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    robosapieo got a reaction from nabucodonsor in Even QB?!   
    TMW the mobile version of your game is less of a monetary parasite than the real one
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    robosapieo got a reaction from Madner Kami in Even QB?!   
    TMW the mobile version of your game is less of a monetary parasite than the real one
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    robosapieo reacted to Crossfader in Careful it might be learning - WG goes back on pref tanks changes   
    WoT aint fun no more but watching WG flop around like a fish out of water sure is entertaining
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    robosapieo reacted to Siimcy in Psycxo's highlights and replays   
    At least a bump for my friend, used to play with him back when I've actively played World of Tanks in S3AL. I now play less myself due to work and finding other actual fun games but can always recommend mah dewd Stefan.
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    robosapieo reacted to Psycxo in Psycxo's highlights and replays   
    Hello, first of all an introduction:
    First name Stefan, living in a small village in Serbia. 20 years old, studied Electronics and now working at an Car Industry. My goal has been streaming for a long time, and after 2 years of having an extra low upload speed i have finally managed to get an proper connection for streaming purposes. I have always been gaming since when I was 4, after I have grew older I became a web designer and graphical designer, I've made my first money when I was 10, after that I started improving and was making websites for some companies around Serbia and sold them. After all that business got rekt, I got back at gaming and started playing this game. Now we're here.
    And now some infos about the game:
    I have been playing this game for like 5 years already, more or less playing really inactive, the only thing that kept me playing was the dream that I could be streaming one day. After starting my Twitch career as a viewer I have improved and got this game into real, after hours spent playing I have tried competitive with success. I have played 2 silver seasons with GoHard, and after we've got into WGL I have decided to retire because I had rl issues and I had to take care about them. I've recently made a short? break for around 2 months of just playing once a week or so. At that time I had some glitch (aka 4.8k rwn8 turned low fast) with my account, more about that is explained on my twitch channel. But, On streams you can expect high quality gameplay (Around 4.8-5k recent wn8). Apart from that, I usually listen to Vocal trance or Chill music such as Vocal Chillout or Epic. I am very aware that my recent right now sucks but if you wanna hear the full story just ask for it. Right now I'm recovering my stats and enjoying the game.
    Alright so I guess we've had enough of introductions, I may proceed to my thread now:
    Current Stream Highlights:
    WZ-111 5A 4 Games 6.500AVG  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRUml5d7ZBY       *Full stream 1h25m*
    T110E5 8.3k dmg - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=am-QaY1hq1E
    S. Conq short stream 4 games 4.9k avg - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QpwyRZ1VU4
    Best session so far - https://imgur.com/a/nFOtK
    Check out my Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/psycxowot
    Check out my YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmfOeJzdZLP-9JhtiZhVkLw
    Also check out my VK page - https://vk.com/psycxo_wot
    Make sure to follow me because I'll be Streaming again from 2k18 Wish you all the best for new year. I'll be streaming at least 4 days a week.
    * If I got this thread in the wrong category, I'd be thankful if the mods could move it to the right one *
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    robosapieo reacted to Raj in Anime Thread 3.1: It's Entertaining Only If You Masturbate   
    they don't dab in Made in Abyss.

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    robosapieo reacted to Archaic_One in And then they said "WOT IS P2W!"   
    I'm going to need to upgrade my Patron status if posts like these keep popping up that require so many negs followed by a plethora of +1s.  Kudos to wotlabs for this christmas miracle that has alleviated an otherwise boring morning.
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    robosapieo got a reaction from Archaic_One in And then they said "WOT IS P2W!"   
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    robosapieo got a reaction from lordawesome7 in And then they said "WOT IS P2W!"   
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    robosapieo reacted to Fedaykin89 in And then they said "WOT IS P2W!"   
    - WZ-111, free Tier 8 Premium (and possibly my highest credit earning one) from marathons
    - Free Premium Account from March of Nations (git gud, scrubs)
    - Credit boosters from... something!
    - HURR DURR PREMIUM AMMO IS PAY2WIN! - exactly 0 HEAT shells were used in this game
    - last cent payed to WG was some good 3 years ago so I could afford some garage slots (for about... 3 euro? bought by SMS?)

    TL;DR - Suck it, pubbies! You can't "buy" skill!

    P.S.: I'm not saying I'm terribly skilled or anything. Just that I'm so sick & tired of all that bullshit.
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    robosapieo reacted to Hellsfog in Bad habits die hard need help   
    I'm sure people will platoon with you but it also helps to post some replays.  I generally find the comments to be helpful but be prepared for some criticism you may not like.
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    robosapieo reacted to kukis12345 in Bad habits die hard need help   
    Do you watch streamers? That can improve your gameplay more than you'd think
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    robosapieo reacted to shak3rs in Bad habits die hard need help   
    Hi all my name in-game is shak3rs. I've hit the glass ceiling regarding stats and can't seem to improve. I'm a pubbie through and through and have barely played competitive in my 10k games. 
    I want to learn,  havev fun and be efficient in every vehicle I play. The solution to the problem is obviously identifying the problem. 
    Anyway, any help is welcome. Whether it be platoons,  joining a clan that I can learn with via training or even just listening to someone. 
    Thanks in advance 
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    robosapieo reacted to MagicalFlyingFox in And then they said "WOT IS P2W!"   
    Its fine, we all know the TVP VTU will beat a Defender. Proof enough that WoT is not P2W. 
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    robosapieo reacted to Fabunil in And then they said "WOT IS P2W!"   
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    robosapieo reacted to CraBeatOff in The Bond Farm   
    It should be no secret that I want to fully outfit my T49 with improved equipment. This means obtaining 14,000 bonds, and with limited ranked battle participation that means a TON of pub battles. The patch that added bonds for medals was a nice bonus (WG really should do a 1 time retroactive medals payout, it'd be like maybe 1-2 pieces for most people...but that is another conversation). 
    @dualmaster333 did some math a while back to check and see if anything except 10s are viable for bonds earning, and sadly the answer is no, not if your goal is to obtain 14,000 of them. Particularly because those same medals are worth much more at tier X. So this means we must play tier X. Since the change to LTs and the advent of 3/5/7 MM platooning 10s has been interesting. You either get to be super king shit (3/5/7), mostly king shit (5/10) or fodder for TDs in a super shitty campy game (15 across). But the problem is, the games where you're super king shit or mostly king shit ... you don't earn bonds. Sure you get 2 for High Caliber, but that's not going to get you to 14,000! And the super shitty campy TD fest at tier X means you aren't going to be winning or earning 400 base XP at what I consider a reasonable rate. And this is all solo, where maybe 35% of your games are straight tier X. So in your dice roll to get a bonds match you're now depending on not having a bad game - odds I just don't like. 
    And finally, I'm realistically only going to play a LT, because cmon...GO FAST
    I played a whole bunch of solo X LT games to try to estimate my bond's earning rate. Playing well, I was seeing about 2 bonds/game. Simply because I couldn't always get tier X matches - but then I wasn't really always getting bonds from those games, because its fairly hard to win in those paint scratchers (thanks @Kolni for the appellation, ha!). Platooning a pair of derp Sheridans with dualmaster got me just under 4 bonds/game, and while funny, it wasn't particularly fun and yielded 55% win-rate. Plus then WG buffed the Sheridan 105mm gun to make the 152mm completely unjustifiable :-( Bond earning is a bit better in a MT or HT, but see point above.
    From the derp Sheridan experiment I did observe (and this is old news and well known now) that platooning Xs and particularly LTs forces you heavily into 15 across battles. Generally a good thing for bonds, except you know LTs being sucky at doing damage to get that 400 base XP. So all of this is to say - what platoon combo, including a LT preferably, gets me the highest win-rate in tier X games?
    This is hardly a new problem of course, as we've been working on finding winning combos for a long time. At various times we've had viable comps like 2x Batchat + 1 Bat arty (remember that @jacg123?), 2x E-100 and 1x WaffleE-100, 3x MAUS, 3x 50B, T-62A and 2x E4, etc etc. So what is the new meta comp?
    I believe we've hit upon it though, almost by accident. Strv 103B, Light Tank (T-100LT preferred), and Heavy Tank (IS-7 preferred but lots of latitude really, as long as it has some armor to hold). Over the past few weeks I've played approximately 160 games using this combination and estimated bond earnings. Because of the improved win-rate AND forcing MM to spit out 90% 15v15 tier X battles, the bond farm is real. I've averaged about 9 bonds/game! At that rate a full set of equipment is ~1,555 games, as opposed to ~3,500 or ~7,000 in the other scenarios I tested

    So how much are we winning? I'd put the floor at 70% (worst session), but we've seen 80% in the month of November and so I think its safe to say that 75% is realistic, and that 80% might be sustainable with 3 good players. Here is yesterday's session (not shown assisted damage ~2000 average)

    A little bit about how to play this set-up - I was explaining it to Illusion yesterday (one of the best players ever on NA!) in that its not a "winning" comp. but that its a "not losing" comp. Basically you're able to lock down the map to the point where its simply very hard for your team to get wiped out. The enemy simply cannot push enough to snowball your team and so you either create a Lanchester's derived advantage somewhere, or else you sit and grind them down. 
    The hardest*  and certainly most important role goes to the S-tank because that driver has to make the decisions about whether to support the LT or the HT in the platoon, and has to know their camo and engagements really well, plus he/she isn't allowed to die. But really no one is allowed to die, the whole point is simply to outlast and force-feed your S-tank. @thedivision (fuck why aren't my mentions working) has been my reliable Strv driver through all these battles, so I will ask him to post his thoughts but from my observations of his play and his discussions on TS he really focuses on staying alive, and being patient forcing the enemy into mistakes. He uses my LT vision, or the stalling HT to just annihilate the enemy OR simply deny them the lane. Oh and tracking shots, constant, brutal, punishing tracking shots. He'll got for tracking shot on the first 2-3 shots on any target, at any distance. And it pays off, the enemy just gets helplessly stuck in place eating 4k dpm. And he's not afraid to brawl when the engagement is right - this means little to no arty, guns under 122mm caliber, low flank chances (as the LT driver you can help with this) and hills preferable to "hulldown". He often says he's going to hulldown, but how you do that in a tank that is only hull...I do not quite grok. As we all know, an S-tank that you can't see can lock down half a map or more in many situations, so I guess you need to learn all those situations. 
    The LT role is nothing special, except that you simply need to trust your platoon to live/grind the enemy long enough to make your tank really effective. You just scout a bunch, and then wait for things to open up and do LT things. The T-100LT is best because its the best. Fastest accel, lowest profile, best camo, 0.1+ armor effectiveness, 2800 dpm and fast enough reload to perma-track. The RhmPz or 13 105 are probably the next best as they are the next best scouts. The RhmPz has the very high VR and comfy gun and pen. When you get a mid/long shot you're gonna do more damage than the T-100LT's potato cannon. 13 105 works nicely because its got the high camo, and the burst for end-game. But its fragile and slow compared to the T-100LT and doesn't have the gun handling to hit tracks in close/medium distance like the T-100LT. If you get the first tracking shot in, you can be sure your S-tank is going to be following that up...
    HT role is an interesting switch from some folk's play style. You're literally just defaulting to denying space, playing defense and in the case of being rushed, doing as much damage as possible. In some cases you're just baiting stuff into the Strv 103B behind you. Its very much a slow-play style. You can push when you have an overwhelming advantage for sure, but the goal is first and foremost to make sure you don't lose the brawl, which means staying alive. Your S-tank and T-100 can bail you out of some shit, and at the very worst, they can ensure that your eventual demise is paid for dearly. That said, with armor and hitpoints and 75% wins you're still going to be surviving 60%+ of the time if you do it right. IS-7 works really well because of the strong armor, deployment speed and hp pool - its best role is naturally the one that compliments this platoon well (hulldown, defensive). We've seen similar success with SuperConq, IS-4, 113, T110E5. The Germans can work also, but are a bit less flexible due to speed. PzVII and VK7201 are pretty good though. Type 5? 215b? No one has tried them. But basically you stay alive - slow play - stall a flank, push if you can safely, otherwise keep falling back into your S-tank or wait while your LT flanks the things. 
    Of note - none of these roles are going to be garnering the high WN8 you'd see solo. High damage losses are rare obviously. And you're not smashing on 8s and out armoring 9s like you might in solo play. And nothing quite gets the WN8 of MTs, but that isn't the point here, the point is to farm the wins to get the bonds. 

    Charge for the community - can this be replicated? Meaning is it the comp or the players? @TheDivision and I have played these 160 games, with a variety of HT drivers @1stTanks, @meirzin and @Illusion, but he and I are constants. Who will test it? We need more data!

    *This statement may be filtered through my personal biases towards LT play, LT play might be harder, but I have to leave that up to others to decide
    @TheDivision @1stTanks @Meirzin @Illusion

    mentions since they broke in the first post
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    robosapieo reacted to TheChang in New to is7 and need advice   
    I feel it's better against meds than heavies, as long as the meds aren't able to rush you.
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    robosapieo reacted to TAdoo87 in AMX 50 Foch B   
    A Foch B came to the brawling area. He wanted to kill me out of 4 tanks. He went over a ridge, sat on the top of it, and clipped me. He was exposed the entire time and lost like 1.5k hp.
    He decided I have to die and there was absolutely nothing I could have done to prevent it. 10/10 game balance.
    When was the last time WG introduced a tier 10 TD, that wasn't OP or broken or both. Upon introduction the last few TD's were so horribly balanced it is not even funny. (Foch B, Strv, Grille, WTF100, FV TDs)
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    robosapieo reacted to Never in Absence and going forward   
    Hi everyone,
    So it's been a few months since I pretty much disappeared from WoTLabs, only coming back every once in a while to give a quick update to the WN8 expected stats or something like that.
    In this time I've basically had to shift almost all my focus to real life. In early 2017 I graduated from University and got my diploma. With that finally out of the way I could start working on getting my condo in "home" condition. If you've been here long enough, you might remember when I got the keys to my new (at the time) condo. Thing is, since I put everything I had saved into just getting it, since then I've been living in makeshift conditions, with cheap furniture and old appliances I got from family members in order to pay for my degree.
    Now that it's finally over with, I got my renovation project underway and after months of literal blood and sweat, it's finally nearing completion. In the meantime I've played some games but nothing that stuck. WoT is somewhat in the past for me now, haven't played it in months and still haven't felt like playing it again. Maybe in the future...
    Which leads me to WoTLabs...
    Now, WoTLabs is gonna be online and updated for as long as it pays for itself. Even if I disappear, I'm still keeping it up, adding new tanks. I want to get the new v31 expected values thing up and running (if someone can give me a hand I appreciate it). So don't worry, WoTLabs will be here, even if I'm not.
    That's all for now, thanks everyone for the support!
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    robosapieo reacted to Fulcrous in Absence and going forward   
    Join the pubg life my friend 
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    robosapieo got a reaction from monjardin in When to Move From Tier 5/6 to Tier 7?   
    I'm really bad at this whole replay review thing, but here goes.....
    Replay 1:  First thing I noticed is that you're not carrying enough premium APCR rounds in your tank. You should have atleast 15, preferably 20 in the KV-1. I usually wouldn't advise a beginner to carry so much prem, since it makes one..... complacent (for lack of a better word) but it's with all of the ridiculously armored tanks that have been added to the game, I think it's necessary. As for your initial positioning on the map, I think it was fine. An argument could be made that you should've gone to the left of the hill where the ELC got spotted and you could've had more of an impact there, but that would've probably put you in a crossfire. The big problem is saw here was just how complacent you were. You should've kept pushing forward and gone hull-down behind the little mound (what the enemy M4 was doing). The KV-1's turret armor is quite trollish. The PZ. IV and Sherman would've had trouble penning you with their standard ammo. The next mistake you made was that you didn't immediately load APCR as soon as you spotted the O-I. You have 120mm of pen, and that thing has, at minimum 150mm of frontal armor. You can use sites like http://tanks.gg/    to view the armor models of tanks, though it does take a lot of time, as well as trial and error to learn everything (You have trouble penning something in battle, so you go look at its armor model). The last mistake was that you didn't immediately repair your tracks after taking that shot from the O-I. It has a 20 second reload if its using the big HE gun (which I think it was). You can fire nearly 5 shots in that time (not that they would've done anything, since you were firing standard xD). All in all, I don't think you could've influenced the outcome of this game no matter what. The team melted far too quick. Though, you might have gotten some more damage if you'd been a bit more aggressive.
    Replay 2: I really like what you do at the start of this match (not sure if it was intentional or just by accident tho ), and that is; waiting at the start of the match to see how your team deploys on the map, and which positions they go to. It's a shame that you didn't utilize this information though. You went to the eastern flank even though there was NO backup there. Always look at the minimap to see what your teammates are doing, and try to play around them ( you can use the + and - keys on your keyboard to increase or decrease the size of the minimap. I'd recommend using the size of one increment below the max i.e hold down the + (plus) key till the map doesn't get any bigger, and then press - (minus) once). The ability to read the minimap and make decisions according to the positions of the enemy and your teammates, is the key to winning in this game. Pretty much 60% of your time in a match should be spent looking at the minimap. Getting back to the replay itself, you were a bit too aggressive this time around xD. The title of your replay suggests that you were surprised by the positioning of your teammates ( "Heavies go middle?!). One lesson you have to learn VERY QUICK in this game, is that your teammates will do dumb shit all the freaking time. You just have to work around it. While their positioning wasn't exactly optimal, it actually wasn't too bad either. New players seem to have this misconception that certain tank types should only go to certain places.Truth is, it's not as black and white as that. There are some heavy tanks which are better at sniping than TDs, and there are some TDs which can do a medium's job better than most mediums. The eastern flank on Redshire is actually not all that important. The middle is the most dominant position, which easily allows you to defend your own base as well as put pressure on the enemy's. The match actually seemed quite close. I think you could have tipped the balance in your team's favor if you'd followed them instead of going on a Rambo mission by yourself in a bottom tier tank 
    Replay 3: You went wide around the cliff to the rock on the far side. This is a bad idea IMO. You should stick close to the hill as it provides you arty cover, and allows you to sidescrape easily.It also prevents you from getting shot by tanks that are on the cliff itself, which is what got you killed in this match (more on that later) You again had the issue of not being aggressive enough at the start. Looking at the enemy's team comp, they didn't have any top tier heavies. You should just poke around the corner of the cliff to spot some targets and then pull back. Though, in this case, there wasn't even anything there to spot so I guess it's fine. You did the right thing by killing the thunderbolt, but this is where you would have significantly benefitted from sticking close to the cliff. You wouldn't have take that shot from the Pz. IV on top of the cliff. This is also the point where you become extremely indecisive about what you want to do. You drive forward, further into the line of fire of the Pz. IV and the enemy arty, instead of getting under the Pz's gun, and into arty cover (close to the cliff). Quote from your description of this replay; "I know it did NOT help that the Churchill 3 and OI Exp went into TD alley without support from our own TDs.. ¬.¬;" Again, it's not just a black and white case of "They're heavies so they shouldn't go there". The enemy only had two TDs, one of whom (the IKV) died almost instantly, and the T67 which is actually the best tier 5 medium tank. I think they expected the T67 to go the middle of the map, instead of down the western alley( That's what I would expect a T67 driver to do).The people who went to that flank were actually the first ones to kill anything, and your team was up 3-0 at that point. Contrary to what you believe, those guys actually contributed to the team a lot. As for what YOU could've done to win that game, it all comes down to just staying alive for longer (Stick close to the cliff. The cliff is your friend). One of the best general tips: don't expose yourself to more than 1 enemy when firing( only if possible ofc). Try and make a 1v3 into 3 1v1s. 
    Notes: Please remember that I'm not the best player (far from it actually xD ) and you shouldn't treat my words as the end all be all. Though, I did try my best to explain how to do better in these situations, from what I've seen and experienced. I also apologize if I went into unnecessary detail. I'm tired AF right now and this is the best I could do
    Extra tips:
    You can hold down the right mouse button (if your cursor isn't over an enemy) to lock your turret in place and move the camera freely. This is extremely helpful and allows you to be more situationally aware. Get into the habbit of holding down RMB and doing a quick 360 around your tank every so often (took me more than 2k battles to figure this out. FeelsBadMan ) Remember to adjust your graphics settings and turn off "grass in sniper mode", and if possible, turn your overall graphics down a bit. This will help improve your framerate (which seemed a bit low in the replays) and also reduce visual clutter.  Make sure you have the right aim sensitivities. Your sniper mode sens. should be relatively low for precise shooting, and the arcade sensitivity should be a balance between comfortably being able to look around, while also maintaining some aiming precision. EDIT: Holy shit I just realized how much of a massive wall of text this is. I'm really sorry but I can't do any better.
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    robosapieo reacted to lavawing in IN the long run, have you found wot more or less enjoyable?   
    I am a scrub so I play 8s the most. At least, I used to.
    It goes without saying that the clusterfuck that is 3-5-7 mm, retarded prems and certain retarded tier 10 prems have made the game considerably less fun for me. I remember spamming games in the Spershing, the IS-6, the FCM, and the WZ-111 used to feel........fun. Now, Tier 8s are a chore even when I'm in the Chrysler K.

    Tier 10 would be good, if there weren't Type 5s, Mauses, Grilles and yoloing BCs every game. As it stands, Tier 10 balance is a mess and spamming HEAT at cupolas half the time - soon to be 70% of the time if the Patton, T-54, and 140 changes make it, is not only as un-fun as it gets, but is also a massive credit drain which means more Tier 8s, which are currently getting butt-fucked by the new MM.
    To side-track a bit, there's also the issue of improved equipment. Rarely have I noticed any difference between normal and improved equipment, but when I did, the results were often aggravating. Getting outreloaded by a 140 in my 430, for example, is just bullshit. Now there is talk of Grand Battles and earning minuscule - pitiable amounts of bonds from them. As a filthy casual, this pisses me off deeply. The time I can afford on WoT is limited. The times in which I can find the game tolerable is even less. I cannot play Ranked 24/7, and obviously I will not. Where does that leave me? It means that my tank will always be inferior, and unless I spam 3000 games in Tier 10 it will always stay inferior. Players on ASIA are by and large as uncompetitve as they get, and I mean no offence with that. We never asked for improved equipment. If nothing else, the result on the forums was overwhelmingly negative. Yet we have to bear with this shit. Where is the fairness in that?

    Finally, Tier 7 and 9s do feel better. And arty does feel less bad. I will be playing WoT for those tiers, until and if they fix this pos that is their game.
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    robosapieo reacted to OttoT in new not new   
    I think i have been doing this to long.  New account here, lurker off and on for years.  I have offended just about everyone at one time or another. I know i am not popular.
    I play for fun, losing is not fun and as of late i cannot stop losing. Came looking for answers, something is missing something i lost.  I never claimed to be a great player, but i have always thought of my self as a good player. 
    Any way saying hello.
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    robosapieo reacted to kaneaaa in The new mm is an improvement but it's also a total mess. But why?   
    And surely that shows there's something wrong with the law. What's the point in protecting players from nerfing when the same results can be achieved a number of other ways. 
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    robosapieo reacted to kaneaaa in The new mm is an improvement but it's also a total mess. But why?   
    I'd like to throw with another thing out. Is the blatant overbuffing of certain top tiers of tank lines as well as the op premium policy an act of back-against-the-wall desperation. For me trying to judge the situation objectively there seems to be no advantage for a company to advertise a blatant p2w policy unless their hand was forced. Is this whole late strategy a knee-jerk reaction to running out of options. They must have known that this strategy would cause public opinion to worsen, yet they unashamedly pursued this route regardless. Why? 
    Maybe it has to do with the op premiums instead, as I guess their weaker design would suffer more ( Is6 is a massive irritataion judging by wot forum). Someone must have some data. 
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