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  1. Finally first points in my f1 2011 career!

    After that complete heartbreak of a first race (starting from pole, just a few laps after first pit stop two punctures, somehow limped back to pits, couple of laps later - another puncture, went to pits again, got the same tires I started with, after giving chase anyway, 2 laps to go, clawed my way back to 9th place and then rear lost all grip, I could barely keep the car in a straight line, finished 14th) this is a nice change.

    Made a bit of a mistake - should've gone for the option tires just like everyone else instead of intermediate, I didn't know that the track went completely dry until I started losing 10 seconds per lap; last pit was spot on though, just as it started raining again I changed those useless, blistered intermediates to wet, started to gain massively and finished 5th. Started from pole again, so it's 4 positions lost, but hey, at least I got points this time.