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  1. Finished my session at 92,44% marks on the maus yesterday. First game today 6900dmg + 1700 assisted. Marks drop to 89,28%

    Okay Wargaming.

    1. Siimcy


      Think it's already kicking in the fact that Maus is just blatantly OP now and people tend to have monster sessions in them. QB( :kappa: ) in his first game with the buffed maus on live had 10k blocking, watched marty later as well, 11k blocked, mailand drove on the open on ruinberg and got patrol duty with Maus, 6k blocked ~5k dmg, lost probably 200HP by HE or something. SeemsBalancedMan

    2. Daezara


      Was at 89,5% before the buff... guess that's wargaming way of saying "Fuck you for not 3marking it before it got fotm!" :serb: 

      Fuck this game really...

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