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  1. Need for Speed Underground 2 >>>>>>>>>>> most wanted (2005). Underground 2 was the last good nfs. Really. Why am I writing this? Bacause I'm having another go at most wanted. I've never, EVER finished it. I completed underground 2 (100%) a dozen times.

    Bayview>Rockport, Rachel>Mia, you could PIT ai cars - in most wanted ai cars weigh at least 5 tons (and still somehow can stay on your tail), tuning was better, police chases were better in Hot Pursuit and High Stakes (without bullshit rhinos). And in underground 2 you could get a hachi-roku (which was hilariously broken, guess someone in ea went full initial d fanboy) and r34 skyline.

    A good underground 2 remake when? T_T


    PS - passed work safety exam. The test was so easy it took me 20 seconds. Yay!

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    2. mistervanni


      cant imagine nowadays 2 brothers 1 keyboard like old nfs XD


    3. orzel286


      @mistervanni If 2 girls 1 cup was possible, then 2 brothers 1 keyboard shouldn't be much of a problem :v

    4. mistervanni


      ya me and my bro used to do that with top split screen WASD/arrows but it seems so silly now :D

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