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  1. Finished my session at 92,44% marks on the maus yesterday. First game today 6900dmg + 1700 assisted. Marks drop to 89,28%

    Okay Wargaming.

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    2. Siimcy


      Yeah it's like this sadly. Type 5 will be harder and harder to mark as well when more and more people get/play the tank with the derp now.

    3. Daezara


      It's not like i won't be able to 3mark it now or that it will be harder now... it's just the fact that wargaming shits on my previous progress overnight like no tomorrow putting me below where i was before the buff... that is just plain stupid...

    4. Siimcy


      Welcome to every buff ever MingLee

  2. T110E3 researched. Undistributed experience spent: 241000. Free Experience spent: 0.

    'T95' successfully sold. Received credits: 1.895.950. Spent gold: 30.

    Fuck this tank is bad :nmad:

    Edited by Daezara
    1. TAdoo87


      On my way to the T95, and I wont free xp it either. :babyrage:

      On the filp side, I am sure every FC is happy to have an extra E3 available.:sealofapproval:

    2. Kitten


      no 3 moe :kjugh: shamefur

    3. BlackAdder


      E3 is monster, load APCR and some HE and go club. 

  3. IS-7, stronk ufp comrade, da :serb: 


    1. Vindi


      5-11? weekends. gg on becoming uniscum btw :^)

    2. Daezara


      In the end it was 11-15. Obj140 had 2 kills, the other IS-7 4 kills and i had 5 kills with 6,3k dmg and 5,3k blocked.

      Rest of the team did jack shit though :feelsbad:


      and thanks, beeing purple in xvm is a lot of fun :kappa:

    3. Vindi


      I'm at 2300, soon I will get there and we will love to play in platoon with the wg limited 3 arty / game. ggwp :D

  4. Fuck the IS-7 gun. :nmad:

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    2. Daezara


      Ye, why should 303pen reliably pen a 280mm effective armor part. Totally balanced to not pen that 7 times in a fucking row.

    3. MissNurki


      The T-10 is a better tank in every way. I was starting a 3 mark grind on the IS-7, but after three HORRID games I was closer to selling it than anything else. -_-  Maybe another day.


    4. TAdoo87


      yeah, the T-10 gun is better, but the IS-7 has a much better armor. All in all the IS-7 is good for randoms. Use rations, and carry a lots of APCR.

      Gameplay guide to the IS-7 is something like: rr 22, than some left clicking.

  5. I went ahead and spread some freedom around today. :disco:


  6. xzLD5sc.jpg


    Hellkitty best kitty! *meow*

    1. MelancholicCat
    2. Vindi


      tier 6 memes best memes

  7. Mfw i bounce of the superstructure of a JPE100 in my IS7 with APCR 5+ times in a row :nmad:


    Thank you WG for +/-25% rng! :rngfu:

    1. Fulcrous


      If you are face hugging it/close, it's actually supposed to bounce because of the IS-7's low profile.

    2. Daezara


      shot him from around 100m

  8. First game of the day in my IS-2, get oneshot by enemy T8 arty after getting 4 shots of damage of.

    Think to myself, can't be that bad all day right?

    Second game in my VK45.02A, i get shot by enemy T8+T7 arty as soon as i get lit, KV5 snapshots my turret with AP while driving TWICE, killing my gunner TWICE followed by the already reloaded arty killing me. :nmad:


    Fuck this shit, i'm out for today. Not worth my time. 

  9. Dark purple recent wn8 for the first time! :disco::disco:

    Thanks to all you guys streaming / posting good advice, really helped me alot! 

    1. LudwigvonMises


      Congrats, i feel happy to u. 

  10. Prepare yourself fellow EU tankers, T92 top of the tree is on! :cri:

    Ib4 3+ arty shitters every game :nmad:

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    2. Urshakus


      Well, time to play another game for couple of months.

    3. sundanceHelix


      SEA gets the same shit. We just had the T92 top of tree middle of last year. Fucking WG.

    4. WhatTheSkara


      it would be a great time to play some team battles again :serb: 

  11. Currently reviving an old socket 775 Intel Q6600 system from a friend of mine. Damn this thing was filthy :kjugh:

  12. Finally done with the M103, welcome T110E5 :disco:

    1. JSalvy


      Just about to buy it. Any tips, man?

      For M103 that is.

    2. Daezara


      Do not rely on the armor, use the superior gun handling compared to the other t9 heavies to your advantage, cry when a t7 medium pens your lfp / a t9 heavy your ufp

  13. MFW a stock T-10 pens my ufp with the first and my gun mantlet with the second shot, meanwhile i bounce 2 shots of his cupola in my m103 :nmad:

  14. Fucking artillery...

    Doing 4,5k dmg in my Tiger II, killing a Cent 7/1, ST-I, KV-4 and IS-3, defending cap like a boss only to get rebalanced by a M53/55 with ap for the rest of my hitpoints.

    Of course we lost that game aswell, guess i should have stopped camping.



  15. Object 140 researched. Undistributed experience spent: 206000. Free Experience spent: 0. 


    Only 200k more experience to farm in my T-54...

    1. Crossfader


      achievement unlocked: God mode medium

    2. Daezara


      now i only need to farm 4,5kk credits to buy this tank ._.

  16. 1800 Overall WN8 with 54% WR after 8k battles on my first Account, yay >(^.^)>

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