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  1. Any og's still playing This game? 

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    2. Nas22


      I Mean yeah, dont Think Any of the New players on here knows 

    3. Assassin7


      Hey, I know. You got called out by hardest for not having like 60% WR in your M60 or something kappa. 

    4. kolni


      Long time no see! I was terrible at this game when you left so there's a pretty good chance you don't remember me :D 

  2. Back to wot (kinda) looking for social clam!

  3. Need invite to the skype channel! Forgot my old skype account so had to make a new one
  4. Afrika_Korps2014 (22:00:24) no on watches your stream
    Afrika_Korps2014 (22:00:29) because you dont know how to play

    51% 679 avg exp

    Love this game!

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    2. #Lunaughty



    3. Masta


      Its true Nas_once insulted me in chat. Sounded like a psychopath. Guy seriously has some mental issues. I think the community should be warned that this Nas_ could be a future mass shooting killer. We do not want society to suffer from these people that need help. 

      Please see a doctor. 


    4. #Lunaughty
  5. Just give me clan commander. I will make sure to kick everyone i don't know, and don't care about.
  6. Lmao who cares dont know 99% of the people in the clan anyways. And the only reason we made to clan to begin with (Haveing fun with FRIENDS/not being forced to do clanwars) Is long dead. Allso i'am still salty about getting kicked from the clan. I was one of the people who started this shit, for fuck sack!
  7. Sold: 'M46 Patton' successfully sold. Received credits:  1.625.590. Spent gold:  30. 

    Worst tier 9 medium in the game! by far!

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    2. Pravdy


      Nas ruined Christmas in America

    3. Korb3n_Dallas


      Yeah, didn't like the m46, love the m48. Go figure.

    4. aaveq


      Shitturs gonna shit :doge: 

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