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  1. Hello and welcome to todays episode of What Really Grinds My Gears! Anime edition, I guess... Anyway, on with the show!

    You know, whenever I see a "I cried a lot when I was watching anime [insert title here]" or similar, I just hope the guy (or whatever made the post) would just drink a gallon of cement to toughen up. Or bleach, to end it all.

    Because guess what - congratulations fag, you just played yourself and proved beyond any doubt that you're a pleb with a shit taste. Well done!

    Ooooooooooh, noooooooooo, (let's say for example) clannad was soooooooooo saaaaaaaaaad! Yeah, every fucking arc! Like, every arc, kyoani never failed to zoom into some crying moeblob (they even straight out copied twins from their own lucky star into clannaids, but changed their names, so nobody will notice) and play sad violin/piano. Woah, it really take skill to drown in a really shallow puddle, so I'll give you that. Moreover: the whole fucking anime is a copypasted kanon. Even moreover: it's a copy of every fucking vn out there: completely flat mc gets a harem of generic moeblobs just because, insert forced drama and completely unfunny comedy and there you go, perfect 10/10, because most weebs are actual autists with a memory shorter than their last masturbation session.

    "B-but muh after stor-" no you dumb cunt, after story is garbage. For many reasons, but the main one is: DEUS. EX. FUCKING. MACHINA. I'll let good old Dusty Attenborough explain a bit further:


    Yep, an actual masterpiece and timeless classic that is legend of the galactic heroes fired a salvo of laser beams and scored a hit for massive damage. How will pussies ever recover? Idk, I think they're just going to cry...

    Also: if you watch new anime for a plot, you're just doing it wrong. As Mad Dog Mattis would say: "there"s nothing new under the sun" and for 20-30 years every new anime out there is practically the same, you watch one from each genre and you've seen it all. Or, you can just watch legend of the galactic heroes. You either don't watch "new" anime at all, watch for the memes, or for the ACTUAL PLOT. "Actual plot" means of course fanservice. And yes, there's bad fanservice - repeating every overplayed scene just because is bad and you should feel bad, unless you like - ehem - beating to a dead horse. You fucking degenerate.



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