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  1. Welcome to Degenerate News Network, the most lewd and irregular news worldwide! She looks like she'd play with my AA gun until my ammunition reserves are gone... Ah, yes, I was looking for those nice thighs! You ankles are nice too Hiryuu... TWO. TICKETS! Aaaaaand my luck is gone now, I can feel it. Merlin pls, come home! T_T Also, this: That's just criminal. In other news: I watched the first two parts of girls und panzer das finale, and whew, Marie just took (one of) the best waifu spot like it was a piece of cake: -
  2. >summer event story quest, Osakabe vs Mori >oh fug, forgot star CEs/Mozart >whatever, Mori will prevail! >his turn to NP after getting all the buffs turn 2 (support Waver got Chen Gong'd after using his skills turn 1) >np, arts, buster with 10% crit chance brave chain >feelsbadman.gif >NEEThime on half hp after NINGEN MUKOTSU! >buster actually crits >failed to register the first hit, second - over 220k dmg >mfw
  3. I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but I'm a bit behind with Girls und Panzer stuff, so I re-watched the main series before I watched the movies, and fuck me, it's still AMAZING. I find that many anime just didn't age well or have big flaws that are easily caught when the initial "wow!" is not there and analyzed with a cool head. GuP? Despite the ABSURD premise, world of tenks physics, small inaccuracies and a bit weak plot (for some, was good enough for me) - it is just that GREAT to watch. The visuals, the characters, TENKS, music - it's a combination so well done and put together that you forgi
  4. Same, I only used a couple of tickets though.Ah, well, maybe next time... Also: fuck, I'm running out of some materials, need lottery... But I doubt I'll be able to farm much due to work. Shiiiiiiiiiiiit.
  5. Hm, good point. I'm already dead, 600sq won't be enough for Merlin, no chance, I can feel it. So that means no CARmilla either
  6. Chen was the last one to get to np5, 500k fp. I already have Zerkerlot, he gets shit done whenever I need a quick airstrike or three, so I REALLY wanted Memelin. Another chance for Dick Wizard during summer, so won't get CARmilla, probably :/
  7. Rerun with a couple of new boats in AL, they were difficult to get, gacha was a bit bad this time. I'm not "questionable", Im cultured! I'm so bad with forgetting to screencap things sometimes. And this cute, thicc bunny bankrupted me as well. :/ My first 4* saber, finally bond 10! H-SCENE WHERE DEVS? COME HOME MER- Oh. Oh, well... Fuck. I mean, XAlter isn't bad, but 2+ years without own Merlin were pretty shit, so the trend continues. And having your own meta support makes a MASSIVE difference (despite what some brainlets say). DING DONG
  8. One more mapo tofu for every 30sq, YOROKOBE SHOUNEN!
  9. You only have to sell half of your soul to the devil for welfares. Grind is a bitch in fgo.
  10. Oh, look, it's degenerate o'clock! AL New Jersey event was really nice. Cute, smol kitty retrofit, worth it! One of the rarer Fletchers, hell, she's rarer than Sandy. Insert "Me and the Boise" memes here. Puddi? GIGA PUDDI! Gacha delivered, so I didn't have to buy her from event shop. Damn, why are ALL Essexes so sexy? Hm, maybe tthere's a hint in the name?... After ~130 rolls, the cute Iowa class gundam bunny appeared! No worries, this shikikan is cultured as well, no need to hide anything. In fact - h
  11. RNGeesus has smiled upon you. It happens sometimes. Mori is coming! Hopefully I'll get him in a single.
  12. tfw Yakuza Dragon announces her retirement from hololive
  13. Yuga - done! Koya-chan was SUPER CUTE! The smile when she tried to get a ride in the border... LET ME SUMMON HER DEVS!
  14. Yuga kshetra... And goddamn gimmicks again. Also: support servants are literally that weak vs buff Spongebob meme.
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