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  1. >le exam, govt one, so I can be a Certified IT boi

    >php questions, java, java script, html, css, databases...

    >"Which one of those logos is Joomla?"

    What. The. Actual. Fuck? O_O I've never used cms, how the fuck am I supposed to know?

    1. LamaLeif


      Did you really get that question on your exam? because that is one hell of a retarded question.

    2. orzel286


      Yup, question 26, I'll give a link or a scan later if you want XD

  2. tfw contrary to expectations actually managed to get everything I wanted from onigashima, now everything I get is pretty much an extra


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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      i whaled a little.


      Needed tamamo for reasons.

      Must resist the urge for NP2 Squirtoria though. 

    3. orzel286


      I've seen a "luck formula" recently (somewhat flawed, since it doesn't account for whaling, but whatever): days logged in/5* servants. Welp, you don't divide by 0, so I don't know if my luck doesn't exist, is -infinity or crashes matrix and throws system error... T_T

    4. MagicalFlyingFox


      Squirtoria was my first 5* servant other than GSSR. I rolled 300+ quartz and more tickets for Tamamo in the first rate up I had for her. 


      I'm on 517 logins and 217 login streak (infuriating).

  3. >le exam

    >make database with some poll questions and answers


    >database done, main page done, working on sub-page with the poll itself, connecting to database...

    >fren asks something php related

    >"No, no, no, you're not supposed to touch php, make just the database!"

    Oh.... Well, not knowing that you already done your job, quite a funny feeling.:doge:

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      PHP is garbage

  4. >cleaned all the fans

    >finally I'll have some silence!

    >gpu fan: LET ME SING YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE! :serb:




    tfw actually making progress in ascending servants :doge2:

  6. Avex finally catching up to eurobeat memes? What kind of sorcery is this?


  7. I think I overdid it a bit...


    Yeah, I was a one-hit kill later... :D

    1. Haswell


      I forgot how ugly the vanilla UI is. :eww:

    2. orzel286


      I'm too used to it to change it, at least for now.


  9. Unpopular opinion: out of skyrim dlc girls, Frea>Serana. :doge:

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      So is fixing them with mods. 

    3. orzel286


      Lewd mods>mods that fix the game :doge:

    4. Haswell


      At the core of the game, Skyrim is quite literally just one big fucking mod.

  10. Ah, skyrim, new playthrough means new bugs to discover! :D


    I think I went a bit overboard and drank one potion of fortify restoration too many and made a bit too powerful fortify smithing potions, ended up with upgrading my trusty ebony bow from ~100 damage to about 18k...

    1. Haswell


      Oh yes, the fortify alchemy/smithing/enchantment cycle. Make sure to shoot explosive arrows out of that bow for maximum lulz. :doge:

    2. orzel286


      At this point I could shoot goat poo from that bow and one-shot everything (and knowing skyrim modders, there's at least one mod that allows that somewhere). And I'm not done with that loop, I only went half-dicc deep, I only made potions and didn't make alchemy/smithing gear, I'll finish dragonborn to get fortify enchanting effect from azhidals armor and get further fortifying bonuses from black book for ULTIMATE POWAH. :doge: 

  11.  Firefox addon certificates were a great idea! :v

    1. Folterknecht
    2. orzel286


      It got fixed for everyone yesterday. Or at least for most people (me included), seen some still complaining about it today.

    3. Folterknecht


      Had to do reanable addons twice now - seems Mozilla is actively resetting the fix. Im starting look at alternatives.

  12. tfw got one material with ~5% chance to drop and none of the one I actually wanted. With ~23% drop chance. This rng is way too brutal, it's a bad civilization!


  13. Material drop rates in fate grand order are lies. JUST LET ME ASCEND MY HAREM T_T

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    2. orzel286


      Yes, I'm a weeb. Gib materials FGO devs! :rabble:

    3. lavawing


      Which server btw :poi:

    4. orzel286


      NA, beacause I can't read squares and there's no EU afaik.

  14. Try to hold chopsticks with your dick, I dare you
  15. Pretty sure such pics can be found, rule 34 is absolute after all. Anyway - feet>>>dicks! CAN YOU LICK DICohwaitnevermind... Oh! You can't use a dick as a substitute for hands, that's why! :v
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