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  1. It's almost harvesting season... MOMMY! You also have big booba, thicc thighs and nice feet, so you're welcome in my fleet! 2 for the price of 1. She's the kind of boat that would comply with "squeeze commanders head with your thighs" if it was a written order I guess. Nice! No, no, no, you don't leave. Take a seat. On my face. Ouuuuf, why is that part where thighs have to squeeze into thighights SO DAMN HOT? My moral what? Damn, those thighs are THICC! But also: PROTECC SMOL EUGEN *HEADPATS INTENSIFY*
  2. Ma boi Zhuge Liang/Kongming, when I change my 3 turn farming setup from Spartacus to Chen Gong... But it's support Waver that's getting sacrificed, while my own gets to chill. WHY IS THIS SONG SUCH A FUCKING BOP WTF
  3. Imola f1 highlights:

    Sainz: Spain without the "s"

    Crofty: dRs iMpRoVes RacinG, hAmILtOn cOuLd SuReLy uSe It NoW

    After drs was enabled: nothing changed for HAM. And Nico Nico Niiii~ Rosberg kept on dropping bombs on HAM/merc, subtly, but still, lmao.

    Leglerg: sosig

    Mclaren redemption arc?

    1. Jul_Le


      S🅱innala is back

    2. Medjed


      Sosig 🤣

  4. I'd love to get fucked to death by Medb.... If only I hed her rider version as well. If the markes rebounds - that's good news. If the trend from this week continues - it means short opportunities, which is also good news. GIB ME SHEKELS OR GIB MORE SHEKELS! :DDDD
  5. Not much happening, quite busy, shoulder is fine again, stonks are not going well.... But then again, it's my fault for buying meme Israeli shipping company stonks Oh, well, I'll just keep them, hoping for some jewish shekel magic or something, lol. And, well, pretty much the entire market went down, because moni printer go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Aaaanyway... I'm keen on licking your silky smooth thighs. A klutz gets serious, scary. Great legs tho. Careful now, I have a missile of my own! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Got through olympus, demeter, zeus and the la
  6. Two steps forward and two steps back, my back is screwed, and my shoulder is still recovering from going in too hard at the gym. But at least I got some new waifus! Erm, fix my shoulder, please? The timing of that event was something else, lmao. ULTRA THICC And from the current pasta event... Some say I'm a weirdo, but Impero takes the cake. "Any and all" is a very dangerous phrase to use around a... Cultured shikikan like me. Nope, I'll be staring at you booba and legs all day! Me too Formi, me too...
  7. RIP red bulls, mercedes is meh, ferrari STRONK, mclaren regressed back to being a backmarker, haas made a come back.

    Oh boy, this will be interesting season.

  8. Me: whew, gym was nice, muscles are a bit tight and sore, but I'm just fi-

    My shoulder: I'm about to end this man's whole career!


  9. Caenis soon... Damn, I wish I had a dark-skinned, short haired, thicc tomboy waif irl. My favourite pastime would be getting my head sqeezed by her thighs.
  10. Finally got some time off, now that I've recovered at least some of my energy - you know the drill! Let's start with AL: Well, I skipped the muse events (didn't want them that much and was short on dock space anyway), but a boat is a boat, I guess? Ah, no pantsu idol... But still no Mogami. LÄMP. Woah... No wonder she instantly became #1 lewded dragon empery boat. Another maid to take care of my pp. I don't even have her non-meta version, but ok A DDG in AL, woooooooooooooooooooo! Also: she smol, she cute, she
  11. >may you live in interesting times

    Oh, now I know why it's a curse.

  12. "I'm not looking for anyone right now"

    What a polite way of saying "you're so out of your league I'd rather date a cactus".

  13. I said earlier that I was replaying Katawa Shoujo, right? Well, my friend from work has been bugging me a bit about going to the gym with him for a couple of weeks before that. And guess what? The first route I got this time (playing blind through the first arc, because I just can't remember the flowchart) was Emi. Coincidence? I think not. Once my work contract gets renewed later next month I'm going to start pumping some iron (otherwise I'll never hear the end of it, or worse). There are bad games, there are good games, there are masterpieces. And then, there's this life-changing
  14. Waifu o'clock! Ze new German boats! A slightly less absent-minded P-class battlecruiser. Nice. O-ho-ho-ho, look at this bad girl! Is she the kind that will step on me or will she mellow out? Only one way to find out! A cute tomboy-ish type, I guess? Also: no screaming at cats! No, you're not allowed to use the toilet! Oh, you wet your panties? Let me take care of them for you... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Short hair? Check. Super long legs? Check. Thighights? Check. Woah/10. Got her in 70 rolls as well, way before pity, great news for my cubes and c
  15. FGO playerbase saying DPS gives me brain damage. In other news: THIGHSMAN is a pretty meh anime, gained traction pretty much only because of Rikka and her THICCNESS... While Akane and her occasional (and very nice) feet shots got ignored. Dynazenon will probably be more of the same. Also: every guy named Zenon be like "wut?" GuP Das Finale part 3... What. A. Blast that one was, holy shit. Chihatan getting even more development and coming very close, other schools battling it out was insane, HAPPY ERIKA! A massive cliffhanger at the end with White Death being reincarnated int
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