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  1. So, the new star wars movie. Well, imo - the force didn't awaken. Pretty much tl;dr version, because this movie isn't worth many words.

    It's a generic action movie which was made to fit into sw franchise, an obvious copy of new hope that is in every way worse. Jokes are stupid (good thing there's not many of them), characters lack... Character (what's worse even the old ones were transformed into flat "do the things required by the scenario then just gtfo" devices), death of one major character was seen from miles away, one poorly executed vision scene throws away all the mystery for anyone who has more than one braincell. Two seated tie fighter. Big(ger) bad is a Gollum.

    jar jar/10, FU disney for killing eu for this shit. I'd rather have Thrawn than a FUCKING GOLLUM.


    1. aaveq


      Film is as PC as in subhuman SJWs dreams, but its still miles better than new trylogy.

      But in the  end, white is still a (jedi,) master :serb: 

    2. orzel286


      Oh, yes. A black stormtrooper. A female stormtrooper in a silver uniform trying to be a Boba Fett expy. What? Why? Well, my guess is that Empire/order was short on people, but ffs explain this. Empire was a xenophobic, racist, male-only institution for the most part (you remember that you killed Mara Jade and Thrawn don't you disney?). YOU DON'T SHIT ON A MAJOR PLOT POINT LIKE THAT.


      Also: Rebels from the original trilogy fought to reinstitute the republic. Now the republic is neutral. What? It just doesn't make sense to me. The fight of the republic against the imperial remnant from the eu and how the new republic emerged in the eu made way more sense. Also: the first order, which is pretty much what's left of the Empire constructs something which is way bigger than both death stars. How? They surely have lacked resources. If they did - why the fuck didn't they build more convnentional weapons to get more territory? If the order didn't lack resources - why the fuck did the republic supposedly remained neutral against such a threat? It just doesn't make sense, it's just recycling the death star theme and screwing any logic that should've backed it up. Oh, and the way this superweapon works... Yeah, light is faster than light apparently. Well done jar jar abrams.


      One more thing: the soundtrack. It's just... There. But there's nothing that's outstanding, and I just couldn't remember any pieces right after I walked out of cinema. There's nothing that's on the same level of the Battle of the Heroes, Empire March, hell - even the Rebuilt jedi enclave from kotor 2. Even the music has no magic in this movie.


      I guess I'll just pretend that it never happened and that eu is still canon. FU disney.

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