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  1. So, f1 2011 has a nasty bug - sometimes saving just doesn't work. Neither auto or manual. Already had to do european gp 3 times before it saved.


    Now, after one hour and fifty minutes race (just race, I'm not counting in practice and qualifiers) at hungaroring the game decided that saving is for pleb yet again. Joke's on you f1 2011, I know where the uninstall button is!

    Now I'm just waiting for test drive unlimited mod that's in the making: https://forum.turboduck.net/threads/w-i-p-test-drive-unlimited-platinum.35193/

    1. Marty


      Damn, I had no idea TDU modding community is still somewhat alive. I sunk quite a few hrs into that game, and installed ton of mods (still remember tweaking handling in some handling editor to make cars handle like I thought they should lol). Might revisit it at some point with this mod.