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  1. Finished my session at 92,44% marks on the maus yesterday. First game today 6900dmg + 1700 assisted. Marks drop to 89,28%

    Okay Wargaming.

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    2. Siimcy


      Yeah it's like this sadly. Type 5 will be harder and harder to mark as well when more and more people get/play the tank with the derp now.

    3. Daezara


      It's not like i won't be able to 3mark it now or that it will be harder now... it's just the fact that wargaming shits on my previous progress overnight like no tomorrow putting me below where i was before the buff... that is just plain stupid...

    4. Siimcy


      Welcome to every buff ever MingLee

  2. First of all it's wccftech, not quite the most reliable source on the internet. Beyond that, the quote is from a part were they are talking about the X370 chipset. They are saying that on X370 boards, there will be two lanes which are capable of PCIe x16 Gen3 speed. What i guess they are meaning here, is two SLOTS capable of x16 speed. Because two LANES that are connected via pcie LANES? Makes no fucking sense. Additionally they don't mention the CPUs in that part at all except for them having an unlocked multiplier. And according to most sources i found, for example Caseking an
  3. Link to that source? Because non of my sources say that, they are stating one x16 for the GPU, x4 for an m.2 ssd and another x4 for the chipset.
  4. Just because the board has multiple PCIe-slots that are capable of x16 speed, doesn't mean the CPU has enough PCIe-lanes to support these slots at full speed. Unless there is a PLX-chip installed on the board to provide more PCIe-lanes, there could be 15x PCIe-slots that could potentially do x16 speed on these boards, they just won't run at that speed because the CPU doesn't support it.
  5. Third T9 3mark is get. Last session of 4 games doing 3,7k dmg, 1,1k assist avg brought the mark from 93,7 to 95,37%
  6. T110E3 researched. Undistributed experience spent: 241000. Free Experience spent: 0.

    'T95' successfully sold. Received credits: 1.895.950. Spent gold: 30.

    Fuck this tank is bad :nmad:

    1. TAdoo87


      On my way to the T95, and I wont free xp it either. :babyrage:

      On the filp side, I am sure every FC is happy to have an extra E3 available.:sealofapproval:

    2. Kitten


      no 3 moe :kjugh: shamefur

    3. BlackAdder


      E3 is monster, load APCR and some HE and go club. 

  7. Goodbye Mela and best of luck! Was always fun playing with you.
  8. IS-7, stronk ufp comrade, da :serb: 


    1. Vindi


      5-11? weekends. gg on becoming uniscum btw :^)

    2. Daezara


      In the end it was 11-15. Obj140 had 2 kills, the other IS-7 4 kills and i had 5 kills with 6,3k dmg and 5,3k blocked.

      Rest of the team did jack shit though :feelsbad:


      and thanks, beeing purple in xvm is a lot of fun :kappa:

    3. Vindi


      I'm at 2300, soon I will get there and we will love to play in platoon with the wg limited 3 arty / game. ggwp :D

  9. Prem t8 HT, not TD... the TD aka KV-4 KTTS was never released
  10. Well, guess i cHEATed myself to this one.
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