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  1. Hi, Wotlabs! What's the Tl;Dp for the World of Tanks metagame now? Are players better at the game on average now than they were 2 years ago? What kind of premium tanks are a threat now that I should at least be aware of? Lastly, do any of you guys play Wargame: Red Dragon? Many thanks!

    1. Fulcrous


      A lot of tanks compensate lack of skill for unbalanced amounts of armor/mobility/firepower or even all 3 in the case of the 268v4.

      Also, a lot of weakspots are only weakspots if you use premium rounds. even then you will get rng'd

    2. Assassin7


      overall skill is probably a little bit higher than a few years ago.

      but the overall gameplay is a hell of a lot easier and more idiot proof. and a hell of a lot more unbalanced tanks. because giving everything unpenetrable armour is a trend over the last like year and a half

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