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  1. Just noticed that you didn't include a case aswell. A 1070 will not fit his budget of 1200$ including a monitor and keyboard. Sure it's better than a RX480, that doesn't mean the RX480 is bad. With your choice of the Noctua CPU Cooler over the BeQuiet one i can agree. The better Monitor should definitely be considered aswell. The rest is fine as it is imo.
  2. Mushkin memory, are you serious? I can live with the Asrock Mobo, as they stepped up their game quite a bit. But Mushkin is a NoNo. Other than that you busted his targeted budget by 130$ without including a keyboard.
  3. Pretty good choice. Don't like the case because it is cheap as fuck. I suggest you spend a little more on something like a Phanteks Eclipse P400(s), Phanteks Enthoo Pro M or a Fractal Design Define R5. Way better quality / building experience. CPU Cooler is good but shitty to install. So you're in for a treat there. Rather buy a Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo / Hyper X for easier installation. Other than that i don't really like MSI, but that is personal preference, just made some bad experiences in the past but your mileage may vary. Other stuff is well picked in the PC-Hardware compartment. Not commenting on the peripherals.
  4. Fuck the IS-7 gun. :nmad:

    1. Daezara


      Ye, why should 303pen reliably pen a 280mm effective armor part. Totally balanced to not pen that 7 times in a fucking row.

    2. MissNurki


      The T-10 is a better tank in every way. I was starting a 3 mark grind on the IS-7, but after three HORRID games I was closer to selling it than anything else. -_-  Maybe another day.


    3. TAdoo87


      yeah, the T-10 gun is better, but the IS-7 has a much better armor. All in all the IS-7 is good for randoms. Use rations, and carry a lots of APCR.

      Gameplay guide to the IS-7 is something like: rr 22, than some left clicking.

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  5. I went ahead and spread some freedom around today. :disco:


  6. @Anfield has three marked his IS-4 and got the finish session up on his youtube channel. You can check that out for some replays.
  7. You can short the two pins on the mainboard where the front panel power button connector would go with a screw driver. That way you can power the system up without the wire / button. Or you build the system outside of the case, put the case next to it and connect the front panel wire outside of the case. Should work aswell.
  8. why are my stats so shit and why did i join a clan 1 night before
  9. Reading all the posts in a topic is like reading the manual.
  10. First i would pull out the GPU that is not beeing used. No reason for it to be in there if you do not have the cables for it. You said it wouldn't turn on, like no reaction whatsoever? Or fans spinning up and then shutting back down? Are leds on the motherboard lighting up? Do you have a spare psu for testing?
  11. Even if we take into account that my team had one more T9 in that game and balance that out with our 2x T7s, there is still a T7 artillery on our team vs a T8 artillery on the enemy team and me beeing a T6 LT vs a T8 LT, which is completely stupid.
  12. I'm online almost every evening and in discord aswell...
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