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    robosapieo reacted to DirtyACE7 in Remember the deep red VK 2801 driver named "ornell" who caused QB to do his legendary   
    His WN8 in the VK 2801 is an amazing... 50. No wonder QB went apeshit, though it was funny as hell to see his real human side and not the censored robot we have now most of the time.
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    robosapieo reacted to TAdoo87 in Just watched a guy with over 68,000 battles under his belt chai snipe in a Type 5 Hea   
    A retard once explained to me, that the E100 is the best sniper. High alpha, and it is hard to penetrate from the distance if it gets spotted.
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    robosapieo reacted to SmirkingGerbil in Today, I played 6 battles without personal reserves activated and I average 2500+ DPG   
    No I am not going down the dark path of tinfoilery @8_Hussars but the streakiness in this game, in and of itself does not adhere to randomness. This game plays like a coin toss where you get 1000 heads, followed by 1000 tails in unbroken sequences. Your points are the truth, but confirmation bias or no, it sure looks spooky sometimes, lol.
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    robosapieo reacted to Daezara in My gf just gifted me the defender. Talking about real love bois   
    Your right hand doesn't count  
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    robosapieo reacted to TAdoo87 in What's the logic behind " I'm alone at a battle, someone wants me in platoon I should   
    If I play solo that means, I don't want to platoon.
    Fuck you too. 
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    robosapieo reacted to TAdoo87 in My TVP marks http://imgur.com/a/DOygV next game T92 oneshot me from 100% hp   
    Please accept my condolences. 
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    robosapieo got a reaction from TAdoo87 in One shouldn't play wg games when highly feverish. Rip my gneis and NC stats.   
    I'll have you know it was actually 38 *point* something
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    robosapieo reacted to Fianii in not something you see every day.   
    How else did you think the Shermans won the war 
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    robosapieo reacted to Xen in mfw @Xen has exactly -9/11 reputation   
    illuminati confermt 
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    robosapieo reacted to bjshnog in GG was close   
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    robosapieo got a reaction from Sovereign_M in Ah so THIS is how you work this thing. #monkeypushbutton Meanwhile, somewhere where p   
    Average damage done+average damage assisted over the course of a few battles as compared to other players who have played in that tank in the past 14 days.Simple as that (I think).
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    robosapieo reacted to Solono in 4 days till GTA unban hype   
    This is karma for liking Fate, next your pet will die, I'll know when it happens because I'll spontaneously ejaculate. 
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    robosapieo got a reaction from Xen in Damn it, Russia!   
    With quality posts like this,it's only going to take about 84 years for Xen's community rep to return to neutral
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    robosapieo reacted to ThomChen114 in >have a mini build war about the flag that went on top of my house that I made in   
    he even took the time to add a vein...
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    robosapieo reacted to TAdoo87 in how to solo north flank on highway against half the enemy team   
    dat viewrange could be called bush X-ray
    replay maybe?
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