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    robosapieo got a reaction from Fulcrous in JT 88 invite code for sale (comes with gold and premium time)   
    Giving a T8 TD to a brand new player?GREAT IDEA!!!!!!
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    robosapieo got a reaction from mort_CZ in Best medium line?   
    Problem with 416 line: I don't enjoy lights so the MT and LTTB are gonna ruin it for me
    Problem with T-44 line: The T-43.... 
    Sry if I'm sounding like a nitpicky little bitch
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    robosapieo got a reaction from haglar in Best medium line?   
    Problem with 416 line: I don't enjoy lights so the MT and LTTB are gonna ruin it for me
    Problem with T-44 line: The T-43.... 
    Sry if I'm sounding like a nitpicky little bitch
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    robosapieo got a reaction from gabse in How do you feel about artillery shooting you?   
    Why have people ignored my suggestion of removing T9-10 arty from the game and giving them light tank matchmaking(LT mm should start from tier 4)?Don't you guys think that's a good idea?
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    robosapieo reacted to Fulcrous in Better avg dpg in KV-1 than IS-3?   
    Sounds like excuses to me. Damage follows from wins because most of the time you will position yourself to have as much of an impact in the game as possible. It doesn't work vice versa. You won't see super uni w/r and shit level DPG. You will see the opposite, however, pretty frequently.
    Since I have a power outage I can't critique the second good game. Only things that are working are cell phone towers.
    If you can critique yourself in the same way I critiqued your first good game, you'll be going places. Always be your worst critic.
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    robosapieo reacted to Fulcrous in Better avg dpg in KV-1 than IS-3?   
    Focusing on the steps that result in a win isn't 'think[ing] [of] what to do in battle'?
    I wasn't intending to make this personal. I was pointing out that your advice - judging by the given statistics seems to reflect your mindset of how to play - results in you obtaining less wins than your overall win rate despite having seemly good wn8. Anyone can simply point and click and understand the basis of dealing damage without taking damage in return and those that don't simply don't care enough about their individual performance (these people simply play for 'fun' - that is driving their tanks). The difference between simply dealing damage and actually contributing to a win is phenomenal
    Simply put, your post/advice/whateveryouwanttocallit DOES NOT improve a player. It's like when a player asks 'how do I get better wn8' and people respond with 'deal more damage'. It's redundant and frankly, dumb advice. It's better if the OP focuses on learning what kind of plays (i.e. flexes/pushes/defenses/etc) result in the wins as well as in-game mechanics that the player can abuse to result in a win.
    There's a reason why no one sees light tank players in a good light in the same way - there's a difference between padding and actually being able to consistently obtain a certain statistic regardless of any tank an individual plays.
    As for the OP, in regards to how you could have improved those games - I will specifically look at the ones you thought were good games. The improvements/mistakes will be stated as I watch as well as my thought process on what you should have done as the game progresses.
    Game 1 - http://wotreplays.com/site/2091882
    Moving up from A3 to A2 was potentially a horrid mistake. You had no idea what kind of opposition the enemy had. Pushing that far up could have been costly. Be more patient. Side-scrape and wait until you know where the majority of their team is before you push in a highly contested area of the city.At 13:22 (time left) you were in a potentially bad spot. 6 out of 15 tanks were lit with 1 dead. That leaves 8 tanks that could have potentially pushed into the city and resulted in a flank. You have to remember that games are dynamic and never static. They are always changing. Just because a horde of td's camped the hill doesn't mean they will do it all the time. 13:14 - spent time getting a shot at the IS-3 when he clearly wouldn't poke. You could have side-scraped and instead aimed at the Ferdie (free damage - plus he was already pre-aimed on another tank). This doesn't end up mattering too much as the ferdie dies anyways and the IS-3 pokes into 3 tanks. Still costs you what I predict will be valuable time to salvage the game.Going around with the super pershing to single-out the overextended IS-3 was good. 12:21 - no need to push the same side as all the other tanks. You could have went through the buildings and still got a shot on the IS-3. Your team ended up spending 4 more seconds than it should have to kill the IS-3 as a result of you and your allies bumping into each other and attacking the IS-3 in the same direction. 11:51 - take that half second to aim a bit longer. You won't miss next time and that KV-4 would have died a lot sooner in addition to you getting ~390 more damage. That costs your team 9 more seconds to kill the KV-4. So far you could have been 13 seconds more efficient. 11:37 - despite seeing the overwhelming force on the 9/0 line, you continue to push towards their base. BAD IDEA. You can clearly see on the minimap that there was just a centurion left against an STA-1, T-51 mod 1, Super Pershing, and a bulldog.You could have honestly flexed to 9/0 and single-handedly held them off by playing hull-down and forcing the enemy to come to you. The RHM was also dead anyways -with or without you 10:50ish. Continuing to head towards their cap then attempting to 'flank' when they clearly outmaneuver you. I can't help but ask why you didn't simply turn back north and head towards your own cap instead of taking the longer route. Remember the 13 seconds of being more efficient when I was talking about? Let's see if this comes into play. Also could have taken a safer route to come in from behind on the off-chance the enemy returns due to the T37's pre-emptive cap. Stopping for the T-28 proto when your cap is clearly being threatened and only 1 tank is in position to defend it. Although you are on cap first, both you and the allied IS-3 are not focused on capping.You may have potentially won the game if you and the IS-3 simply capped out. T37 backs off of cap so it doesn't matter anymore. 9:55 - looked like you were just going to take the fastest route to cap and let the 37 and IS-3 take them out... uh nope. Nevermind. You wasted another few precious seconds to stop a potential cap.T37 died, nevermind. 9;25ish - Oh look. You're surrounded (see final point in regards to 10:50ish) Once the IS-3 died, the game was essentially over. TL;DR for game 1 - focused too heavily on the damage that was available right in front of you. You pretty much threw away a potential win by:
    a) not directly returning to cap - which could have saved the ally ferdie and super pershing
    b) being indecisive - costs you precious seconds to save ally HP and react faster
    c) poor deceisions - i.e. pushing their cap and taking the long route to flank.

    Will do Game 2 once I get some time - http://wotreplays.com/site/2108035
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    robosapieo got a reaction from RC_Tank in Better avg dpg in KV-1 than IS-3?   
    So I was really enjoying the IS-3 and was doing consistently well in it(1.5-2.5K dmg most games)but now this is what most of my games in the IS-3 look like now:http://wotreplays.com/site/2115041?secret=7ca3bdfdd6301fc35801b6251a7962d6
    I just keep getting either shitty matchmaking,a lemming team or a shitty map(that replay was a lemming team AND a shitty map).I will admit I played VERY badly in that match but there's no point even trying to play properly in those situations (IMO) because I'm not good enough to carry T8 games,plus that was one of my most hated maps so I just wanted it to be over ASAP.
    Here's how I WANT most of my IS-3 games to go: http://wotreplays.com/site/2091882 or http://wotreplays.com/site/2108035 (I posted these replays in a previous "Tape study" thread but they didn't get any attention there so I'm posting them again here cause I'm a shameless bastard IDK if that violates forum rules)
    Meanwhile,this is how most of my KV-1 games have been: http://wotreplays.com/site/2115068?secret=7ca3bdfdd6301fc35801b6251a7962d6 and http://wotreplays.com/site/2115085?secret=7ca3bdfdd6301fc35801b6251a7962d6
    Pls critique these replays.I just want dat sweet ace tanker in the IS-3 and am having trouble getting it.I NEED SOME HAAAAAALP
    Note:To play the replays you have to put them in C:/Games/World_of_Tanks, NOT in C:/Games/World_of_Tanks/replays  (same goes for any other drive that the game is installed in)
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    robosapieo got a reaction from Golem501 in How to IS-3?   
    Watched through the entire thing and gave it a like .Now,if I was an a-hole i'd just say "HUHHH ALL LUCK NO SKILL"(those fires were lucky AF though).But,I'm not an a-hole so I'll say it in a nicer way.Those were some AMAZING replays but,there are some subtle decisions that you make that I just can't pick up on at my current skill level so fortunately,those replays can't help me get an ace tanker.But they probably WILL help me become a better player overall so thanks for that.Although,one decision that you made that wasn't very subtle which I didn't understand is why you decided to go to that spot initially on El-Halluf in the 4th game.Isn't it better to go to the classic brawling spot and take advantage of your stronk turret armor on the rock? 
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    robosapieo got a reaction from RustyZ in There is Still Hope for the WoT Community   
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