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  1. I play 3-4 nights a week from 19:00-23:00 EST. I currently have 3k games played and only a few Tier 8's. I am interested in any and all clan activities and would like to improve my WN8 and WR.
  2. I just got back into it too! I can play up to Tier 8.
  3. How do you enjoy the cloned Chinese tanks? I personally couldn't stand them. I had nothing against the guns that were mounted on them however I just felt that why would I play a tank with worse alpha and gun depression when I could play the Russian version and get rid of all those weaknesses. This being said however, the Type T-34 was my first tier 5 and the Type 58 my first tier 6, so naturally when I first played them I was awful (to this day they both have the worst stats overall in my garage), so my opinion might be a tad jaded.
  4. I wouldn't recommend the Chinese medium unless you are okay with grinding your way through two clones that are shittier then their Russian counterparts. However, the Chinese Tier 7 T34-1 is a blast, it makes up for bad gun depression with a heavy tank (ish) gun and beastly turret armour. It definitely is not the easiest to play however.
  5. Give me 4-8 months and I will be your friend.
  6. I may end up getting more then one premium, however until I get the ARL 44 I think I will buy the IS-6 and wait for the FCM 50t.
  7. Does the IS-6 get premium matchmaking?
  8. That's okay Rexxie, I am just weighing my options at the moment. Also, why did your post appear like 8 times?
  9. From what you said the FCM 50t sounds like a good option. Does it play like a 'normal' heavy tank (brawling/sidescrape) or is it a support tank like the Tiger I or II?
  10. I am interested in investing in a tier 8 premium, however I am not sure which one is regarded as the overall best. Suggestions?
  11. Whenever I run out of cash I just play tier five's, however I don't own any super expensive hyper awesome cool!!!1!! tier tens yet. So generally I am not running out of cash in the first place.
  12. Well it only took me about a day to finish the grind to the VK 28.01 and it didn't kill my WN8 or WR, so I think I will sell it and keep it in the back of my head as a crappy but fun tank to play. *Edit: Hooray my title changed... its now worse then 'Tanker with Training Wheels'
  13. Hmmmmm, I might skip it. The SPC-1 sounds more fun.
  14. How bad is the VK 28.01... I have enough free xp to go straight to the RU or SPC1 but I am not about that free xp life. Should I skip it?
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