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  1. Unpopular opinion: out of skyrim dlc girls, Frea>Serana. :doge:

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    2. sohojacques


      One is a strong independent Nord woman with a much higher level cap from memory? I rolled past Serana’s level cap while completing her dlc in my one play through. So I happily dumped her for Frea when the opportunity arose.

    3. orzel286


      Serana caps at 50, Frea doesn't have a cap at all.


      Couldn't steal her armor (it wasn't in her inventory), so getting Frea nekkid requires console command I guess... :doge:


    4. Haswell


      5 hours ago, sohojacques said:

      One is a strong independent Nord woman with a much higher level cap from memory? I rolled past Serana’s level cap while completing her dlc in my one play through. So I happily dumped her for Frea when the opportunity arose.

      You don't use mods that remove follower level caps?

  2. Ah, skyrim, new playthrough means new bugs to discover! :D


    I think I went a bit overboard and drank one potion of fortify restoration too many and made a bit too powerful fortify smithing potions, ended up with upgrading my trusty ebony bow from ~100 damage to about 18k...

    1. Haswell


      Oh yes, the fortify alchemy/smithing/enchantment cycle. Make sure to shoot explosive arrows out of that bow for maximum lulz. :doge:

    2. orzel286


      At this point I could shoot goat poo from that bow and one-shot everything (and knowing skyrim modders, there's at least one mod that allows that somewhere). And I'm not done with that loop, I only went half-dicc deep, I only made potions and didn't make alchemy/smithing gear, I'll finish dragonborn to get fortify enchanting effect from azhidals armor and get further fortifying bonuses from black book for ULTIMATE POWAH. :doge: 

  3.  Firefox addon certificates were a great idea! :v

    1. Folterknecht
    2. orzel286


      It got fixed for everyone yesterday. Or at least for most people (me included), seen some still complaining about it today.

    3. Folterknecht


      Had to do reanable addons twice now - seems Mozilla is actively resetting the fix. Im starting look at alternatives.

  4. tfw got one material with ~5% chance to drop and none of the one I actually wanted. With ~23% drop chance. This rng is way too brutal, it's a bad civilization!


  5. Material drop rates in fate grand order are lies. JUST LET ME ASCEND MY HAREM T_T

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    2. orzel286


      Yes, I'm a weeb. Gib materials FGO devs! :rabble:

    3. lavawing


      Which server btw :poi:

    4. orzel286


      NA, beacause I can't read squares and there's no EU afaik.

  6. Try to hold chopsticks with your dick, I dare you
  7. Pretty sure such pics can be found, rule 34 is absolute after all. Anyway - feet>>>dicks! CAN YOU LICK DICohwaitnevermind... Oh! You can't use a dick as a substitute for hands, that's why! :v
  8. Feet pics>>>>>>dick pics, fite me @Haswell :v Also: stat denial in 2019, fuck me, this guy is 6-7 years late to the party.
  9. Since playing world of warships hurts my ears (sounds stutter like hell) and wg won't gib my 70fps back I decided to (finally) give fate grand order a go.

    It works, quite surprisingly desu (using bluestacks; tfw modern smartphones have more processing power than my pc), game itself is addictive af, but a bit weird at the same time: support servants O_o  low level progression O_o (about the only way to get servant xp is to get freebees or farm quartz somehow, drops from quests/mobs(?) weren't that much useful to me). Also: Not. A. Single. Saber.

  10. >coming back home from a little shopping

    >turned into my street

    >I hear some cronching sound to my right

    >I take a look

    >about 2 meters away there's A. FUCKING. BOAR.

    >I let out the most silent O KURWA ever as I flinch

    >boar looks at me

    >I look down my path and continue on my way without increasing pace

    FFS I almost poo'd myself. I've seen boars crossing my path or on the other side of the fence, but this is the first time I was caught by surprise and so close.

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    2. Hellsfog


      I know how you feel. I was ambushed by a bore at a party once. 

    3. hazzgar


      @orzel286 not really. I have a few friends who work in the forrest service and those incidents just get more publicized because it's part of the political struggle. I mean yeah there are more incidents where boar injure someone but they are still uncommon as shit. Didn't hear about people being killed too. Plus if People in British Columbia can live with Bears everywhere we can live with boars. 

    4. orzel286


      Politicians fighting over boars was the most retarded thing that happened recently. I think last year there was at least one deadly boar incident; I can tell by the state of the lawns just how much further those fuckers go out of the forest compared to a couple of years ago. Something has to be done.


      #DeportBoars :doge:

  11. Oh, shit, muh sides!


    Story behind this: angery mod comes in, gives me a warning and adds bad peotry in red (the highlighed part). I wrote what I think about this below in another edit.


    Comes another mod, warns me for using red and removes the text alltogether.


    I'm dead XD

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. orzel286


      Unless mods are vampire lolis I absolutely refuse!

    3. Haswell


      They never reveal their actual identities, how do you know they aren't vampire lolis? :doge:

    4. orzel286
  12. Less IRL argument: other classes have to load their guns/torps (30 seconds-1 minute+) at the start, cvs don't have to wait.
  13. FUCK.

    I couldn't get into router and switch control panels and windows server installation that I was supposed to work on was FUCKED, so I failed my qualification exam. I can only hope the cunts will set up everything properly next time.

  14. Simracing boi gets to drive a GT4 Mclaren around the top gear test track

    What a lad!

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