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  1. Ah, skyrim, new playthrough means new bugs to discover! :D


    I think I went a bit overboard and drank one potion of fortify restoration too many and made a bit too powerful fortify smithing potions, ended up with upgrading my trusty ebony bow from ~100 damage to about 18k...

    1. Haswell


      Oh yes, the fortify alchemy/smithing/enchantment cycle. Make sure to shoot explosive arrows out of that bow for maximum lulz. :doge:

    2. orzel286


      At this point I could shoot goat poo from that bow and one-shot everything (and knowing skyrim modders, there's at least one mod that allows that somewhere). And I'm not done with that loop, I only went half-dicc deep, I only made potions and didn't make alchemy/smithing gear, I'll finish dragonborn to get fortify enchanting effect from azhidals armor and get further fortifying bonuses from black book for ULTIMATE POWAH. :doge: 

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