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  1. Any og's still playing This game? 

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    2. Nas22


      I Mean yeah, dont Think Any of the New players on here knows 

    3. Assassin7


      Hey, I know. You got called out by hardest for not having like 60% WR in your M60 or something kappa. 

    4. kolni


      Long time no see! I was terrible at this game when you left so there's a pretty good chance you don't remember me :D 

  2. Back to wot (kinda) looking for social clam!

  3. Need invite to the skype channel! Forgot my old skype account so had to make a new one
  4. Afrika_Korps2014 (22:00:24) no on watches your stream
    Afrika_Korps2014 (22:00:29) because you dont know how to play

    51% 679 avg exp

    Love this game!

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    2. #Lunaughty



    3. Masta


      Its true Nas_once insulted me in chat. Sounded like a psychopath. Guy seriously has some mental issues. I think the community should be warned that this Nas_ could be a future mass shooting killer. We do not want society to suffer from these people that need help. 

      Please see a doctor. 


    4. #Lunaughty
  5. Just give me clan commander. I will make sure to kick everyone i don't know, and don't care about.
  6. Lmao who cares dont know 99% of the people in the clan anyways. And the only reason we made to clan to begin with (Haveing fun with FRIENDS/not being forced to do clanwars) Is long dead. Allso i'am still salty about getting kicked from the clan. I was one of the people who started this shit, for fuck sack!
  7. Sold: 'M46 Patton' successfully sold. Received credits:  1.625.590. Spent gold:  30. 

    Worst tier 9 medium in the game! by far!

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    2. Pravdy


      Nas ruined Christmas in America

    3. Korb3n_Dallas


      Yeah, didn't like the m46, love the m48. Go figure.

    4. aaveq


      Shitturs gonna shit :doge: 

  8. Getting better bois...8a8kthh.jpg

    1. CarbonWard
    2. Nas22


      My 50m dpg just dropped below 4k... so from 4.1k to 3.9 since i got back.
      Guess i'll see you in a year.

    3. CarbonWard
  9. Still waiting for someone to give me the password to the bulbarepresent stream!!!
    Allso can somone from bulba invite me back, before i quit again...

  10. Holly fuck i'am terrible at this game now, cant even damage pad in a 62a...

    1. TheMarine0341


      You seemed to do fine in the 140 on Karelia... RIP. My team couldnt do SHIT, they shit themselves seeing the WN8 rating

    2. mereelskirata


       The game has changed... Since retared pubbies always complained about not being able to see their enemy WG removed most bushes, made main lanes for fighting, and the bushes left over got nerfed. No more camo sniping. (It's all about brawling and poking)

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