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  1. Available 3+ nights per week. X's- IS-7, 62-A, 140, WTE, T57, E-100, Batchat. VIII's- Pershing, IS-3, 13-90. I have CW experience with VPG back in the good days of CW's. No calling experience though. :/ About me: Currently a college student. I live in the central time zone but can usually make it to group activities at anytime. I can usually pull my own weight work well in a group. Thanks friends. o7
  2. Best equipment loadout on bc25t for today's meta?

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    2. Luna


      I run vstab/vents/GLD plus food. Gun handling is the only thing bad about the tank. Still get 450 VR and it really helps with mid-long range engagements.

    3. Nehkcist


      vents gld vstab food.

    4. _Mumble_


      Thanks guys.

  3. Check out VPG! http://vorbildpanzergruppe.com/application Good Luck in your search!
  4. Buy 46 Patton or T-29 first?

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    2. Sergeant_Fgt


      I did nearly the entire stock grind ( only top engine left ) in one evening yesty. That tonk seems to be friggin smexi, at least it is way more fun than grinding stock 50120. Domination mode is dank.

      Patton it is.

    3. Siimcy


      Patton is lyf and then elite it in domination mode, no free exp needed.

    4. SoliDeoGloria
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