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  1. >coming back home from a little shopping

    >turned into my street

    >I hear some cronching sound to my right

    >I take a look

    >about 2 meters away there's A. FUCKING. BOAR.

    >I let out the most silent O KURWA ever as I flinch

    >boar looks at me

    >I look down my path and continue on my way without increasing pace

    FFS I almost poo'd myself. I've seen boars crossing my path or on the other side of the fence, but this is the first time I was caught by surprise and so close.

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    2. Hellsfog


      I know how you feel. I was ambushed by a bore at a party once. 

    3. hazzgar


      @orzel286 not really. I have a few friends who work in the forrest service and those incidents just get more publicized because it's part of the political struggle. I mean yeah there are more incidents where boar injure someone but they are still uncommon as shit. Didn't hear about people being killed too. Plus if People in British Columbia can live with Bears everywhere we can live with boars. 

    4. orzel286


      Politicians fighting over boars was the most retarded thing that happened recently. I think last year there was at least one deadly boar incident; I can tell by the state of the lawns just how much further those fuckers go out of the forest compared to a couple of years ago. Something has to be done.


      #DeportBoars :doge:

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