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  1. Now there should be bump from someone else? eh? ;d yes you ;p
  2. I am not going to quote the whole wall text what you typed here. You still don't get the point that what do I think is not what we follow in F15. And here I just write once again it's my opinion and not the clan's or whatever else you are talking about. My personal opinion is not the clan rules and never will be. And seems you just mix up those things. And you have no clue for example about Koel. And those kind of things I don't need to explain here to you but I have talked to him personally. So please move on and don't pick my personal words and try to make something against F15 or whatever you are trying to do here.
  3. Well, I don't give a crap on what you agree or not ;p That's because you seems can't really read and see / read only what you like ;p Once again especially for you as seems you need more attention to explain than anyone over here. Yes they does, but they are not everything. Well maybe for prick as you trying to be here yes but not for me. All this is just my opinion, has nothing to do with other things. I hope it's clear ;d I am not as you and I don't read Rita's blog, sorry to disappoint you.
  4. I missed that part. Probably because I kept changing my profile pic. You are right. But what also counts a bit is the behavior I would say. Although , it's never up to me as I'm not in recruitment team ;p
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