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  1. Though this topic is about 2 years late and lot of things have changed both for WoT and Wotlabs, I wanted to ask about what tanks you guys play or don't play whether it's because of power creep, more players on average gold spamming or some other reasons. I can list a few of my own but to be honest, I just play the Val and DB because they are brainless fun and unbalanced ----- Matilda IV (shelved): I always had a soft spot for this tank because I felt like it was always given a worser reputation than it deserved. Was it a good tank pre 2.0: I don't think so but it definitely had s
  2. Is there any reason to get the Object 430 when I have the T-10? They both have the same top speed and I am comfortable with the acceleration of the T-10. The Object 430 has 300 more DPM than the T-10 with better soft stats and I can see that being as useful in those situations as the 440 damage the T-10 deals but what else is there besides that detail? I hope I'm overlooking something since I am almost done with my T44 grind. Camo and sub 300 apcr pen in corridor meta with type heavies lol
  3. I would say the SP 1 C is a solid and fun hidden gem. I don't think there are a lot of rear turreted light tanks with -10 gun depression and 90mm alpha damage. It's a whole different experience when you mostly reverse into position to ridge snipe someone for 220 damage and "reverse forward" 0 - 60 in a split second. It's very good at playing ridges without being punished because of that. Playing this tank is really fun also because I always have a valid reason to do easy 180's with the handbrake mechanic. Those weighty drifts never stop being satisfying. It's one of my favorite tanks right n
  4. Feel free to add me if you're still playing. I can play anything up to 9's.
  5. Woo, feels good to be back on the saddle. I find it thoughtful that WG would go to the efforts to acknowledge long time players with a warming description and a free tank that I'll actually play.

  6. Hi, Wotlabs! What's the Tl;Dp for the World of Tanks metagame now? Are players better at the game on average now than they were 2 years ago? What kind of premium tanks are a threat now that I should at least be aware of? Lastly, do any of you guys play Wargame: Red Dragon? Many thanks!

    1. Fulcrous


      A lot of tanks compensate lack of skill for unbalanced amounts of armor/mobility/firepower or even all 3 in the case of the 268v4.

      Also, a lot of weakspots are only weakspots if you use premium rounds. even then you will get rng'd

    2. Assassin7


      overall skill is probably a little bit higher than a few years ago.

      but the overall gameplay is a hell of a lot easier and more idiot proof. and a hell of a lot more unbalanced tanks. because giving everything unpenetrable armour is a trend over the last like year and a half

  7. Playing World of Tanks once more, I noticed that a significant amount of the battles I participated in amounted to steamrolls as many of you might note on a personal scale. Not only that but action is quick to ensue whether it's getting right into the thick of it in my HT's or dawdling around the map, trying to score long range shots. Making positional or aggression-based mistakes (likely) entails a really quick death no matter the tier that is being played whether it's a tier 2 pace car or tier 10 E5 out in a field for a few seconds. What exactly defines WoT as X-pace?. Would it be the a
  8. I believe you should take your own advice and try to see things under different lens. Your counterargument to the points Rexxie brought was "I have morals and you don't, therefore...". What this shows more is that what people value is subjective especially so with the importance of morals and standard of one's morals. Is being morally correct the "right" answer? What is "right" exactly given we all coalesce in unequal hyperreality via competitive gaming arena? Why wouldn't your argument apply to people with better PC's, people who have time to learn, OP tanks. This game is innately unfair
  9. I think the E4 will get powersurged once they finally implement the bee mechanics for the big ass beekeeper hive at the rear of the tank.
  10. How long does it take until WG starts giving "baby come back" gifts for absentee players? Is it still even a thing, nowadays? 

  11. About 160mm? effective armor @ turret cheeks considering most people here aim for the weakest point just to be a smart ass about it. Nevertheless, knowing the LFP/UFP cumulative armor values @ angles would be useful to know if one has no choice but to 2 key quick shot SP's to reach victory.
  12. In some regards, yes. For starters, the PZ 1 C has mobility on par with the RU 251. The slight differences seems only to be km/s/s and the turning radius at max speed. The gun handling is really good for the PZ 1 C. The dispersion on the move seems better than average and the final accuracy and quick aim time make it abnormally comfortable for it's tier. This general characteristic of course applies to traditional T7/T8 LT's. The scaling of firepower tier-for-tier is the last consideration. Typically, T8 LT's get suited with highly-capable 90mm's which have a stronger penetrati
  13. WoTBlitz is a glorified tutorial for all intents and purposes so I'll say that you'll reach blue/purple steadfast! Mandatory PC masterbate race beats Apple iPad peasants? ...Welcome to the Labs
  14. Okay, time to have a go at stirring the pot. - Arty can easily be countered with positional skill and makes the game more fun. - Taking a 500+ dmg hit in a HT by arty is a trivial matter at best since my class is meant to tank dmg and armor can substitute HP. - Any unicum/blue who thinks E-75 > ST-1 is someone who lacks the ability to come to comprehensive conclusions by themselves in some matters. - Matilda IV is the best tier 5 preferential tank in-game. Same Matilda MM with 2x HP/Alpha. - Tiger (P) is 95% on par with the Tiger I but requires much less effort to
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