier10 imo 5-KV1S yeah another heavy, i like playing heavy, no need to say about this tank OPness
  9. Leclerc

    Do purple players TK?

    i was wondering if/and around how many times purple players TK per 1000 games? I dont TK very often, by mistake usually when it happen (however it can be a pressure relieve against some true idiots) would you have TK this M5 for instance (we lost)
  10. one of the most (it seem to never happen to enemy teams) frustrating way to lose
  11. you dont need to platoon to improve stats but it takes longer or you can just platoon for stats and become a real stat padder addict
  12. its usually not fun to lose, no?